Yours Truly’s Newbie ‘Circles’ Is An Empowering Pop-Rock Sugar Rush

yours truly.jpg

Yours Truly are a foursome of pop-rockin’ young whipper-snappers from Sydney with a rep for kicking dicks both live and in the studio. Full disclosure, they’re also my good mates, but that doesn’t make them any less worthy of having their music immortalised on the sacred Good Intent blog, it just makes me pretty bloody lucky.

Fresh from slaying the stage down at UNIFY Gathering, where they dropped the spicy bombshell that they’ve just put pen to paper with Australia’s “cool club” heavy label UNFD ahead of the release of their sophomore EP Afterglow (out April 12), Mikaila, Lachie, Teddie & Brad have walloped us with their fresh single ‘Circles’, an infectiously singable anthem with sparkling pop hooks and an unapologetic punk ‘tude.

No need to patronise / The way you act ain’t right,” belts Mik, a certified vocal kween, delivering a straight-up, BS-free MESSAGE amid the song’s cheerfully bop-along verse, which then surges into a sugar rush explosion of a chorus and a guitar riff that cascades like a burst of bubbles from your ears down to the floor.

“And I’m over it / Yeah frankly I’m just sick of it / What makes me different to you? / I got nothing to lose / And everything to prove.”

Not since Aretha Franklin’s iconic 1967 anthem has a song about respecting women been so damn catchy.

‘Circles’ also comes packing a dizzyingly bright, high-production music video that features cameos from some of the band’s favourite lady-bros including, ahem, yours truly.

Pun. Fucking. Intended.