La Felix – Drops Smooth Disco-Infused Jam ‘Real Thing’ ft. Becca Krueger


Fresh off the release of ‘Drama’ (featuring KOLE), Melbourne-based New Zealand born producer La Felix has just unveiled new single ‘Real Thing’ featuring New York-based singer/songwriter Becca Krueger.

‘Real Thing’ opens with a sprinkle of meticulously composed synths and the mesmerising vocals of Krueger, which float elegantly above. An infectious funk-laden bass line weaves its way into the mix and acts as the backbone carrying the song from start-to-finish.   

Recalling the vibe of Chromeo and Cosmos Midnight, the track glides along effortlessly and never overcompensates; each layer feels well thought out and placed.

“Recently, I’ve really been vibing to the minimalistic approach to songs,” says La Felix. “Instead of layering elements I tried to keep it simple but interesting at the same time. Also, this allowed some space for the vocalist to do the heavy lifting which Becca did perfectly.” 

Through utilisation of charismatic guitars, upbeat percussion, and swagger in the bass, the artist creates the perfect foundation for Krueger’s voice that shines a light on the start of a relationship.

Krueger said she fell in love with the positive energy encapsulated in the track from the first moment she heard it, inspiring her to describe the magic of falling in love.

“The lyrics came from a warm and happy place and the song always takes me back to those feelings. I hope it can inspire a little love in listeners!” explains Krueger

The love-based tune includes some contemplative yet harmonious moments, the most prominent being around the 20-second mark where the song clicks into gear with its groove-infused bass tune and subtle yet apt vocal.

The impressively rhythmic, chilled style of La Felix is one we can’t wait to see more of in 2019. ‘Real Thing’ is out now on all major streaming services, give it a listen now!