Good Friday - Hottest New Releases #2

Good Friday: the feature series that shines a light on the hottest new releases from around Australia. Keep reading to see who made the cut for our second edition!

1.     ‘Glass Arms’ – FEELDS 

By Nick Mckk.jpg

Melbourne songwriter/producer Feelds (James Seymour) has produced yet another immersive soundscape with new single ‘Glass Arms’.

The artist invites the listener to be a part of an evocative journey, using vivid imagery and complex storytelling to bring each piece of music to life.

Seymour describes the construction of 'Glass Arms':

“A Eureka moment that spilt out during post-Bigsound downtime in a Brisbane studio late last year… a rare moment that had to be captured instantly”.

Dubbed a “woozy slice of indie that will leave you intoxicated”, Feelds explores the ideas surrounding trust and conforming to the usual paths in life within the song.

Give the soothing new single ‘Glass Arms’ a listen below.

2.     ‘I Never (Strings Version) feat. Dan Sultan’ – The Bamboos

One of Australia’s best soul acts The Bamboos team up with Dan Sultan on an extensive new version of their 2012 single ‘I Never’.

The track encapsulates a lush setting with sweeping strings, woodwind and brass which coaxes both an epic and intimate vibe. 

The tune comes ahead of the new album filled with orchestral reinventions ‘By Special Arrangement’ set to release August 2nd.

The Bamboos member Lance Ferguson says:

I have wanted to work with Dan Sultan for many years now… there is definitely something unique about his artistry and I regard him as one of this country’s finest vocalists”.

This is one you are not going to want to miss.

 3.     ‘Dreams’ – Sunshine & The Disco Faith Choir 


Sunshine & The Disco Faith Choir have brought a completely new sound to a Fleetwood Mac cover in ‘Dreams’.

After cutting her teeth on Melbourne’s club circuit, Sunshine has continued to combine global influences with her house and techno roots. The energising track is filled to the brim with musical textures, taking a soft rock classic into a banging rave realm.  

A foot-stomping, heart-pounding anthem for any occasion, Sunshine & The Disco Faith Choir have brought their ‘Dreams’ to reality in regional Victoria.

 4.     ‘Too Many Lies’ – La Félix


New Zealand producer La Félix has returned with yet another disco-pop electro-funk banger, ‘Too Many Lies’.

Joined by Los Angeles based vocalist Max Green, the bright up-tempo summertime single features melodic piano chords, nu disco synthesizers, and catchy guitar work to depict a lie-plagued relationship.

Co-writing the song via email, Green said: 

“Too Many Lies is a song about integrity. In an attempt to reduce anxiety in my life, I’ve personally found the most relief through being honest to both yourself and others. In this particular song, I’m talking about a relationship that was at one point very strong but lost its weight after too many lies were told.”

La Félix’s layered bass and rhythm echoes an anthemic sentiment that invites the listener to dance like no one is watching.

After taking nine months to create the track, ‘Too Many Lies’ is finally available to the public and we can’t wait for you to hear it.

5.     ‘Jane Doe’ - Wallace 


Sydney-based Kiwi artist Wallace shares her first release of 2019, ‘Jane Doe’.

Following a handful of acclaimed singles, the soulful vocalist’s new track is a call to women to unashamedly find their name and claim their place.

Wallace explores feminist ideals and her interest in true crime stories within the tune:
“I had the many mantras of a podcast I’m obsessed with, ‘My Favourite Murder’ running through my mind while writing the lyrics. They implore women to “F*ck Politeness" in uncomfortable situations and trust your intuition when your inner alarm is going off.” 

Described as a vibrant mosaic of soul, hip-hop and pop, the musician’s artistic identity has become globally recognisable though her ability to captivate an audience.  

As well as being able to listen to ‘Jane Doe’ below, you can experience Wallace’s trademark jazz-influenced vocals and magnetic presence live when she goes on tour with I Know Leopard during May and June.