Erik Sing’s new single is insanely soothing and will catch you by surprise


The inspiring electro-pop release ‘Bittersweet Boy’ by Victorian-based artist Erik Sing, is heightened by the commanding vocals of Ecuadorian/American singer-songwriter Maria Elena Little.

“I’m always looking for something that stands out. When I found Maria, I remember being immediately caught by her voice and her writing,” Sing said.

The pair worked together on ideas and tweaked until the final track, but after such a long process it was worth it. Little had never worked with artists in the electronic world of music before, but she originally thought the instrumental part of the song sounded like a combo of happiness with a hint of pain, as if it was bittersweet. 

‘Bittersweet Boy’ purposefully taps into a fairly relatable topic to reach more people, illustrating the torment of loss and heartbreak. The vocalist had just left a long-distance boyfriend of two years when writing the lyrics which is what led to the emotional subject matter.  

“While the lyrics hint at a long-distance couple, it is about accepting all of the sides of a situation or relationship, even if it is difficult,” Little said.

Sing takes you on an intensified journey full of power and emotion in the gorgeous composition that is ‘Bittersweet Boy’. 

You can literally hear how much detail the artist has infused in the track from the first few seconds, and it only intensifies from there. The song steadily sets the scene, then, out of nowhere, an awesome build-up pops up to take the listener on a completely new path.

We can’t wait to see what else the producer has planned for the rest of the year, so make sure you have a listen to Erik Sing’s soulful banger now!