Jump into a time machine with Neon Tetra, as they cruise you through their 80’s inspired jaunt ‘Used To Be’

NT_Used To Be.jpeg

 Adelaide-based five-piece Neon Tetra have returned with their bright, riff-heavy new single ‘Used To Be’. After the release of their debut EP ‘Pollen’ last year, they’ve taken a step up providing a unique array of soul, disco and rock 'n' roll. 

‘Used To Be’ melds nostalgia and groove-laden hooks, taking the best of Kansas’ epic distorted guitar riffs and smooth saxophone runs that would have fit perfectly in a Dire Straits classic, this all topped off with 80’s punchy synths. While taking much from era’s gone by, Neon Tetra provide a combination that still feels very-much their own. More-over, ‘Used To Be’ provides the best saxophone solo I’ve heard in a rock song in a long time!

Seemingly untamed by genre specifics and never inclined to limit experimentation, Neon Tetra have swum beyond the calm waters of Motown into the rapids of '80s-inspired, synthesiser-influenced, distortion-filled rock.  

The band explain the feel behind the track:

".. it reminded us of glam metal bands like Van Halen and Poison; big drum fills, catchy vocal melodies, saxophone and classic synth tones from the Prophet 6. The ruckus energy and groove resonating through gets people moving—it's super danceable.”

Having honed their craft supporting such mega-stars as Robbie Williams, Cheap Trick and Foreigner, Neon Tetra will be taking off on their own ‘Used To Be’ tour across the country this March and April. If you’re keen to see this cascading groove-machine, be sure to check them out at one of their shows below.

SATURDAY 30 MARCH | Rocket Bar & Rooftop | Adelaide, SA
FRIDAY 12 APRIL | Botany View Hotel | Sydney, NSW
SATURDAY 13 APRIL | Rad Bar | Wollongong, NSW
FRIDAY 19 APRIL | uneARTh Festival | Whyalla, SA
THURSDAY 25 APRIL | Bar Open | Melbourne, VIC