Lupa J - Unveils enigmatic new single 'Drift'

Lupa J.jpg

Sydney-based electronic artist Lupa J has unveiled her latest offering ‘Drift’, from her forthcoming debut album ‘SWALLOW ME WHOLE’ (due early 2019).

‘Drift’ once again demonstrates that Lupa is an ever-evolving, experimental artist and tbh I couldn’t be more excited about what the future - and this debut album - holds in store.

‘Drift’ starts with a yearning eeriness from Lupa’s swaying vocals, as she heartbreakingly exclaims “I’ve gone too far now, In someone else’s clothes now”. The drums rise like a heartbeat, pulsing in the back of your throat. Before you know it, you’ve been dropped 50 feet into the eye of a hurricane as the sweet vocal riffs, rolling industrial percussion and staccato raindrop synths surge into a full rave of emotion.

Drift is about feeling a nagging unhappiness with the way things are but having no idea how to make any kind of change” Lupa J explains.

‘Drift’ also has an intriguing duality, feeling like it would be appropriate for a dress-up party in a forest, or else your pitch-black room with speakers blaring (while crying of course).

Having already toured with Grimes, Sarah Blasko, Alice Glass and Tegan and Sara in her career so far, Lupa J is most definitely one of 2019’s “must watch” acts. I will most definitely be seeing you at one of her shows in the near future.