Cult Shotta compliments Golden Vessel's signature style in new lo-fi pop track, ‘TONIGHT’


Producer Golden Vessel (aka Maxwell Byrne) has just released his debut LP SLOWSHINE which has been awaited with extreme frothage, including lo-fi pop track ‘TONIGHT’.

The tune, which features Sydney rap duo Cult Shotta, was the last song written for the album and is based around the feeling of being introverted, but still making an effort to get out and see people.

Cult Shotta's idiosyncratic flow seamlessly compliments the Brisbane-orientated musician’s signature production style of textured, intelligent beat-making on the song, as together they explore themes of friendship and relationships.  

“I’d spend most days trying to piece together different synths and vocals until it worked,” Golden Vessel explains. 

“I really loved the idea of having multiple voices inputting their own experiences and stories into a broader song topic.”

‘TONIGHT (feat. Cult Shotta)’, which features on Golden Vessel’s new album SLOWSHINE, is out now.