Sweater Curse's New EP 'See You' Is A Gobsmackingly Diverse & Emotionally Rich Debut

Alt Press Shot 2 - Sweater Curse - by Seamus Platt.jpg

After a massive few months, Brisbane indie rockers Sweater Curse are continuing to smash it with their melodically grungy debut EP, See You.

The trio have been around for a few years now and have put out some solid singles, but if this debut EP is any indication, they’re on track to blow up in 2019.

Beginning with the boppy tune ‘Can’t See You Anymore’, the disc has some awesome lyrical moments that teleport the listener along an emotional arc, charting the rise and fall of a deteriorating relationship and the pain that comes with the experience. This standout tune pairs chaotic vocals with steady, punk-leaning guitar riffs.

The second track, ‘Take Some Time’, introduces a male vocalist, a fresh component to the sound. Here, there is an attempt to save the failing relationship, as bassist and lead singer Monica Sottile begs; “please just try for the sake of it, try not to lie, I’m so tired and I don’t have the strength to try.”

‘Z9’, one of my favourite tracks, with the last third taking a more chilled approach until it builds back up to a gutsy, grungy finish.

Sweater Curse employ swirling pedal effects and jagged electric guitars with ‘Mon’s Song’ to create a much more loose and serious piece of music. The lyrics of ‘Mon’s Song’ are another knockout set, exploring the significance of self-reliance and open-mindedness; “When I speak my mind, I’m not afraid, I’ve been wrong before, but I need more,” Sottile imparts.

The fifth and final track on the EP ‘(Hear You)’ was released as a single back in February to give us a taster of what was ahead, and it did not disappoint. The unique, head-banging rock sounds mixed in with powerful vocals contrast this song from other indie rock fair. But the best thing about ‘(Hear You)’ is that you can listen to it at literally any time, whether it’s while you’re getting psyched up for a big night out, or recovering the next morning, the mixture of intense and mellow moods within the song make it that versatile.

The psychedelic-flavoured EP finishes with a spread-out kicker ‘Ponyo’ to leave the listener feeling gobsmacked by its remarkable range.

The Brisbane group have already left an impressive mark on the Aussie rock scene, and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us. Make sure you check out Sweater Curse’s new EP ‘See You’ on all streaming services now!