Güs Hits a Home Run with Enchanting New Single


Brisbane musician Güs AKA Angus Hayes has dropped a phenomenal new track, ‘Way You Make Me Feel (feat Silier)’, which sounds like a blend of Ziggy Alberts and Petit Biscuit.

The wholesome tune explores the ups and downs of a long-distance relationship, as the artist’s partner is Norwegian.

Güs explains: "This is a song I wrote for my partner Sunny… The distance has made our relationship particularly complicated at times".

The artist’s third track pays heavy homage to influences Nick Murphy/Chet Faker, RUFUS DU SOL, and Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

The artist was having trouble putting the pieces of the song together… until he met Norwegian house and lo-fi producer, Simen Eriksen AKA Silier.

“I sent Silier the track on a Sunday and he had a new mix back to me in a couple of days… [he] came over for an evening recording session, and the result is pretty close to what you hear today,” says Güs.

While his previous release ‘Sun’s Bright’ picked up close to 1000 monthly Spotify listeners over a few days, the new tune ‘Way You Make Me Feel (feat Silier)’ has completely shattered expectations by racking up more than 23,000 listens in a week of its release. Güs has garnered a solid following over the course of 2019 and plans to unleash his upcoming EP Therapy later this year.

The beachy electro producer has proved he means business, so without further ado, all aboard the Güs bus!


Good Friday: The feature series that shines a light on our favourite new releases from around Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. Make sure you check out all the artists that featured this week up the top of our weekly playlist, which also includes some other jams we've been getting down to during the week.


1.     ‘Let’s Stop Pretending’ - Sunday Estate

The Sunday Estate have unveiled their lively third single, ‘Let’s Stop Pretending’.

The fun-loving quintet have created the perfect tune for lovers of nostalgia pop, featuring hard hitting, head-banging percussion and catchy, funk-laden guitar riffs.

The song was formed swiftly, imitating the chaotic, nervous energy one feels when they’ve fallen for a friend.

Inspired by Netflix’s cult teen rom-com, ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’, the track follows the all too familiar narrative of two friends falling in love, but ignoring their feelings to preserve the friendship.

The warm familiarity of The Sunday Estate’s sound adds a new perspective to the reminiscent likes of The Cure, New Order, The Strokes and Phoenix.  


From originally starting as a joke back in 2017, The Sunday Estate have made huge strides in the right direction over the course of 2019, and there’s no sign of them slowing down.

To celebrate their recent success, The Sunday Estate will be performing at The Chippendale Hotel in Sydney on 24th October. ‘Let’s Stop Pretending’ is a taste of great things to come from The Sunday Estate. Get around it!


2.     ‘Jealous Love’ - Neon Tetra


After supporting the likes of Boy & BearRobbie WilliamsBall Park Music, and Vera Blue, Adelaide’s Neon Tetra have released a new luscious single, ‘Jealous Love’.

The bright sound unveils a new era for the group by forming an insatiable groove with fun lyricism and melodic strength. ‘Jealous Love’ is a refined culmination of the band’s influences, implemented with finesse.

The polished synths, dreamy production, and flawless lyricism constructs a solid soundscape which enables the band’s pop arrangements to take centre stage.

Neon Tetra have become one of South Australia’s most popular young bands through embracing dynamism, romanticism and maturity, and are stronger than ever on this new release.

There’s no doubt the new soaring stylistic twist on the sounds of the ‘70s and ‘80s has paid off dramatically for the four-piece. With many exciting things coming up, you’re going to want to hop on board the Neon Tetra bus before they go on tour!


3.     ‘Retribution’ - Droves

1 - __High Voltage Photography __ please credit.PNG

Droves have changed dramatically over the past year, embracing a fresh, layered soundscape in their new track ‘Retribution’.

The formerly Wollongong based, now Sydney group include an urgent percussive undercurrent and a banging chorus in the tune.

The band’s multiple vocalists know exactly how to execute a pounding, syncopated chant that compliments instrumental sections. Moreover, the song effectively cuts through an underlying tension with resplendent, reverberating guitars.

Droves frontman Phil Spiteri says the song was inspired by the complete free reign that the rich are given to dig up and spit out the planet.

“‘Retribution’ is the first instalment of many songs to come that challenge the established concept of society through an ironic blend of pop-hooks and dark imagery," he adds.

The quintet have gained truckloads of support in the last few months, specifically by opening for big names like RAAVE TAPES, San Mei, and Bakers Eddy, to name a few.

Droves will be playing exclusive shows in Sydney and Melbourne over the next month or two, so make sure you see them while you can!.


4.     ‘Fall Into You’ - Price Park

Price Park Press Pic 1.jpg

Melbourne producer Price Park joins forces with long-time collaborator Arty Ziff for a new spin on his latest release ‘Fall Into You’.

Fresh off the release of his track ‘Rise’, Price Park utilises lush production techniques to accentuate Harris’ exceptional vocal tone.

The track takes the listener on a smooth journey through a vibrant soundscape.

Price Park says the remix was the perfect opportunity to rework some Arty Ziff magic.

“’Fall Into You’ was a huge step forward for Arty Ziff and the development of his sound is super exciting… We’re very close friends and Mitch is close to a brother of mine, so it was only a matter of time before we worked together,” adds Price Park.

Being the breakout year for both artists, their modern sound sets them up nicely for the future.

“[It’s] incredible… The way he was able to add his sound with my sound and make it blend was amazing," says Arty Ziff.

Arty Ziff has always been afraid of a remix being better than the original… and he says it's happened. If that isn’t enough reason to give it a listen, I don’t know what is.


5.     ‘Can’t Keep Waiting’ – Parker


Award-winning visual artist, songwriter and musician Parker AKA Tash Parker gifts a new track, ‘Can’t Keep Waiting’.

The application of heavy, industrial percussion and repetitive synth patterns blended with Parker’s soft voice likens the song to those of Lana Del Rey.

‘Can’t Keep Waiting’ is infused with the power of primal human emotion, describing a grand leap into the unknown, away from everything comfortable and safe.

Parker says the single is about gathering the courage to be honest with yourself and letting go of all that is safe in order to grow.

“I believe it’s in the moments when we feel completely lost that we find the opportunity to discover something new about ourselves…  Each moment we have the ability to create ourselves anew,” she adds.

The electronically iridescent new single is a transcendental, meditative masterpiece that draws the listener into an ambient state of contemplation. Prepare to be physically, mentally, and spiritually awoken.

King Coyote release an energetic, well-rounded rock tune inspired by true love

The lads from King Coyote pay homage to vintage rock on their new head-banging jam, ‘Coca Cola’.

Featuring similar sounds to Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures and Jet, ‘Coca Cola’ is the kind of song that makes listeners slam their empty glass on the bar and bust a move.

King Coyote lead vocalist Sunny Rowlands explains: “Coca Cola was inspired by true love, about seeing the red flags and acting on it, before you lose too much time”.

Sunny (vocals), Jimmy (guitar, vocals), Stevie (drums, vocals), Josh (bass) and Mike (guitar) have effectively infused heady guitar riffs and hooky vocals into the song.

The track will be featured on their upcoming EP Wild which is set to release on November 1.

 Whilst it’s taken the band a while to produce the EP, they say it’s worth the wait because it shows how far they’ve developed musically.

“We’ve taken a bit of time with this EP, enjoying the road, the band bonding, the late nights, the long nights and all the in-between, helping us get the songs to the point that represents us truthfully as a band,” say King Coyote.

Along with their own shows, the rockers are supporting Grinspoon and Thirsty Merc in October and November. 

Ahead of the upcoming live performances, Sunny says: “The shows will be high energy, loud, and in your face – like a shot of coffee with your Red Bull!” 

Their new music exhibits a diverse style, executed by a group of seasoned musicians who know exactly who they are and what they represent. Listen to the absolute belter ‘Coca-Cola’ now.

GraceJean inject gorgeous nostalgia into new music

GRACEJEAN Long Black Roadtrip-8.jpg

Melbourne duo GraceJean showcase a strong dynamic as both performers and songwriters on new single ‘Turn Away’.

Paired with the release of their debut album Long Black Road, the group apply heartfelt lyricism and lush arrangement to the single as they explore harmonic balance.

Making music since 2017, GraceJean’s Fiona Steele and Ailsa Mitchell flaunt their growth on the fresh record.

Through a phenomenal blend of rich harmonies, rhythmic guitars and poetic storytelling, the listener is invited to bop along.

The powerful lyricism in the track is a massive step up, so it’s no surprise when GraceJean say they’re in their happy place when making music.

“We find ourselves in our element in the depths of writing a song together; piecing it together word by word, one chord at a time, deliberating over nuance and imagery,” they say.

As their new music comes to life in an environment that nurtures positivity, GraceJean’s smooth, natural flow is indisputably heard.

As the girls explore a new chapter of artistry, their sound strides forward. There’s no denying GraceJean have found the formula for producing an impressive tune that captivates the listener. So, don’t ‘Turn Away’ from the Long Black Road.

Reverie serves up haunting dreamy synth-pop banger, ‘Gravity’


Sunshine Coast artist, Reverie, who’s been turning heads with her dreamy indie-pop soundscapes and haunting vocals, is back with a brand new single, Gravity.

The young artist released her debut single last year, Princes to considerable acclaim. While that first track showed Reverie as an exciting synth-pop prodigy, channeling the likes of old-school Madonna in her dreamy soundscapes, this sophomore effort looks to be a much more ambitious statement.

Opening with haunting vocals and clicking percussion, Reverie croons about being pulled into a false reality, one which corrupts her feelings and thoughts of people around her. The distorted production and background vocals make the song feel like it is being performed in a giant space, creating a haunting ambience.

However, once the synths start to build and launch into an explosive chorus with punchy chords, electronic percussion and noodling guitars hanging in the background, the song takes on a whole new sense of foreboding atmosphere. Reverie compares the false reality to a toxic environment, filled with distortion and confusion. And, like gravity, she cannot escape from this upside-down world.

The track eventually coasts out on these wubbing organs and the same clicking percussion heard at the beginning of the track, which brings the song to an unsettling close.

This a big step forward for Reverie, a track that really shows a statement of intent. Few pop artists are able to really nail ambient soundscapes, but with ‘Gravity’, you don’t just listen to it: you are in it, you feel it. If this track showcases where Reverie is going next, bring it on! There is so much treasure to be found in this artist’s haunting soundscapes. 

Saint Barae gets nostalgic on latest cut, ‘Power + Control’

Power + Control_artwork_new.jpg

Fresh off the release of his second single, ‘Boy From Mars’, Queensland electro-pop artist Saint Barae is back with an exciting new track ‘Power + Control.’

Becoming increasingly known for technicolour style that borrows heavily from electro-pop, Saint Barae has dazzled fans already several times this year, with his first two singles receiving critical acclaim for it’s blending of old-school eighties pop sounds with modern production and flair.

‘Power + Control’ represents a much more intimate affair compared to previous outings Barae has served us. A look into the mind of Barae coming to terms with his sexuality, the track is an ode to honesty and love of one’s self, and that shines in the power and positivity that emanates throughout the song.

Opening with heavy synths and Barae’s choirboy vocals, the track kicks into gear when 808 drums introduce themselves in the chorus. The groovy blend of sounds are ripped straight out of something Prince would have put together in his Purple Rain days.

Barae makes the track his own, singing about his heart being open and wanting to be loved like a god, which empowers the emotion of the song. During the final crescendo, the incorporation of synths to mimic the vocals is a really nice touch, something fans of Empire of the Sun would appreciate.

This track sees Saint Barae at his most honest, but with that, shows the artist’s integrity. This track has a confident, stare-you-right-in-the-eyes delivery that you can’t help but get swept up in, and the fact it is such a colourful display of synth-pop is the icing on the cake. With this track, Saint Barae confirms that it’s only going to be a matter of time before he hits it big. Keep your eyes on this artist, he’s going places.

Admella return with emotional tribute to former band member

After a three-year hiatus, Mt Gambier's alternative rockers Admella are back with a new single and musical vision.

‘Castle’ takes a serious look into the recent events surrounding the band, particularly the loss of a former band member who tragically passed away in 2017.

The impressively executed components take the listener on a sobering journey, remembering the life of the former Admella member. A lonely piano melody is heard in the first few seconds of the song, followed by a raw vocal performance. The track changes pace at the 1:41 mark with a short guitar solo, punctuating the gentle undertone.

Since forming in 2008, Admella’s Thomas (lead vocals, guitar), Jacob (keyboard, vocals), Gavin (guitar, vocals), Adam (bass) and Andrew (drums) have developed a polished sound. However, the five-piece take a much more mature, refined and emotionally driven approach in the new track.

As ‘Castle’ is the first track off their upcoming EP TRAGIC, Admella say their new music describes: "coming of age and dealing with the host of realisations and tragic circumstances that have enveloped the band".

Looking forward, Admella say their next collection of songs will touch on: "a descent into the depths of confusion and subconscious mind, becoming lost in the world". We could not be more excited. Listen to ‘Castle’ now.

Dean Manning dips his toes into dreary soundscapes on Sunday Mountain

Dean-Manning 1-Emma-Fletcher.jpg

Award-winning musician and visual artist Dean Manning is back with a brand new album, Sunday Mountain, which signals a notable change in his style and sound.

Known for his blending of rock, pop, and electronic musical styles, this sophomore solo effort sees the co-founder of Leonardo’s Bride and Holidays on Ice heading in a much more moody direction. Despite its seemingly pleasant title, Sunday Mountain is a record infused with lush, dreary soundscapes.

Opening with distorted guitars of ‘Be My Friend’, Manning sets the tone of the record early with warped, shrill but lush production.

Guitar and rock elements still play a key part throughout the record, but the likes of tracks like ‘Carry On’, the closing title track, and the instrumental ‘Red Egg’ see Manning dabble in organs and synth-heavy soundscapes with minimal percussion, filled up by warm bass hanging in the background; and he succeeds in setting a creepy atmosphere.

However, while there are really exciting moments of Manning dipping his toes into more experimental territory, where this album really succeeds is where he combines these sounds and elements with tracks more within his wheelhouse. The results are refreshingly entertaining.

The big highlights in this instance is the guitar-driven ‘Casino Town’, the darkly humorous lyrics and story of ‘Hola Senorita’, and ‘Messy Time’, a forlorn but catchy ballad with a heartbreaking story in the lyrics.

Within these digital soundscapes, Manning has created a very moody record. It’s a sublime record with moments of genuine power in its songs.  Sunday Mountain is an album that won’t fit into every scenario, but if you are in the right mood, it’s a gem. Listen below.

HI MOTIVE create infectious groove on ‘Gone’

The Sydney-based boys Matt Rowe and Ed Rose of HI MOTIVE continue to impress with their new pulsing single ‘Gone’.

Originating from different parts of Australia, Matt and Ed bonded over their broad love of music. The titillating electronic duo, still only in their first year as proper artists despite writing music together since 2014, have created a beautifully complex tune.

The track explores the inner narrative of loss and naivety experienced in a fallout, featuring an enigmatic mix of melodic vocals and infectious synths.

Known to latch onto an electronic groove, the pair began creating mixes together in their university dorm room where they refined their sound into a melodic, moody style.

After selling out their Sydney 'Silk' launch event in July, HI MOTIVE will be performing alongside Kira Puru, Tom Tilley and others this month at Jam In A Jar Sydney, a charity event raising funds for Headspace.

If you’re a fan of RÜFÜS DU SOL, ODESZA or Hayden James, you’ll love the steady beat, echoed synths, and distant vocals of HI MOTIVE’s third release. Stream the infectiously throbbing single ‘Gone’ now.


BIGSOUND, the week-long festival that turns Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley into an oasis of young and upcoming musical talent has been and gone. Relive the top three highlights from day three below!

1.     Kymie

What do you get if you mix buckets of musical talent, two cups of style, three tablespoons of humour, and a splash of sass? Sydney’s hip hop queen, Kymie.

As I rocked up to day three of BIGSOUND in quite an exhausted state, it was the stylish artist from South Africa via Western Sydney Kymie who brought me back to life.

Smoky purple lights drowned Ric’s Big Backyard to set the mood, and even BIGSOUND 2018 king Kwame couldn’t help vibing Kymie’s set.

The singer who wore a bright orange outfit brought the emotive spirit of soul with heavier, club-catering production and the crowd were loving it. She even invited the crowd to the front for a dance.

With a debut 6-track EP on the way, BIGSOUND was the perfect opportunity for the young musician to show her evolution over the years.

Kymie has a similar sound to USA’s Dojacat, and she may be on her way to being just as popular. As the artist unfolds every side of herself before executing it in a musical form, watch this space.

2.     DREGG


The anomalistic, thought provoking band DREGG had Crowbar going off for their BIGSOUND set on Thursday.

Unsure what to expect, I went to the show with an open mind and open ears, ready for the DREGG experience. I was surprised in the best of ways.

Dressed in Fox Racing merch, masks, polka dot bow ties, and upside-down sunglasses, the group brought crazy amounts of hardcore energy to the stage.

The Melbourne group known for their tongue-in-cheek take on the political, social, and spiritual state of the world captured the best elements of metal/punk within the set. ‘RETURN OF THE DREGG’ easily had the most crowd involvement of BIGSOUND. Moreover, the rapid lyricism of lead singer Christopher Mackertich in between screaming choruses was a sight and sound to behold. Definitely one of the highlights of the night.

The band that want people to be their true selves at DREGG shows put on an absolute blinder, and I’m keen to hear what’s next.

3.     Approachable Members of Your Local Community


Funny but not a joke, approachable but not simple, and generously glazed in extra servings of personality… meet Approachable Members of Your Local Community.

After pushing my way to a good view of The Foundry stage, the funky fellas of Approachable Members of Your Local Community burst onto stage in their matching adidas outfits. The Melbournites’ charismatic aura instantly had the audiences’ full attention.

The band with a fairly long title and releases anywhere between indie rock, neo-soul and hip hop effectively used their platform to spread positive energy, revitalising a tired BIGSOUND crowd.

Their July release ‘On + On’ was a personal favourite which had everyone jumping as the electronic chorus blasted through the venue. Additionally, the delivery of groove-inspired retro vibes within ‘Semiotic Vision’ was exactly what I needed. Aiming to inspire young people in the LGBTQIA+ community with ‘Millennium Queen’, the funk-fuelled disco feels were real.

From discussing what they had for dinner to telling a story about how they tried to hand out biscuits and mandarins to people before the show, the approachable members’ casual mood was one to remember. Will definitely be seeing these guys again.


BIGSOUND, the week-long festival that turns Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley into an oasis of young and upcoming musical talent is back for yet another massive year. If you weren’t able to attend this year or simply want to relive the magical moments, check out our top two highlights from day two below!

1.     The Dead Love


After a string of huge 2019 performances, The Dead Love were a BIGSOUND act I was not missing.

They managed to pack out Crowbar, and within a song or two, punk lovers were everywhere. Wherever you looked people were banging heads, crowd surfing, and having a sick time. It was a special moment.

Before heading off, I managed to hear their punk singalong, ‘Frown’. As the audience belted out the punchy chorus, an overwhelming sense of comradery surged through the venue.

Closing with their hit ‘Sugarcoat’, the guys put on an awesome show which saw all the punk necessities: long hair, shirtless band members, and a screaming audience. The mosh went hard, nailing every lyric of every song.

If their BIGSOUND set was anything to go by, the future is going to hold a lot more music, work, and growth for The Dead Love, with a lot less sleep.

The Dead Love connected with the audience on a deep level, and never eased up on the pace. A set to remember.

2.     Nerve


Whilst waiting to see Tkay Maidza’s surprise BIGSOUND performance, I was lucky enough to witness the gifted Brisbane underground rapper, Nerve.

Despite playing his own show at The Wickham minutes earlier, Nerve knew exactly how to hype up the already exhausted crowd. The musician’s quick-paced, self-assured style was an unquestionable crowd favourite, especially in the way his voice hovered above the shaking production of every song.

Nerve has improved a lot over the years with his diverse and rich discography of releases. As the musician rapped about his musical, social and mental development, his intense, untamed talent became clear to the audience.

As the bars fired up, so did the venue. Out of nowhere, the mosh erupted. As guys threw themselves across the Flying Cock dancefloor, even Nerve himself couldn’t resist joining in mid song. I don’t think anyone expected the amount of energy that mosh saw.

The ability to convert deep-rooted rage into positive energy is a skill very few can do effectively, especially on stage. However, Nerve is one of those few. He nailed song after song with clarity and enthusiasm to exhibit his experience.

With two EPs, an album and a few singles under Nerve’s belt, the young Aussie boy with his head screwed on is bound for huge things.

Can’t wait for the third and final day.


BIGSOUND, the week-long festival that turns Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley into an oasis of young and upcoming musical talent is back for yet another massive year. If you weren’t able to attend this year or simply want to relive the magical moments, check out our top three highlights from day one below!

1.     STEVAN


As the first act I had ever seen at BIGSOUND, Stevan remains to be one of my favourites. It wasn’t surprising in the slightest to see the sheer volume of people packing out Ric’s Big Backyard for the young sensation.

The musician sounds even more the Australian version of Frank Ocean live, specifically through his calming vocal tone and sauntering back-beat that buries itself deep in the listener’s head.  

The mature songwriting, entrancing acoustics and calming percussion of the set painted an accurate picture of what it means to be young and in love.

As the audience began murmuring while Steven and his 3-piece band paused in between songs, he finally announced it was: “Time for Timee”.

Being the most anticipated song of his performance, it did not disappoint. Although slightly ambient in an outdoor setting, the artist was captivating enough for it to be a spectacle.

Ending his phenomenal set with: “Sweet, thanks guys... yeah, thanks,” the seemingly stress-free vibe of Stevan had the audience chuckling as they praised his performance with applause. The artist has proven his understood musical direction and it’s only up from here.



After sprinting to The Brightside in an effort to experience Fremantle’s Spacey Jane, it was all worth it the second I heard their catchy indie-rock swagger.

As the set progressed, their popularity and overall quality increased dramatically. Spacey Jane members Caleb, Kieran, Ashton and Peppa have a chemistry like no other band you’ve heard before. The raw talent of the outfit is unbelievable, and they could very well find themselves being compared to Skegss, San Cisco, and The Jungle Giants very soon.

If the crowd weren’t already psyched up enough, the opening strum of ‘Feeding the Family’ sure did the trick. As heads banged from the front to the back of the venue, it’s safe to say the band have found their sound.

If you’ve been spending your time under a rock recently and somehow haven’t listened to this group yet, get onto it ASAP. Spacey Jane are going places.

3.     BUTTER


With minimal knowledge of the group, I decided to roll the dice and check out the 6-piece alt-hop/neo-soul outfit, Butter.

I was blown away.

Staying true to their name, the Perth group had some of the smoothest hooks, rhythms and rhymes I’ve ever heard in a live setting. The jazz-inspired instrumental sections blended incredibly with the lead singer’s powerful, laid back voice.

Butter’s popular single ‘Hocus Pocus’ was an undeniable crowd favourite. Every single person in the room nodded their head to the keyboard rhythm and percussion.

The band oozing with personality owned the stage by taking the audience on a charming musical journey.

From cracking jokes on stage to having chilled chats with the audience, not much else can be said other than it was simply a cool f*****g set.

Bring on day two.


Good Friday: The feature series that shines a light on our favourite new releases from around Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. Make sure you check out all the artists that featured this week up the top of our weekly playlist, which also includes some other jams we've been getting down to during the week.

 1.     ‘Devil U Know’ - Sarah Wolfe

Sarah Wolfe’s debut single ‘Devil U Know’ is a sensual, all-encompassing tune with a gorgeous glossy sheen.

The single revolves around the intricacies and vulnerabilities that surface during the first few exciting but scary weeks of falling in love.

Sarah says: “It was written with my partner Xavier Dunn in the first few weeks of dating, so listening back to the track gives me this insane sense of hyper-realism”.

The tune is bound to be successful for its flawless execution of electronic production and lyrical elegance.

Taking inspiration from the quote: “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t,” the track embraces an upbeat pop sound that is brought to life by sensational synths, ringing vocals, and heartfelt lyrics.

Although terrifying at first, the artist says you can’t shut yourself off from relationships because you’ve been hurt in the past.

The new pop banger accurately captures the trials and tribulations that surface during the early stages of escalating love. Whether you’re in or out of a relationship, you need to hear ‘Devil U Know’.


2.     ‘Missing Out On’ – The Run


Melbourne trio The Run unleash their new soaring single, ‘Missing Out On’.

Through blending choral vocals with indie soul, the story about a love lost but personal growth and strength gained becomes prominent. Moreover, the music builds as the rhythm guitar takes on an almost vintage soul throwback among the contemporary rock sounds.

The comforting and cathartic lyrics work extremely well with the steady melody, as the band captures gorgeous sounds similar to Ruel and Lime Cordiale.

Although the emotional tone of lead vocalist Connor Morel can be heard throughout the song, it’s really the rich chorus of voices that drive the lyrics home.

Member of The Run Will Conway says: “Recording the single was probably the most caffeinated week I’ve had on planet Earth and I don’t regret a thing… Trying to make sure we ‘got it right’ was something that was really important to us”.

After consistently defining and exploring their musical identity, The Run have found their sound. The application of well thought out rhythms, relatable lyrics, and infectious percussion demonstrate the group’s cohesive development. Give ‘Missing Out On’ a listen now.


3.     ‘Three Oh Three’ – Oly Sherman

Indie-folk artist Oly Sherman has given us a gorgeous new track ‘Three Oh Three’, part of his emotion rich EP.

The title track of his EP is a nuanced slice of music that highlights his emotional side and shows his bravery to bring darker stories to light. Sherman’s dynamic vocal notes bloom within the carefully layered production.

The Sydney-based musician demonstrates a clear songwriting prowess as he invites the listener to experience a life-changing event… a heart procedure which left the artist with a pacemaker.

He explains: “My pacemaker which I had put in two years ago would literally tick over everyday at 3:03pm and it sent me a little insane… I could basically narrow it down and describe the sensation through writing music and lyrics that I had come up with”.

Melting the hearts of fans with his all-enveloping brand of performance has drawn many comparisons to the likes of Matt Corby and Josh Pyke.

The artist has made some impressive moves over the past year, and ‘Three Oh Three’ is no different. Stream the eloquent tune now and see him live as he tours Sydney this September.


4.     ‘Lie’ – Jakob

Jakob gen use.jpg

Jakob, the Yungblud and Ruel inspired artist you’re soon going to love, has released his new track ‘Lie’.

‘Lie’ is a Latin-inspired alt-pop blend that draws from R&B, hip-hop and his South American roots.

Jakob says the song is about when: “The person [he] cared for was in a toxic relationship with someone else… And she would constantly ask [him] for advice”.

“I wanted to say that she should be with me instead of telling her something she wants to hear,” he adds.

The project of 18-year-old Jakob Delgado is driven by the goal of pioneering a new wave of artist, admitting that he doesn’t just want to be like his idols, he wants to be an idol.

The young artist has spent some time in the US, working with amazing producers, finding his sound, and finding himself. Jakob will make his live debut at Music Matters in Singapore in September, and an EP is well and truly on its way, so stay tuned and remember the name.


5.     ‘No One’ – Holiday Party

Brisbane band Holiday Party return with their new catchy single, ‘No One’.

The band combine their trademark junkyard pop with a choir of young Brisbane singers to create an angelically captivating tune.

The song about complicated break ups is about falling out with a friend, partner or letting go of a part of yourself.

Holiday Party say: "It starts in confusion, realisation and moves on to an epiphany… You'll never get closure, but it's probably for the best".

After spending a few months in the studio, playing shows around Brisbane and supporting the likes of G Flip, the group say adding a choir component to ‘No One’ completed the song.

"The song took a few months of writing, re-writing and tinkering to put together, although the structure came together quite quickly," explain Holiday Party.

The group who have already evolved massively since their inception in 2017 have recently added Pete Bernoth to the existing duo of Mel Tickle and Luke McDonald. If this doesn’t skyrocket their success, I don’t know what will. Listen to ‘No One’ now and see them at Brisbane’s BIGSOUND next week!

Beau Lightning finds boldness in rock ‘n’ roll simplicity with debut EP ‘The Birth of an Alter Ego’

DGB Press Shot 1.JPG

2019 has witnessed the birth of Beau Lightning, the alter ego of Adelaide singer-songwriter, Eli Georgeson. 

From learning music at the age of eight, to partnering with bands in his teens, this marks the first time Eli has gone solo. The result: a distorted form of rock and roll. What makes this EP so fantastic is its strong adherence to what made rock such a pivotal artform: it’s pure old school fundamentals and style.

Kicking off with the track ‘Smoke in Your Lungs’, Beau brings pulsing drums and walls of warped guitars, something that wouldn’t feel out of place on an Arctic Monkeys record. The lyrics detail the end of a relationship, how he doesn’t know what to do with himself, and how his significant other will probably find someone better than him. It’s this catalyst that leads to the birth of the eponymous alter ego, and is reflected in the warped, distorted production.

‘Last Night’ continues that warped feeling, with a chugging beat and off-kilter chords that sounds like Beau is hungover from a night out drinking, questioning if he found a monster in his bed or if he is dreaming. The track, musically, feels like the eponymous character is going through the motions, because in his hungover state, that is all he can manage.

‘Don’t Get Bit’ picks up the energy of the EP quite a bit. It is a rollicking tune, pulled straight out of the Seventies playbook. However, Beau really comes into his own on ‘Rock’n’Roll Life’, with a croaky delivery about wanting to embrace a hyper aggressive personality, like an out-of-control rock and roll star smashing up the stage. The themes are matched with a nocturnal feel to the production, and guitar chords that feel cold as ice.

Finally, the closer ‘In My Hands’ brings things to an unsettling, quiet conclusion, with Beau in his final form. He repeats the mantra of “having your live in my hands”, as colour guitar plays in the background. Slow dense percussion introduces, before finally exploding with electric guitar and Beau screaming into oblivion. It is as though he has come full circle and looks ready to make the same mistakes all over again that was responsible for this transformation.

This is a nuanced, dense and unsettling EP, but one that nails its rock sensibilities and fundamentals so well. Beau Lightning has brought a vivid form of rock to life, that wears it’s influences on its sleeve. A compelling listen.

Wing Defence take flight on new single ‘Cuts’


The Adelaide pop-punk duo will have you begging for more after hearing their latest emotional tune, ‘Cuts’.

While previous releases ‘Stuck’, ‘Listerine’ and ‘Hindsight’ gave an indication of the direction Wing Defence may take, ‘Cuts’ completely catches the listener off guard with its undeniable eminence.

The single is an angsty, inward look at the ups and downs of the modern dating scene from Wing Defence member Skye Walter’s point of view, where there seems to be a decline in traditional success.

The band say: “‘Cuts’ explores Skye’s experience with her two-week stint on the dating app Tinder, and emphatically includes the on-going experience of her friends who have also dabbled with the fickle and rather disappointing outcomes”. 

The mature, refined sound of Skye Walter and Paige Court goes off in a live environment, making it clear to see why they’ve shared stages with Polish Club, The Vanns and West Thebarton.

Embracing the start of a new chapter, the dynamic duo have well and truly found their sonic identity and the industry and audiences are loving it. It has the same refreshingly honest sound of Ruby Fields and Alex The Astronaut.

After selling out their hometown show, releasing tour dates, and announcing a 2020 EP, make sure you get on the Wing Defence train before it leaves the station!

Fletcher Gull reflects on a near death experience in new single

Fletcher Gull_by Murray Paterson.jpeg

Melbourne based musician Fletcher Gull recalls an icy glacial night in ‘Hypothermia’, an audacious indie-pop song that may have saved his life. 

In an experience which changed his life forever, the artist found himself sleeping under canvas in Canada’s sub-zero Rocky Mountains.

He reflects: “I was so cold I thought I might die, so I had to sit up and try to get my blood flowing any way I could in an attempt to ensure my limbs didn’t fall off".

Within the extreme conditions, Fletcher found warmth in song writing. ‘Hypothermia’ was born.

Part of his debut upcoming EP Remember That You're Gone, Fletcher infuses uplifting tones, quirky instrumentation and a dizzying bridge into the exceptionally personal effort. Additionally, the artist’s signature vocal tone floats enchantingly above the captivating melody.

The melancholic optimism within the quirky track taps into a different set of emotions for the listener, particularly in lines like: “The more I see, the less I know”.

Enduring salt, sun, and snow, you’d be kidding yourself to say Fletcher Gull hasn’t pushed himself to the absolute limit to achieve ‘Hypothermia’. Stream it now, then see him live at Brisbane’s BIGSOUND next week! (3-6 September 2019)

Good Friday - Hottest New Releases #8

Good Friday: The feature series that shines a light on the hottest new releases from around Australia. Make sure you check out all the artists that featured in our eighth edition!

1.     ‘Superstar’ – Pinkish Blu

The superstars from Pinkish Blu have returned with a new moody single ‘Superstar’. 

The alternative sad-pop Adelaide crew likened to M83 and The 1975 have skyrocketed since 2017. Their emotional, dreamy and brutally honest style of music has been known to completely stun the listener.

80’s synth-sounds are be heard within ‘Superstar’, along with nostalgic 90’s guitar tones combined with a modern pop hook.

Pinkish Blu wrote the song to express the wonderful characteristics of love, and the way in which it seeps into every facet of life. Although, they avoid being sappy to create an intriguingly realistic world for the listener.

Pinkish Blu lead singer Brice says: “When you really feel love, the sky may seem more blue, and the smell of rain might make you hungry… Love can really enhance the part of us that has brought the world all of its weird and wonderful art.” 

The band have confirmed they’ll be releasing an album in 2019, so get keen for sparkling synths and juicy jangles of the vintage quartet. Pinkish Blu are only just getting started.

2.     ‘Good Times’ - Genesis Owusu


The innovative, multi-faceted Canberra-based Genesis Owusu is known for his incredible vocal tone and phenomenal live performance. Now, he unleashes his raw musical power in new track ‘Good Times’. 

Paired with ‘Simmer Down’ as part of his AA side release, the diverse fusion of hip hop, rap and R&B within the song work sublimely.  

Not to be confined by genres, Genesis utilises his exceptional vocal range in every track, and ‘Good Times’ is no different. The precisely sung lyrics perfectly match sharp rhymes, enticing the listener to dance along.

After taking his Smiling With No Teeth Tour to stages in May, it’s no surprise the nation is in love with his off the wall energy and hip moving rhythms. 

Cosmo's Midnight, Noname, Aminé and SAFIA are a few of the massive acts Genesis opened for in 2018, and it seems clear the high-quality musical production rubbed off on the artist.

With his fanbase growing rapidly, Genesis Owusu continues to send shockwaves and make his mark on the Australian music scene. Enjoy the ‘Good Times’ in life.

3.     ‘Take a Step Back’ – Polarize


After gaining local momentum, Melbourne-based indie rock/heady pop band Polarize have released their new sun-drenched single ‘Take a Step Back’.

Despite being a clear pop song, the deep lyricism strengthens the message to metaphorically and possibly even physically “step back” to process a situation. While the theme is heavily communicated in the chorus, the language becomes substantially more peaceful throughout the verses. 

Polarize frontman Rudie Dodd says: “I’m basically talking to myself rather than anyone else, because I probably spend too much time in my own head”.

The exceptional layering creates a delicate soundscape that remains relaxed throughout the song. Moreover, careful application of guitar riffs and synths give a refreshing feel.   

To celebrate their recent success and the release of ‘Take a Step Back’, Polarize will be playing a show at the Grace Darling on August 30. Additionally, the talented Amarina Waters and The Vacant Smiles will be supporting the show. Before then, sit back, relax, and enjoy this smooth psych-pop ballad. 

4.     ‘Decide’ – Dopamine

Dopamine, the indie-rock five-piece from Brisbane, are giving us a candid new single ‘Decide’.

The track rich in emotional vulnerability and honesty describes the initial feelings involved in a relationship.

Frontman Finley Miller says: “The song is about… the uncertainty of where [a relationship] will go and the hesitance to put all of your trust into someone”.

With the inspiration to write a love song that strayed away from clichés, Miller included many personal lines in the song that are based on his own experiences.

Drawing similarities to Last Dinosaurs and The 1975, Dopamine create a fun, individual atmosphere on the tune.

Surprisingly, the single was recorded, produced and mixed by none other than Dopamine themselves, enabling creative autonomy and freedom. 

“We've found that when doing it this way, we can have full control of how we want the song to sound and can spend more time experimenting with sounds,” reflects Finley.  

Through combining indie-rock, pop and post-punk, Finley Miller (guitarist and lead vocalist), Ruby Lee (bass guitarist), Finn ‘Diggsy’ Diggles (rhythm guitarist), Luke Gregory (lead guitarist) and Oliver Whitaker (drummer) are becoming known for their ecstatic live shows. So, stop deciding and give Dopamine’s ‘Decide’ a listen now.

5.     ‘Fast Forward’ – Benji Lewis


After already giving us three singles this year, Benji Lewis has given us yet another with ‘Fast Forward’.

Infused with warm, nostalgic, summery sounds, ‘Fast Forward’ explores the thoughts and feelings involved in escaping a certain state.

The pulsing beat, raw vocals, and reminiscent melodies express the desire of not wanting to think about a particular situation, relationship, or person.

Benji, needing some alone time at the time of writing the song, finished it earlier this year. The transitional moment in Benji’s life enabled him to have a clear vision about where he wanted the song to go. After creating the emotional tune with Kid Froppy, Benji knew he wanted to create his next body of work with him too. 

“I’ve always loved RnB music and that’s just what we ended up creating with this one. It feels sexy, natural and honest to me,” says Benji.

The result of Benji Lewis’ hard work speaks for itself. Listen to his smooth RnB single ‘Fast Forward’ now.

Telescreen release a tasty new piece of sugary indie-rock ‘Growing Pains’

Telescreen 'Growing Pains' Main Press Shot.jpg

The five indie pop rockers from Telescreen have gifted us their new single ‘Growing Pains’, communicating the importance of not getting worked up over the little things and waiting for the right time to take the next big step in life.

Forming in 2017, the ex-high school pals would spend their time at muddy and disinhibited music festivals, fantasizing about being a ‘real’ band. After playing a few parties, the group started gigging around Melbourne during 2018 and have been quick to make a name for themselves.

The application of sounds similar to The Strokes and Methyl Ethyl create a beautiful funk-laden tune that invites the listener to dance along.

Telescreen frontman Nic says the song is “Symbolic for how often people tell you to be proactive in your life and always look to make advancements, [even if] you know that sometimes taking a step back is more in your best interests”.

The nostalgia-induced track accurately depicts the band’s natural ability for songwriting, particularly through the execution of touching lyricism. As Telescreen describe mindlessly going about the daily routine, an ode to letting life take its course comes together.

“Sometimes you can find yourself in this kind of neutral zone where you're letting life direct you where to go… You feel like you're having no influence on the next phase of your existence,” explains Nic.

2019 is looking to be Telescreen’s year after announcing the release of a debut EP later in the year, and opening for Nat Vazer, IVY and Approachable Members Of Your Local Community. Give the sincerest band around a listen now.

Overnight sensation Stevan makes his grand return with second single ‘LNT’

Lead Press Photo.jpg

After releasing his warm hit single ‘Timee’, Stevan’s strikingly mature songwriting has become explosively popular, and there’s no denying ‘LNT’ is any different.

As well as featuring smooth vocals, mesmerising guitar melodies, and lush production with a late 60’s feel, the poppy track detailing blissful young love demonstrates a completely understood direction for the artist. 

The 18-year-old Frank Ocean inspired artist knows exactly how to create a faint tune that saunters in on its back-beat and burrows itself in the listener’s head. You’ll be humming along to ‘LNT’ before you know it.

The song’s catchy innocence is prominent, specifically within lyrics like “All I need from you is just a little love and some tenderness”. Of all the places the masterpiece could’ve been written, Stevan says the song was formed in an airport terminal.

He explains: “The song captures some fun moments I had in the Sunshine Coast… Great weather, nice music, and even better company”.

Once he graduated from high school, Stevan has never looked back. He signed to US label Honeymoon Records/300 Entertainment, Niche Productions, and management team Astral People alongside other huge artists like Cosmo’s Midnight, Winston Surfshirt, and GL.

The musician with a future brighter than you’d ever expect has smashed it with the new single. Listen to Stevan’s ‘LNT’ now and if you’re still craving more, see him live at Brisbane’s BIGSOUND music festival this September.

Good Friday - Hottest New Releases #7

Good Friday: the feature series that shines a light on the hottest new releases from around Australia. Make sure you check out all the artists that featured in our seventh edition!

1.     ‘When We Were Young’ – Hollow Coves


Brisbane’s Hollow Coves, the duo who met through a shared love of acoustic music with no real expectations where their writing might lead, have proven yet again why they’re one of the best indie-folk groups around.

Their stunning, heart-melting new single ‘When We Were Young’ is a recount of a youthful past communicated through the combination of charismatic acoustics, gentle vocals, and minimal percussion.

The reflective lyrics blend beautifully with the earthy folk sound, similar to artists such as Angus & Julia Stone, Ben Howard, and The Paper Kites.

The dynamic project of Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins give a voice to their shared passion of observing the world’s contrasting cultures. As the lads have spent a fair amount of time on opposite sides of the globe, it was communication via the internet that enabled their songs to really take shape.

With an album on the way, Hollow Cove’s unique approach to creating music is a forced to be reckoned with. Get ready to be launched into their personal brand of escapism!

2.     ‘Something Good’  – Pacific Avenue 

2019 PRES SHOT.jpg

Pacific Avenue have given us a reason to bang our heads this Friday with their new rockin’ tune ‘Something Good’, part of their EP Stawberry Skies.

The four-piece have effectively merged old rock with the new, demonstrating their developed sound compared to previous releases.

Additionally, a vintage-looking video for ‘Something Good’ has also been released. The clip is infused with fun times and nostalgic feels that are sure to get you into a pensively good mood.

Influenced by surf-rock icons Hockey Dad and Skegss, Harry O'Brien (Vocals/Guitar), Ben Fryer (Lead Guitar), Jack Kay (Bass Guitar/Vocals), and Dom Littrich (Drums/Vocals) have cracked the code to a catchy collection of Aussie anthems.

The band have made something that they are extremely proud of, and rightly so. After playing alongside the likes of Tash Sultana, Ocean Alley, Lime Cordiale, and CLEWS, 2019 is looking to be Pacific Avenue’s year.

3.     ‘See Yourself’ – Moreton feat. James Vincent McMorrow


Moreton have released a dark slow-rock track, ‘See Yourself’, which searches for hope in a hauntingly empty space.

The heart-wrenching tune, like a lot of Moreton’s powerful releases, challenges darkness by finding the beauty and humanity inside it.

Originating from northern NSW, Moreton swing from alternative art rock to intimate orchestral sounds continually within their music.

The rock band with a folk heart band say the final recording was their first take in the studio, and their ability to use creative instrumental techniques made the process a breeze.

Moreton say: “The song is about that point in a new relationship when your less-than-perfect self, shows up for the first time”.

Although quite sombre, Moreton’s lead singer, writer and guitarist Georgia says they find comfort in sharing something beautiful out of sadness.

“A sadness elevated is a sadness alleviated,” she adds.

Moreton have visually and sonically created an intense, shining soundscape in ‘See Yourself’, and it’s one not to be missed.

4.     ‘Hazy’ – Yuto. feat. SODA

Melbourne sibling duo Yuto. have joined forces with Central Coast producer and artist SODA for their new R&B infused electronic single, ‘Hazy’.

The polished execution of every note, chord, and beat within ‘Hazy’ brings aural fulfilment to the listener. SODA’s feature undoubtedly refines the song’s soul-inspired tonal finesse. Moreover, the eclectic electronic layers provide an expansive soundscape to evoke deep-rooted emotion.

Using a new style of chords, the pair push the boundaries of their conventional sound to create an impressively fun melody.

Yuto.’s Daylan McDonald explains: “We were super inspired to make the vocal something fun, and from there it all flowed pretty naturally.”

After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response to their previous releases, Yuto.’s fanbase has increased massively over the past few months.

“We love that we can make someone’s day in [two or three minutes] of audio,” say Yuto..

Make sure you listen to the endearing essence of Yuto. and SODA’s ‘Hazy’ now!

5.     ‘Stars’ – The Kava Kings

The Kava Kings have created the perfect summer song with their new organic single, ‘Stars’.

The melodic tune from the Sydney band is a small piece of a larger puzzle that focuses on the different stages of relationships and is sure to seep into your brain before you know it.

While their trademark effortless harmonies can be heard in the song, the band explore nuanced musical patterning to bring more eminence to the blissful snapshot of creativity.

Drawing similar vibes to Lime Cordiale and Ocean Alley, the components of ‘Stars’ are a vibrant, striking example of modern indie-rock. 

After relentlessly touring for a number of years, it’s clear their inner drive for the live experience has been fuelled by supporting the likes of The Rubens, Birds of Tokyo, Winston Surfshirt and John Butler.

The sun-kissed brand of laidback guitar work teleports the listener into the world of The Kava Kings, making the band’s melodic progress even more prominent. Listen to the infectiously hazy riffs of ‘Stars’ today!