Good Friday - Hottest New Releases #3

Good Friday: the feature series that shines a light on the hottest new releases from around Australia. Keep reading to see who made the cut for our third edition!

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1.     ‘Conditions’ - Jayden McGrath

Emerging pop artist Jayden McGrath explores acceptance in the face of unfortunate circumstances on his debut single ‘Conditions’. 

‘Conditions’ is sure to attract fans through its intriguing blend of pop, rock, and RnB. Driving percussion and intricate guitar work compliment the sweeping synthesisers and distinctive vocals. 

Jayden says: 

“’Conditions’ is a track that came up for me in a rather dark period of my life… after some big changes, I started to question the meaning and purpose of my life… at the time it felt like every step forward sent me two steps back.  

“’Conditions’ is a kind of morbid acceptance of everything being dull for me at this point in time”.

The song is a fitting debut for the artist, paving a bright future for what’s to come. Jayden McGrath will be celebrating the release of ‘Conditions’ with a headline show at Melbourne’s Evelyn Hotel on June 7.


2.     ‘Walkabout’ – Parkville

From the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria, Parkville turn melancholy into a joyfully relatable sing-along on their new single ‘Walkabout’.

The heartfelt song by the folk-pop trio about falling out of touch with friends was inspired by violinist Dylan Knur's experiences with dissolving friendships and messy breakups.

Subverting expectations with its contemporary eclectic instrumental arrangement, ‘Walkabout’ successfully trades the manic Latin-rock of recent single ‘Rooks’ for feel-good folk-pop.

After busking on the streets of Melbourne, the band developed a polished Mumford & Sons style emphasized by their three-part vocal harmonies and soaring violin riffs.

Parkville's live shows have become “nothing short of spectacular,” bringing international support opportunities with high-profile acts like Kodaline and Saint Sister. Listen to the trio’s new single ‘Walkabout’ below.

3.      ‘Warrior Games’ – KAYEX

Aiming to eliminate fear and bring confidence back into people’s lives, electronic duo KAYEX have released their timeless new single ‘Warrior Games’.

Co-written and produced by Lionel Towers (Gypsy & The Cat), and mastered by Mike Marsh (Calvin Harris, Chemical Brothers), the funky indie-pop track has an addictively unique quality. Released during Crooked Colours’ tour which KAYEX are supporting, it radiates warmth and originality.

KAYEX members Palassi Kailis and Tom Derick explain: 

“We wrote ‘Warrior Games’ while we were dealing with a few creative and personal obstacles…  When people listen to this song, we want them to feel as if they have no fear but complete confidence in their path, whatever that may be. Trust the process and have faith in the work you’ve put in.”

The track has now been paired a with a colourful and quirky new music video, complimenting throwback sonics through featuring a vintage ‘80s aesthetic.

Drawing inspiration from Daft Punk, Kanye West and Chance the Rapper, KAYEX have indisputably asserted themselves into the Australian music scene in 2019.

4.     ‘The Other Side’ – Radolescent

The fun-loving larrikins from Gold Coast band Radolescent have released their cheeky new track ‘The Other Side’. 

The track is perfect to get your mosh onto; a certified surfy banger which won’t disappoint. Far from a one-trick-pony, the track also explores some pretty sombre subject matter.

"Our favourite beach break on the coast has been under the threat of corporate development for the past ten years… This song represents a movement by locals, to SAVE OUR SPIT," Radolescent explain.

Band members Isaac Atkinson (guitarist and vocalist), Lachlan Barker (bassist), Kurt Pearce (drummer), and Kerrod Chant (guitarist) live and breathe the sea, scum, and sweat of surfers; all of which are evident in their distinctive sound.

Now, with the upcoming release of their debut album ‘Prehab’ and an East Coast tour over June and July, Radolescent are ready to take on the country.

"We go as hard if we played to 10 people as we would to 150”, they add.

2019 is Radolescent’s year to take their music to places it’s never been previously, and we can’t wait to hear more.

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5.     ‘Drowning’ - Güs

Brisbane's Angus Hayes has launched his solo project Güs with a glistening debut single ‘Drowning’.

The track conjures memories of summers gone by, inviting the listener to dance like no one is watching.

Hidden beneath the upbeat, happy melody, however, the band discusses some unexpectedly heavy subject matter.
"’Drowning’ was written at a time during which I had recently lost a loved one… To the casual listener, drowning is a track that will get your body grooving, but there is deeper meaning to be found for those that look," said Hayes. 
Hayes, no stranger to the music scene, made the decision to venture on his own after previously playing in bands Gus & Jim and Blood Bank. In fact, Gus & Jim’s ‘Boyhood’ charted at #1 in the Netherlands, and Blood Bank played at highly regarded Brisbane venues such as The Triffid

Hayes explains: "This is something I’ve been working on for a long time, and it feels amazing to finally bring everything together at a level which I’m happy to send off into the big bad world." 
Check out the ambient electronic sounds of ‘Drowning’ now.