Good Friday - Hottest New Releases #8

Good Friday: The feature series that shines a light on the hottest new releases from around Australia. Make sure you check out all the artists that featured in our eighth edition!

1.     ‘Superstar’ – Pinkish Blu

The superstars from Pinkish Blu have returned with a new moody single ‘Superstar’. 

The alternative sad-pop Adelaide crew likened to M83 and The 1975 have skyrocketed since 2017. Their emotional, dreamy and brutally honest style of music has been known to completely stun the listener.

80’s synth-sounds are be heard within ‘Superstar’, along with nostalgic 90’s guitar tones combined with a modern pop hook.

Pinkish Blu wrote the song to express the wonderful characteristics of love, and the way in which it seeps into every facet of life. Although, they avoid being sappy to create an intriguingly realistic world for the listener.

Pinkish Blu lead singer Brice says: “When you really feel love, the sky may seem more blue, and the smell of rain might make you hungry… Love can really enhance the part of us that has brought the world all of its weird and wonderful art.” 

The band have confirmed they’ll be releasing an album in 2019, so get keen for sparkling synths and juicy jangles of the vintage quartet. Pinkish Blu are only just getting started.

2.     ‘Good Times’ - Genesis Owusu


The innovative, multi-faceted Canberra-based Genesis Owusu is known for his incredible vocal tone and phenomenal live performance. Now, he unleashes his raw musical power in new track ‘Good Times’. 

Paired with ‘Simmer Down’ as part of his AA side release, the diverse fusion of hip hop, rap and R&B within the song work sublimely.  

Not to be confined by genres, Genesis utilises his exceptional vocal range in every track, and ‘Good Times’ is no different. The precisely sung lyrics perfectly match sharp rhymes, enticing the listener to dance along.

After taking his Smiling With No Teeth Tour to stages in May, it’s no surprise the nation is in love with his off the wall energy and hip moving rhythms. 

Cosmo's Midnight, Noname, Aminé and SAFIA are a few of the massive acts Genesis opened for in 2018, and it seems clear the high-quality musical production rubbed off on the artist.

With his fanbase growing rapidly, Genesis Owusu continues to send shockwaves and make his mark on the Australian music scene. Enjoy the ‘Good Times’ in life.

3.     ‘Take a Step Back’ – Polarize


After gaining local momentum, Melbourne-based indie rock/heady pop band Polarize have released their new sun-drenched single ‘Take a Step Back’.

Despite being a clear pop song, the deep lyricism strengthens the message to metaphorically and possibly even physically “step back” to process a situation. While the theme is heavily communicated in the chorus, the language becomes substantially more peaceful throughout the verses. 

Polarize frontman Rudie Dodd says: “I’m basically talking to myself rather than anyone else, because I probably spend too much time in my own head”.

The exceptional layering creates a delicate soundscape that remains relaxed throughout the song. Moreover, careful application of guitar riffs and synths give a refreshing feel.   

To celebrate their recent success and the release of ‘Take a Step Back’, Polarize will be playing a show at the Grace Darling on August 30. Additionally, the talented Amarina Waters and The Vacant Smiles will be supporting the show. Before then, sit back, relax, and enjoy this smooth psych-pop ballad. 

4.     ‘Decide’ – Dopamine

Dopamine, the indie-rock five-piece from Brisbane, are giving us a candid new single ‘Decide’.

The track rich in emotional vulnerability and honesty describes the initial feelings involved in a relationship.

Frontman Finley Miller says: “The song is about… the uncertainty of where [a relationship] will go and the hesitance to put all of your trust into someone”.

With the inspiration to write a love song that strayed away from clichés, Miller included many personal lines in the song that are based on his own experiences.

Drawing similarities to Last Dinosaurs and The 1975, Dopamine create a fun, individual atmosphere on the tune.

Surprisingly, the single was recorded, produced and mixed by none other than Dopamine themselves, enabling creative autonomy and freedom. 

“We've found that when doing it this way, we can have full control of how we want the song to sound and can spend more time experimenting with sounds,” reflects Finley.  

Through combining indie-rock, pop and post-punk, Finley Miller (guitarist and lead vocalist), Ruby Lee (bass guitarist), Finn ‘Diggsy’ Diggles (rhythm guitarist), Luke Gregory (lead guitarist) and Oliver Whitaker (drummer) are becoming known for their ecstatic live shows. So, stop deciding and give Dopamine’s ‘Decide’ a listen now.

5.     ‘Fast Forward’ – Benji Lewis


After already giving us three singles this year, Benji Lewis has given us yet another with ‘Fast Forward’.

Infused with warm, nostalgic, summery sounds, ‘Fast Forward’ explores the thoughts and feelings involved in escaping a certain state.

The pulsing beat, raw vocals, and reminiscent melodies express the desire of not wanting to think about a particular situation, relationship, or person.

Benji, needing some alone time at the time of writing the song, finished it earlier this year. The transitional moment in Benji’s life enabled him to have a clear vision about where he wanted the song to go. After creating the emotional tune with Kid Froppy, Benji knew he wanted to create his next body of work with him too. 

“I’ve always loved RnB music and that’s just what we ended up creating with this one. It feels sexy, natural and honest to me,” says Benji.

The result of Benji Lewis’ hard work speaks for itself. Listen to his smooth RnB single ‘Fast Forward’ now.

Telescreen release a tasty new piece of sugary indie-rock ‘Growing Pains’

Telescreen 'Growing Pains' Main Press Shot.jpg

The five indie pop rockers from Telescreen have gifted us their new single ‘Growing Pains’, communicating the importance of not getting worked up over the little things and waiting for the right time to take the next big step in life.

Forming in 2017, the ex-high school pals would spend their time at muddy and disinhibited music festivals, fantasizing about being a ‘real’ band. After playing a few parties, the group started gigging around Melbourne during 2018 and have been quick to make a name for themselves.

The application of sounds similar to The Strokes and Methyl Ethyl create a beautiful funk-laden tune that invites the listener to dance along.

Telescreen frontman Nic says the song is “Symbolic for how often people tell you to be proactive in your life and always look to make advancements, [even if] you know that sometimes taking a step back is more in your best interests”.

The nostalgia-induced track accurately depicts the band’s natural ability for songwriting, particularly through the execution of touching lyricism. As Telescreen describe mindlessly going about the daily routine, an ode to letting life take its course comes together.

“Sometimes you can find yourself in this kind of neutral zone where you're letting life direct you where to go… You feel like you're having no influence on the next phase of your existence,” explains Nic.

2019 is looking to be Telescreen’s year after announcing the release of a debut EP later in the year, and opening for Nat Vazer, IVY and Approachable Members Of Your Local Community. Give the sincerest band around a listen now.

Overnight sensation Stevan makes his grand return with second single ‘LNT’

Lead Press Photo.jpg

After releasing his warm hit single ‘Timee’, Stevan’s strikingly mature songwriting has become explosively popular, and there’s no denying ‘LNT’ is any different.

As well as featuring smooth vocals, mesmerising guitar melodies, and lush production with a late 60’s feel, the poppy track detailing blissful young love demonstrates a completely understood direction for the artist. 

The 18-year-old Frank Ocean inspired artist knows exactly how to create a faint tune that saunters in on its back-beat and burrows itself in the listener’s head. You’ll be humming along to ‘LNT’ before you know it.

The song’s catchy innocence is prominent, specifically within lyrics like “All I need from you is just a little love and some tenderness”. Of all the places the masterpiece could’ve been written, Stevan says the song was formed in an airport terminal.

He explains: “The song captures some fun moments I had in the Sunshine Coast… Great weather, nice music, and even better company”.

Once he graduated from high school, Stevan has never looked back. He signed to US label Honeymoon Records/300 Entertainment, Niche Productions, and management team Astral People alongside other huge artists like Cosmo’s Midnight, Winston Surfshirt, and GL.

The musician with a future brighter than you’d ever expect has smashed it with the new single. Listen to Stevan’s ‘LNT’ now and if you’re still craving more, see him live at Brisbane’s BIGSOUND music festival this September.

Good Friday - Hottest New Releases #7

Good Friday: the feature series that shines a light on the hottest new releases from around Australia. Make sure you check out all the artists that featured in our seventh edition!

1.     ‘When We Were Young’ – Hollow Coves


Brisbane’s Hollow Coves, the duo who met through a shared love of acoustic music with no real expectations where their writing might lead, have proven yet again why they’re one of the best indie-folk groups around.

Their stunning, heart-melting new single ‘When We Were Young’ is a recount of a youthful past communicated through the combination of charismatic acoustics, gentle vocals, and minimal percussion.

The reflective lyrics blend beautifully with the earthy folk sound, similar to artists such as Angus & Julia Stone, Ben Howard, and The Paper Kites.

The dynamic project of Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins give a voice to their shared passion of observing the world’s contrasting cultures. As the lads have spent a fair amount of time on opposite sides of the globe, it was communication via the internet that enabled their songs to really take shape.

With an album on the way, Hollow Cove’s unique approach to creating music is a forced to be reckoned with. Get ready to be launched into their personal brand of escapism!

2.     ‘Something Good’  – Pacific Avenue 

2019 PRES SHOT.jpg

Pacific Avenue have given us a reason to bang our heads this Friday with their new rockin’ tune ‘Something Good’, part of their EP Stawberry Skies.

The four-piece have effectively merged old rock with the new, demonstrating their developed sound compared to previous releases.

Additionally, a vintage-looking video for ‘Something Good’ has also been released. The clip is infused with fun times and nostalgic feels that are sure to get you into a pensively good mood.

Influenced by surf-rock icons Hockey Dad and Skegss, Harry O'Brien (Vocals/Guitar), Ben Fryer (Lead Guitar), Jack Kay (Bass Guitar/Vocals), and Dom Littrich (Drums/Vocals) have cracked the code to a catchy collection of Aussie anthems.

The band have made something that they are extremely proud of, and rightly so. After playing alongside the likes of Tash Sultana, Ocean Alley, Lime Cordiale, and CLEWS, 2019 is looking to be Pacific Avenue’s year.

3.     ‘See Yourself’ – Moreton feat. James Vincent McMorrow


Moreton have released a dark slow-rock track, ‘See Yourself’, which searches for hope in a hauntingly empty space.

The heart-wrenching tune, like a lot of Moreton’s powerful releases, challenges darkness by finding the beauty and humanity inside it.

Originating from northern NSW, Moreton swing from alternative art rock to intimate orchestral sounds continually within their music.

The rock band with a folk heart band say the final recording was their first take in the studio, and their ability to use creative instrumental techniques made the process a breeze.

Moreton say: “The song is about that point in a new relationship when your less-than-perfect self, shows up for the first time”.

Although quite sombre, Moreton’s lead singer, writer and guitarist Georgia says they find comfort in sharing something beautiful out of sadness.

“A sadness elevated is a sadness alleviated,” she adds.

Moreton have visually and sonically created an intense, shining soundscape in ‘See Yourself’, and it’s one not to be missed.

4.     ‘Hazy’ – Yuto. feat. SODA

Melbourne sibling duo Yuto. have joined forces with Central Coast producer and artist SODA for their new R&B infused electronic single, ‘Hazy’.

The polished execution of every note, chord, and beat within ‘Hazy’ brings aural fulfilment to the listener. SODA’s feature undoubtedly refines the song’s soul-inspired tonal finesse. Moreover, the eclectic electronic layers provide an expansive soundscape to evoke deep-rooted emotion.

Using a new style of chords, the pair push the boundaries of their conventional sound to create an impressively fun melody.

Yuto.’s Daylan McDonald explains: “We were super inspired to make the vocal something fun, and from there it all flowed pretty naturally.”

After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response to their previous releases, Yuto.’s fanbase has increased massively over the past few months.

“We love that we can make someone’s day in [two or three minutes] of audio,” say Yuto..

Make sure you listen to the endearing essence of Yuto. and SODA’s ‘Hazy’ now!

5.     ‘Stars’ – The Kava Kings

The Kava Kings have created the perfect summer song with their new organic single, ‘Stars’.

The melodic tune from the Sydney band is a small piece of a larger puzzle that focuses on the different stages of relationships and is sure to seep into your brain before you know it.

While their trademark effortless harmonies can be heard in the song, the band explore nuanced musical patterning to bring more eminence to the blissful snapshot of creativity.

Drawing similar vibes to Lime Cordiale and Ocean Alley, the components of ‘Stars’ are a vibrant, striking example of modern indie-rock. 

After relentlessly touring for a number of years, it’s clear their inner drive for the live experience has been fuelled by supporting the likes of The Rubens, Birds of Tokyo, Winston Surfshirt and John Butler.

The sun-kissed brand of laidback guitar work teleports the listener into the world of The Kava Kings, making the band’s melodic progress even more prominent. Listen to the infectiously hazy riffs of ‘Stars’ today!

LOSER’s new single ‘Out Of Luck’ is a huge winner


Melbourne outfit LOSER have released their infectious new single ‘Out Of Luck’, reminding us why they’re such a standout in the new wave of guitar-driven alternative rock. 

After their 2018 EP Relentless Noise, an addictive dose of ‘90s grunge-infused rock, the new song about growing up and realising that nothing comes easy is sure to get stuck in your head.

From the extensive guitar riffs to lyrics such as “I’m all out of luck”, the song hits the listener in the feels in the best possible way.

The red-hot hooks and sing-along choruses felt natural to frontman Tim Maxwell. He adds: “You're always going to find yourself in tough situations and most of the time you are going to be out of luck whether you like it or not".

Along with revealing the new track, LOSER have also revealed the news that two new members in Will Maxwell and Jake Farrugia have joined the group.

Tim Maxwell says: "We are stoked to announce that two extra losers have been added... I have played with these two musicians endlessly for years on end and I wouldn't have it any other way”.

Make sure you listen to ‘Out Of Luck’ now and see them in the flesh at Brisbane’s BIGSOUND in September!

Mylk explain the life of a bad luck magnet in new single ‘Not My Fault’

The lovable Melbourne indie rockers from Mylk hone their inner Mac Demarco on the single, particularly through the use of idiosyncratic vocals and colloquial charm. 

Inspired by a simple melody, the track about being a bad luck magnet is indisputably cheeky, undeniably catchy, and an all-around banger. 

Lead vocalist of Mylk Nathaniel Peacock, both excited and relieved to release the tune, says: “We love the song… hopefully it gets stuck in people’s heads”.

The song, aiming to be energetic and fun, is not meant to be taken seriously.

The tongue-in-cheek music video for the single is the perfect match. The clip combines “A bunch of small sketches where different events occur that are seemingly ‘Not My Fault’,” says Peacock.

The lads treat every live performance like their last by ensuring the gig is a fun and safe environment for all.

“The shows give everyone a memorable experience and an excuse to shake [their] booty,” say Mylk.

Nathaniel Peacock (lead vocals, guitar), Harry Bohmer (lead guitar), Julian Addati (bass guitar), and Ewen Stewart (percussion, backup vocals) have cracked the code to making a laid-back banger, and we are keen to say the least about what’s up next.

Good Friday - Hottest New Releases #6

Good Friday: the feature series that shines a light on the hottest new releases from around Australia. Make sure you check out all the artists that featured in our sixth edition!

1.     ‘Welcome and Good Luck (Waggle)’ - The Great Emu War Casualties 


The quirky, eclectic and eccentric vibes of The Great Emu War Casualties have returned in their new single, ‘Welcome and Good Luck (Waggle)’.

They’ve already headlined Oxford Arts Factory and The Factory Theatre in Sydney, hosted residencies at The Evelyn and The Tote in Melbourne, and released three EPs in 2018. Now, they plan to release three singles this year.

The relentless gigging has paid off for the group, as the concoction of sounds within the song maintain a refined finesse throughout.

Influenced by the likes of Talking Heads, The Killers, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra to name a few, the summer sound of ‘Welcome and Good Luck (Waggle)’ introduces a hugely unexpected serving of nostalgia for the listener. 

Drawing similar sounds to Arctic Monkeys and Two Door Cinema Club, the track is a great example of how to create a classic bright, indie-pop tune in 2019 that maintains its catchiness throughout.  

Frontman Joe, bassist Saskia, guitarist Maxi, and drummer Bibek have hit the nail on the head this time, and we are very excited to hear the remainder of their 2019 singles.

 2.     ‘Hollow’ – Akurei

Akurei has given us another taste of his upcoming second EP with a new single, ‘Hollow’.

The beautifully sweet sounds of the track exhibit some differences from his previous releases, specifically in the way it holds its restraint throughout whilst subtly intensifying.

Paired with an acoustic melody, Akurei’s flawless vocals demonstrate an impressive opening. The hauntingly alluring soundscape of the tune is strengthened by the artist’s application of R&B inspired beats, raspy synths, and heavy bass lines. Moreover, the minimalistic instrumentation within the song enables a floating melody to magnetise the listener.

As the last song the musician wrote while overseas, ‘Hollow’ takes the listener on an intricately woven, emotionally intense journey.

“‘Hollow’ is me revisiting and reevaluating the faith I had when I was younger,” says Akurei.

The bold confidence heard within ‘Hollow’ suggests Akurei is only just getting started. Watch this space.

3.     ‘Forget’ – Luboku

Luboku Press Shot - credit Aneta Urbonaite.jpg

Melbourne-based producer/singer-songwriter Luboku AKA Luis Kennett brings a warm sound on his new effervescent single, ‘Forget’.

Known for his dark and melancholic style, Luboku has perfectly executed a sophisticated piece of driving electronica through the use of vivid instrumental flourishes, rolling beats and wistful vocals.

Luboku describes ‘Forget’ as pushing his trademark electronic elements toward a more acoustic space.

He adds: “It's about anxiety and fear, which I find to be recurring obstacles… I like the analogy of throwing your thoughts into the waves of the ocean, letting them pass, and hopefully gaining some clarity through that process"  

The dizzyingly honest subject matter substantiates why he is one to watch in the local electronic scene.

Luboku has recently announced he will be joining the huge BIGSOUND lineup and will go on a national run of shows with LEISURE after. This multifaceted artist is set to soar, with many more exciting releases scheduled for later this year. Stream ‘Forget’ now.

4.     ‘Ruin’ – Vermont 


Alternative rock/emo four-piece Vermont have released new single ‘Ruin’, describing the feeling of personal dissatisfaction.

Frontman Joshua Swanwick explains: "[The song describes] an inability to be satisfied with who you are”.

Whether the dissatisfaction stems from internal or external expectations, the dark subject matter paired with angsty vocals create a thumping rock song. Additionally, the Melbourne group feature a melodic backbone, distorted guitar tones and a catchy chorus to grab the listener’s attention.

Forming in late 2017, Joshua Swanwick (vocals), Jono Hnatejko (guitarist), Nathan Borg (bassist) and Curtly Lyon (drummer) strive to produce music that they love and have already left their mark on Melbourne’s local music scene.

If exploring the melancholic themes of relationships, heartbreak, pain, and inner demons isn’t enough, the overwhelming aura of emotion heard within Vermont’s sound will be sure to get you in a reflective mood. 

Vermont, the band well beyond their years, have undoubtedly smashed it with ‘Ruin’. Have a listen to the tune before their EP releases later this year!

 5.     ‘Figureheads’ – The Motion Below


Yet another Melbourne band, The Motion Below, have made the Good Friday cut with their ferocious new single ‘Figureheads’. 

The quartet know exactly how to create a post-hardcore banger through blending raw vocals with melodic cleans to punctuate the aggressive feel. 

The track, produced, mixed and mastered at The Loud Noise Estate, is a frenetic exposition about fitting in.

Vocalist Thomas Katgert explains: “[The character from the lyrics] has spent much time alienated from involving themselves in things they’re interested in due to the ostracism of their peers”.

Most of the band’s recent and upcoming tracks explore the past traumas from toxic friendships, displacement in society and finally death and abuse.

Katgert adds: "The subject pleads with their loved ones to keep away, as the man now believes that he is beyond saving and wishes to protect those around him from his misery." 

The Motion Below have announced they’ll be supporting alongside ATLVS and Visioner for BLKLST on the Spider Love EP launch show on Saturday, August 17 2019. Get around it!

DRESS CODE mirror millennial culture on new single ‘Youth Culture’


Adelaide’s indie-pop quartet DRESS CODE have returned with ‘Youth Culture’, reflecting the way young people romanticise everyday moments to imitate fabricated Hollywood-esque glamour.

The group have cultivated a large following off the back of their dreamy single ‘Caffeine’, released earlier this year. Despite still being in their first year of inception, the band know exactly how to mirror society within their songs through the utilisation of dreamy guitars, driving drums and silky vocals.

The band present an honest maturity in their songwriting while maintaining a youthful charm as they describe the influence of movies and TV shows, specifically on their generation.
“We expect extraordinary things to happen to us, and when they don’t, we fabricate them,”

Lyrics such as “When did the ceiling rise, when did the pressure rise, your eyes can collapse my lungs” refer to perspective, and the way in which people can centre their entire existence around a single person.
DRESS CODE add: “Seeing the world through someone else’s eyes can make your world explode and change the way you go about your entire life.” 

After supporting Good Doogs, Bakers Eddy and Mosquito Coast to name a few, the band gigged in Sydney and Melbourne this month before playing a hometown headline launch show.

The band have now established a clear sonic direction for their gentle yet striking style, and we cannot wait to hear what’s next. Get on the hype of DRESS CODE’s most poignant effort and give ‘Youth Culture’ a listen today.

Diamonds of Neptune blend psychedelic-pop with heavy synth tones on new single ‘Open the Door’


After the release of a self-titled EP in 2015, Melbourne indie-rock band Diamonds of Neptune have reemerged, eager and energised to take on the Australian music scene.  

The dreamy journey of ‘Open the Door’ begins with a funk-laden retro tune which invites listeners to let loose have a boogie. The flawless combination of vocals, guitars, synths, and percussion gives an undeniably catchy spin to the conventional indie-rock sound.  

The five-piece forget about the troubles of a normal working week in the track, expressing the sentiment when heading out the door for the weekend.

From supporting the likes of Northeast Party Hours, The Bennies, Stonefield, and The Belligerents to name a few, the group has developed significantly since forming in 2012.

The song from Diamonds of Neptune, including initial input from students, alumni, friends and connections of Box Hill Institute, is sure to inject a burst of energy into your day. Give ‘Open the Door’ a listen now!

Dande and the Lion hit the dance floor for catchy banger ‘Twilight Highway’


Sydney five-piece Dande and The Lion have been enjoying a fast-paced twelve months, off the back of performing sellout shows at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory and Wollongong’s Radbar.

Earlier this year, they dropped a lowkey synth heavier jam in ‘Stardust’. However, their newest effort ‘Twilight Highway’, which teases a new forthcoming EP, sees the outfit going in a more aggressive, catchier direction. 

While ‘Stardust’ was a easygoing synth odyssey with a soundscape that made you feel like you were flying gently through space, ‘Twilight Highway’ feels like a soundtrack to a night out at Studio 54, complete with an explosion of confetti and people dancing in the streets.

The track sees the band channelling their inner Prince to produce a cheesy, but admittedly fun and catchy banger. This is a jam that has nothing to be embarrassed about, and it knows it.

Opening with pitch-bending chords, crisp drums and guitars that seem almost Nile Rodgers-inspired, the track immediately feels like something pulled straight out of the Eighties, but the production makes the track a lot more colourful and wholesome. The lyrics are restrained to begin with, but then explode in the chorus with an infectious mantra of “we’re dancing with the stars,” matching the frenetic pace the song takes on. 

As it goes along, the lyrics get increasingly explicit and sensual, and a second mantra of “don’t take me back to my place,” brings an element of drama, one that is matched in the music as the chords and drums hit harder and heavier.

The relentless energy eventually coasts out on the back of synths, as well as letting the guitar and drums play out. Immediately after it finishes, the energy has jacked you up enough to want to hit the replay button and listen again. 

This is a song that is purely out to have fun, and as cheesy as it is, it’s great that Dande and The Lion possess the musicianship to really sell it and make it fun for the listener. It’s a feat that only a few talented artists can really conjure up. With ‘Twilight Highway,’ Dande and The Lion brings a catchy, compelling, electric energy not previously seen in their work, and if this is a teaser for their EP, we cannot wait to hear what’s next!

DOOLIE begs for attention in playful new single

Doolie press shot.jpg

Queensland musician DOOLIE AKA Doolie Shadforth has created a playfully relatable new single, ‘Attention’, featuring South Australian electronic pop-rap duo China Roses.

DOOLIE, the 21-year-old artist who is known to blend pop, R&B and electronica, expresses the frustration that comes with not getting attention from your crush.

The artist explains: “I wanted every line in this song to be relatable; it’s all about that person you're trying to reach and just can’t quite catch”.

The contrast of DOOLIE’s voice with that of Jes from China Roses sounds completely flawless. DOOLIE says “Having China Roses feature felt like that obsessive back and forth my girlfriends and I would have about someone we liked”.

The rhythm switch up when China Roses comes in before the final chorus is an undeniable track highlight. Jes, a fan of DOOLIE, says they [China Roses] were really excited to be a part of the track. She also added that she felt really inspired by DOOLIE’s lyrics and imagery while working with her. 

“It was one of those times where everything felt like it clicked… Really smooth production, a great hook and a relatable theme,” says Jes.

Melbourne producer GXNXVS compliments the cheeky vocals substantially by introducing a smooth R&B melody with heavy, pulsing bass.

The cute, sad and needy vibes within ‘Attention’ must be heard. Stream DOOLIE’s fresh tune below.

Mijo Biscan explores the concept of mortality in new single


Melbourne musician Mijo Biscan’s desire to extract the gold in every moment can be heard within most of his songs, specifically his new single ‘You’ve Got Your Life’.

After supporting the likes of Goyte, Missy Higgins, Clare Bowditch and Tommy Emmanuel, the artist includes a range of intimate, warm sounds in the fresh indie tune that is sure to catch your ear.

Mijo created the track in the “shockingly quiet” country of Iceland. While engulfed in nature, the artist was able to form the origin for a creative shift which saw his thoughts manifest into songs.

As he urges listeners to treasure life, the resonant vocal sends the clear message that we are here, now, alive… temporarily. Despite sounding like a light, fun tune, the sobering subject matter of mortality asks all listeners the deep question: you’ve got your life… so what are you going to do with it?

Mijo explains: “Through the loss of a close friend I reflected on the fact that he was gone, forever, yet I was still here… There is a chasm between being merely alive, and fully living a life… This song implores you to seek the latter.”

The musician says his recent songs have been created in a turbulent time, and even though “[He’s] a real optimist at heart… a fun guy… even fun guys have feelings”.

As a songwriter willing to go the extra mile, you can tell Mijo Biscan summons every fibre of his being for this colossal performance. So, instead of being wrapped up in the past or future, stream ‘You’ve Got Your Life’ now.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic releases new single infused with ethereal vocals and moody production

Vancouver Sleep Clinic AKA Tim Bettinson gives a completely new meaning to dreamy ambience with new single, ‘Bad Dream’.

While indisputably ambient, the ballad is also deeply emotive; filled to the brim with warm but eerie sounds to recollect a bad dream.

As the first track of the new album, Onwards to Zion set to be released on 18th October 2019, the artist takes a more acoustic direction with the single compared to previous releases. ‘Bad Dream’ signifies the challenging navigation through the highs and lows of life while maintaining faith and purpose.

Along with the rest of the album, ‘Bad Dream’ was created in Bali, Indonesia, isolated from civilisation. With a limited set-up of guitars, drums and synths, the musician found himself making music in an environment which embraced creativity and freedom.

Every element of the track is perfectly woven together in a unified and unassuming way, demonstrating Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s professional finesse. This song seriously has more layers than a Queenslander in a snow storm.

As Bettinson explores a newfound clarity and sense of purpose, there’s no better time to give the artist a listen and put him at the top of your playlist. Stream ‘Bad Dream’ now.

Dom Youdan creates indie anthem filled with heart and sentiment

Sydney-based musician Dom Youdan celebrates the revelations that come with the passing of time in his new single ‘Pockets’.

Through featuring similar sounds to The 1975 and The Kite String Tangle, it’s no surprise that the new single is getting incredible amounts of traction within music scene.

The sonically beautiful moments catch you completely off guard as the track surges with pop sensibilities. In the substantially personal effort, the musician took inspiration from a close friend who was navigating a failing relationship.

The ear-tickling song is a journey of emotional cleansing. Dom Youdan explains: “The song is built around holding onto the things we cherish dearly, whether they’re good or bad, and keeping them so secret that eventually, not even we can find them. It speaks to moving on but also struggling to let go.” 

While the listener becomes absorbed by the mood of the tune, the warm melodies and intimate vocals combined with passionate lyrics stir sentiment. The intelligent method used to create the lyrical narrative is unquestionably evident and validated by the euphoric yet tender auditory moments.

As Dom Youdan struts into the second half of 2019, the artist is bringing ‘Pockets’ to Sydney stages this month. You won’t want to miss out!

Dekleyn thrive in new cool and catchy EP

Their third extended play in three years, Western Sydney electro-pop duo Dekleyn’s new effort ‘Thrive’ sees an outfit more confident than ever.

The duo first began to turn heads in April 2018 with the catchy single ‘Ghost’, followed by an exciting sophomore EP ‘Unsaid’.

Followed by appearances at Real Festival, the duo kicked off 2019 with another single ‘Like This’. While the single was positively received, critics noted the more upfront nature of the production, suggested the duo were beginning to head in a more dance-driven direction.

This EP finds the duo in a new artistic mindset as they explore new sounds and ideas. Percussion is much more upfront part of the record; however the synth-heavy ambient soundscapes are still very much front-and-centre. The EP is full of colour, personality and moments that will get you moving; but it is also relaxed, cool and catchy.

The feeling is set from the get-go on intro cut, ‘Weather’, starting with synths and gentle percussion. A genius production move is to have their breathing as part of the percussion soundscape, which gives the song personality. 

‘Cars’ picks up the energy of the EP, continuing the percussion of the opener and adding quiet bass and vocals before exploding into a gorgeous chorus, with light guitar hanging in the background along with stunning, distorted backing vocals. 

The single ‘Like This’ has a lyrical element that feels almost Gotye-inspired. It’s added on by mature lyrics about a relationship that isn’t providing or meeting the needs of the male partner. The song is complemented by punchy electro-keys, however the instrumental is the highlight, with lyrical samples being thrown into the mix to give the crescendo a weightier, but more dance-heavy feel. 

‘Outside’ is a much more low-key song, but with fast moving percussion and synths hanging mutely in the background. The chorus is filled with droning vocal croons, and once the track’s percussion comes front and centre, the song turns colourfully stunning. 

The closer, ‘Lost My Mind’ brings the album to a solid close, with clapping continuing the dance element of the record. However, the warped synths give the track a warped, cacophonic feel, and as the drums build near the end with the guitar it gives the song a climatic, abrupt finish to the EP. 

Amongst these danceable, but ambient soundscapes, Dekleyn have provided compelling songs. ‘Thrive’ more than lives up to the title, as it sees the duo looking more artistically confident than ever. With a debut album reportedly in the works, the sky's the limit for this exciting project.

JVLY and DRKTMS bring their A-Game on ‘me&her’

JVLY_press photo_1.jpg

JVLY has been turning heads over the last few years for his unique approach to sample-based electronics music, however if his new track ‘me&her’ is anything to go by, he might be about to embark on something much more ambitious.

The Aussie artist and producer has been teasing up to the release of his second EP for some time now, following the release of their first single ‘tacenda’ earlier this year.

However, this follow up effort ‘me&her’, which sees JVLY team up with Swiss producer DRKTMS, sees him heading in a more analogue style. And it’s a style that certainly suits the young artist, given his clear talents for creating unique production sounds.

Opening with distorted synth wubs and sample vocal snippets, a smooth kick drum soon introduces itself, followed by JVLY’s deadpan vocals, which glide over the proceedings. The production is smooth, but unlike many of his contemporaries (who often utilise digital recording in their music), the crackling, analogue production gives the track so much character. Add to that, the addition of metal drums in the background are a really nice touch.

Lyrically, JVLY is observing the motives of a potential romantic interest, watching their every move in their game of flirting. In the second verse, he’s get lost in her eyes as they both let their guard down. The imagery he presents really compliments the production style, and is enhanced by female sample vocals that pop up in the song’s second half.

Eventually, the track eventually coasts out on the repeating mantra of ‘I know that you want to’, with the vocal snippets coming front and centre to bring the song to a close.

This is a gorgeous track, filled with character and a sensual atmosphere. JVLY and DRKTMS deliver a tune that crackles with personality, but the ambitious musical statement they make with this piece is what is most impressive. Consider me excited for what this second EP will bring.

Third Floor delivers majestic electro-dance treat ‘12 Months’

Third Floor_pres photo.jpg

Aussie electro-dance artist Third Floor is back!

Following on from dropping two acclaimed releases late last year , ‘Our Song’ (featuring Kamaliza) and ‘Lying Eyes’ (featuring Ryan Konline), the young producer has now returned to wow fans once again with a majestic new electro-beat, ‘12 Months.’

This track is an interesting change of pace for Third Floor, and seems destined to be danced to, for all the right reasons. This track is an absolute jam, and fans of artists such as Mr. Probz will find a lot to appreciate.
Opening with gorgeous and distorted rhythmic guitar, the track wastes no time hitting us with a smooth catchy beat and bass line, giving the proceedings a real sense of funky swagger to them. This track quickly turns into an ear worm, with the production bringing everything together beautifully.

Lyrically, the song depicts an emotional and personal tale of a relationship ending, and the mental and physical toll that it leaves on you. Third Floor makes sure the song stays fresh as it goes along, bringing in nice moments of a cappella in the pre-chorus and instrumental, and the punchy synths during the final crescendo of the track are a really nice touch.

If you are looking for a smooth, ear wormy dance track, this is the song for you. Third Floor has delivered the goods once again, and is sure to be on his way to carving out a serious niche for himself within Australia’s electro-dance scene.

Laurel Laxxes and Gavin Beach get exotically experimental on ‘Somewhere New’

Laurel Laxxes_press photo1.JPG

Music can take you to some amazing places, and this is certainly been the case for homegrown indie producer, Laurel Laxxes.

While travelling in the UK, Laxxes fell in love with the Welsh highlands around Cardiff, and that fascination developed into his experimental cut, ‘Somewhere New.’ Featuring the soulful vocals of UK artist Gavin Beach, Laxxes delivers a track that seemingly blends multiple sounds that seemingly would clash on paper, yet like the landscapes he was inspired by, blend seamlessly together into something exotically beautiful.

Opening with gorgeous brass and a cappella backing vocals, electronics soon introduce themselves in the form of a simple, subtle kick drum. Beach croons with lyrics about being in an existential crisis, with a hidden restraint in his delivery showing a need to move on from a challenging time, finishing with a desire to leave this place of crisis and find somewhere new.

However, the highlight of this track is the low key percussion, that keeps things smooth and simple. However, the sounds that Laxxes creates with this percussion, whether it be metallic drums, the chinking of bottles, samples or metallic strings, make the song crackle with life and personality, almost stealing the show.

‘Somewhere New’ feels like pure, experimental fun, and is a delight in both it’s themes, songwriting craftsmanship and execution. If this track is anything to go by, the sky could be the limit for this exceptionally talented artist.

Caitlin Medcalf Takes Over Purple Sneakers Blog


We had a chat to the new Managing Editor of Purple Sneakers Caitlin Medcalf about her takeover of one of Australia’s most prominent and influential niche music hubs. 

Based around a young and enthusiastic team of contributors, Purple Sneakers prides itself as being ‘Trusted for Taste’. Whether they are writing about new music, sharing it over the airwaves, playing it in a DJ set, or giving it a live platform at their parties; the Purple Sneakers team are committed to imparting the work of tasteful, young artists with the world.

GI: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Caitlin Medcalf: I’m very lucky to have grown up in an environment where creativity was celebrated, and I think this has extended into all aspects of my working and personal life. I’ve been freelance writing for seven years now, a radio host at FBi Radio for five years and a DJ for two and a half years. I occasionally throw parties on the side, manage Purple Sneakers DJs and produce my own music (nothing to show for it yet, but hopefully I’ll have something by the time the year is out hehe).

GI: How long have you been working for Purple Sneakers, and what were you doing before taking the reins?

CM: I’ve been with Purple Sneakers since mid-2012, so almost 7 years to the day. I took over as Managing Editor from our previous ME, Emma Jones in September last year. I honestly had huge shoes to fill, Emma’s a star at everything that she does. Her passion for Australian music and ensuring PS’ coverage is as diverse as it is today is something that continually inspires me, and I still often look to her for advice.

Before taking on the role as Managing Editor, I was only a few months out of my [university] degree, working in [hospitality] almost full-time, running my own blog Pretty Broad, DJing and really just planning my next move, so for this opportunity to come along, it wasn’t just a case of it being the right fit, but it was the right time too.

GI: When did you find out you’d be taking over, and what was your initial reaction?

CM: It’s funny how this sort of came to fruition, because it had been snowballing for a few months. When Emma left and I took over, everything was kind of up in the air with a few things happening behind the scenes and PS’ founder and owner, Martin Novosel, was a bit unsure what to do next. He called me up and asked if I wanted to take over Emma’s job for a few months as the interim editor while he worked some things out.

A few months down the line, sometime around February this year, I got a call from Martin asking to meet. We met up at the Surf Club in Redfern for a few beers and to talk about PS future, and he long story short, offered me the company.

It was honestly very surprising, it’s not every day that you get an offer to take over a company with such a rich and culturally embedded history. It felt a bit like fate.

GI: How have you been finding it so far? Is it much of a step up compared to what you were previously doing?

CM: We’re in a bit of a transition period at the moment, plus with the birthday happening so soon it’s all been a bit of a blur, but surprisingly it hasn’t been too much different so far. Prior to Martin asking me to take over, I was running most of the day-to-day, including the site, radio show, PSDJs and putting together the birthday event with our friends at UNDR ctrl.

These last few months, I’ve been having these big conversations with myself and Martin about my vision for the brand and where I’d like to take it over the next few months and years. He’s been a great mentor in taking an idea, running with it and doing what you can to make it happen.

GI: Considering the significant role PS has in the music industry, what do you think you’ll need to do in the long run to uphold its reputation and purpose?

CM: I’m a firm believer in your actions speaking louder than your words and I think this will be key for PS going into its next phase. I want us to put on more live shows, give artists the opportunity to tell their story via the website, put on a few free panels where people can come and learn from others in the industry and do our best to give back to the community that we’ve been able to thrive in for so long.

Despite the many iterations of PS, I think the one thing that’s remained our most core value is passion and I would love for that to remain central in everything that we do.

Make sure you keep up to date with the latest PS news and events here:

PRINS limbos between head and heart in new RNB pop track ‘3AM’


Pop musician Alannah PRINS has well and truly brought a powerful intimacy on ‘3AM’, establishing herself impressively and proving she has no intention of leaving the industry any time soon.  

Her funk-laden, seductive sound, reminiscent of Daft Punk, is distinctive in its own right. 

The Auckland born singer/songwriter, actor, dancer and model, has had a passion for the arts from the innocent age of 5.

Previous dance track ‘Notion’ received an overwhelmingly warm response, landing the artist some radio airplay earlier in the year.

Always one to focus on the visual presentation of her music as well as the sound, PRINS told Happy Magazine earlier in the year: “The visual side is very important to me… The whole package is what I want to give to people especially when it comes to being versatility. I’m planning on showing that with each new track I release.

“With the amount of social media influence and digital platforms, the image can change a lot of things. This can definitely be used in both positive and negative aspects.”

The young, determined PRINS is here to stay and bound to blow up in 2019. She plans to release a ton of new music and perform a heap of live sets, so make sure you give ‘3AM’ a listen now.