Sydney’s Sinclaire Deliver A Toe-Tapping Twist On Heartache In Fresh Indie-Pop Banger, ‘Torn In Two’

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Sydney alternative shooting stars Sinclaire are continuing to make waves with the arrival of their second single, ‘Torn In Two’.

The rollicking piano-driven bopper is deceptively uplifting, its up-tempo, off-beat grooves powerful enough to instantly replenish the spring that’s been missing from your step and tug playfully at your toes to tap.

But the track’s sunny disposition conceals darker subject matter about the pain that arises from a fractured sense self worth.

“Torn in Two is about constantly comparing yourself to other people and feeling like you always have something to prove,” explains lead singer Michael Cross.

“When I wrote the lyrics, I treated it like an open letter to myself - giving me an opportunity to reflect on the negative impact this personality trait has on my life.”

Cross’s rich, crooning vocal tones are nothing if not distinctive, and form the cherry on top of a captivatingly fresh indie-pop-rock sound that feels purpose-built for the international stage.

Sinclaire’s debut EP Now I’m Ready To Start, mixed by ARIA Award-winning producer Adrian Breakspear, will be released later this year. But for now, you can take ‘Torn In Two’ for a spin below.