Reverie serves up haunting dreamy synth-pop banger, ‘Gravity’


Sunshine Coast artist, Reverie, who’s been turning heads with her dreamy indie-pop soundscapes and haunting vocals, is back with a brand new single, Gravity.

The young artist released her debut single last year, Princes to considerable acclaim. While that first track showed Reverie as an exciting synth-pop prodigy, channeling the likes of old-school Madonna in her dreamy soundscapes, this sophomore effort looks to be a much more ambitious statement.

Opening with haunting vocals and clicking percussion, Reverie croons about being pulled into a false reality, one which corrupts her feelings and thoughts of people around her. The distorted production and background vocals make the song feel like it is being performed in a giant space, creating a haunting ambience.

However, once the synths start to build and launch into an explosive chorus with punchy chords, electronic percussion and noodling guitars hanging in the background, the song takes on a whole new sense of foreboding atmosphere. Reverie compares the false reality to a toxic environment, filled with distortion and confusion. And, like gravity, she cannot escape from this upside-down world.

The track eventually coasts out on these wubbing organs and the same clicking percussion heard at the beginning of the track, which brings the song to an unsettling close.

This a big step forward for Reverie, a track that really shows a statement of intent. Few pop artists are able to really nail ambient soundscapes, but with ‘Gravity’, you don’t just listen to it: you are in it, you feel it. If this track showcases where Reverie is going next, bring it on! There is so much treasure to be found in this artist’s haunting soundscapes.