King Coyote release an energetic, well-rounded rock tune inspired by true love

The lads from King Coyote pay homage to vintage rock on their new head-banging jam, ‘Coca Cola’.

Featuring similar sounds to Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures and Jet, ‘Coca Cola’ is the kind of song that makes listeners slam their empty glass on the bar and bust a move.

King Coyote lead vocalist Sunny Rowlands explains: “Coca Cola was inspired by true love, about seeing the red flags and acting on it, before you lose too much time”.

Sunny (vocals), Jimmy (guitar, vocals), Stevie (drums, vocals), Josh (bass) and Mike (guitar) have effectively infused heady guitar riffs and hooky vocals into the song.

The track will be featured on their upcoming EP Wild which is set to release on November 1.

 Whilst it’s taken the band a while to produce the EP, they say it’s worth the wait because it shows how far they’ve developed musically.

“We’ve taken a bit of time with this EP, enjoying the road, the band bonding, the late nights, the long nights and all the in-between, helping us get the songs to the point that represents us truthfully as a band,” say King Coyote.

Along with their own shows, the rockers are supporting Grinspoon and Thirsty Merc in October and November. 

Ahead of the upcoming live performances, Sunny says: “The shows will be high energy, loud, and in your face – like a shot of coffee with your Red Bull!” 

Their new music exhibits a diverse style, executed by a group of seasoned musicians who know exactly who they are and what they represent. Listen to the absolute belter ‘Coca-Cola’ now.