Decapitators take us on an unsettling journey with debut single ‘Crystal Math’


‘Crystal Math’ is a trippy, chilling tune that comes at you in waves, seeming simplistic on its surface but is increasingly rewarding on every listen.  

The band have spent the last few years meticulously fine-tuning and crafting tunes, and it shows. Decapitators have a real tight grip on rock fundamentals, yet at the same time, possess a real knack to set a thought-provoking atmosphere.

Launching with sour guitars and a tight rhythmic section, the band sets an ominous feeling with lyrics about bringing a “needle to a knife fight, drowning in the limelight”.

This is brilliantly contrasted with a great use of dynamics, with breathing chants in the instrumentals providing a nice touch, and quiet verses making way for walls of shrill guitars in the choruses. At the songs climax, the percussion and vocals dissolve away, allowing the bass and guitar to take centre stage alongside some vocal snippets, giving a legitimately beautiful, dark sense of harmony.

This is a boundary pushing, undeniably catchy and captivating debut, and something that fans of prog-rock bands like Karnivool and Daughters would really appreciate.

With Decapitators, it’s all about the fundamentals, and through that, they have produced a scintillating and spine-tingling debut.

Their music video for ‘Crystal Math’ is out now, and the band will soon announce a few select tour dates. Give the track a listen now.