Good Friday - Hottest New Releases #4

Good Friday: the feature series that shines a light on the hottest new releases from around Australia. Keep reading to see which six artists were chosen for our fourth edition!

1.     ‘Tear It Down’ - All The Colours


Melbourne band All The Colours have returned with intoxicating new single ‘Tear It Down’ ahead of their upcoming album VOL.3

Bristling music layered with melodic charm, the track heralds a new chapter for the band, one marked by a desire for more insatiable alt-rock sounds. 

“Tear it down and start again,” goes the infectious thoroughline of the new single; the kind that can get you dancing at the front of the stage or soothe you into quiet contemplation. 

“‘Tear It Down’ is a classic four-chord alt-rock soft verse and heavy chorus anthem, taking themes from Pixies and Nirvana and realising them through the lens of the modern era,” said All The Colours.

Following the tireless efforts of the band to ensure the punchy guitars and intense drum sections are on point, the end result is slick, finessed and goes down like the smoothest of whiskeys.

The original, confident and extremely talented group are on tour this winter in Melbourne and Sydney to warm the fans with their hot new songs. Listen to All The Colours now.

2.     ‘Can’t Help It’ - Sleepy Lizard

Sleepy Lizard Press Shot May 27th 2019.jpg

Adelaide’s Sleepy Lizard entice and lull the listener on new jam, ‘Can’t Help It’.

The track is capable of both simmering in the background and weaving its own path distinct from the melody. It’s clear the five-piece have utilised their signature ‘70s ballad throwback vibes to seduce the listener.

‘Can’t Help It’ is perfect for the lusting, the lovelorn and the tragic romantics at heart. Sleepy Lizard vocalist Bill Meegan’s rich vocal tone creates a nostalgically dreamy sentiment; knowing one would be better off moving on, but failing to overcome blind love.

Meegan explains: “The song is about the difficulty faced trying to move on after a breakup. It’s the tale of a dope-sick, love junkie”.  

Drawing similarities to Client Liaison, Touch Sensitive and Set Mo, Sleepy Lizard’s track comprises of layered harmonies and rich arrangements.

Sleepy Lizard have undeniably planned a strong framework for success. Listen to the funk-laden tune ‘Can’t Help It’ below.

3.     ‘Good At Waiting’ – WILSN


 WILSN’s Self Titled EP that has been awaited with extreme eagerness is finally available to stream, and the featured track ‘Good At Waiting’ is an unquestionable gem.

The equally passionate and emotional artist has taken her time to do things on her own terms, resulting in a powerful piece of work which connects to listeners on a deeper level. 

The 6-track EP is WILSN’s very own combination of soul and pop, including songs that will get stuck in your head for days.

The soulful artist is only going to get bigger in the coming years for the insane amount of control and creative license present in everything she produces.

Influenced by Aretha Franklin, Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys, and Lauryn Hill, the Melbourne-based singer knows exactly how to make her brand of soul-influenced pop come to life.

WILSN has always had the ability to hypnotise audiences with her vocal prowess and commanding live presence while staying true to her style, which is heard in her track ‘Good At Waiting’.

The old soul that adds contemporary flare to every track, WILSN, has killed it on her new EP. Have a listen below.

4.     ‘I Just Think That You’re Cute’ – Scarlet Drive 

Perth-based alternative rockers Scarlet Drive have released their new bold single ‘I Just Think That You’re Cute’.

After two years of touring Western Australia with their staple blend of punk, funk and reggae, the band has started exploring new boundaries in the indie pop and punk realm.

Vocalist Michael ‘Milli’ Millimaci, lead guitarist Michael ‘Barry’ Madafferi and bassist Maddey ‘Pocket-Rocket’ Eccleston have created a personal, rhythmic bop that includes tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

‘I Just Think That You’re Cute’ aims to poke fun at relationships that are based on physical attraction rather than emotional connection.

Scarlet Drive have begun preparing an onslaught of new releases for the back end of 2019. This light-hearted bop is not one you want to miss.

5.     ‘Stockholm’ – Akurei 

Following his debut EP August released in 2018, Akurei has released a playfully chilled new single, ‘Stockholm’.

Joining forces with long-time collaborator Golden Vessel, the track is the first taste of the artist’s second EP which is scheduled to release later this year.

Akurei began writing the track that includes a warm sound palette full of crisp beats, glitching guitars and ambient pads when he was on a solo trip across Europe last year. 

Akurei adds: “The song came together around a recording I’d done on my phone of the guitar part before I left… I wrote most of this song while staying in a hostel in Berlin and would have to quickly put down vocal takes between roommates returning to the shared room I was in.

“Lyrically, it covers loneliness and the longing for connection you encounter while travelling alone.”

Stream the surprising sombre song ‘Stockholm’ now, it’s worth a listen.

6.     ‘Just Call’ – Latchy

Multi-faceted musician from Sydney, Latchy, has released his new synth-pop track ‘Just Call’.

The tune from Lachlan Stanley is a shining procurement toward his more personal musings, combining weird electronic sensibilities with a singular sound. 

While Latchy is a project for personal endeavours, Stanley is also part of the dance-inspired group Feather Touch.
The musician has held nothing back in 'Just Call'. Initially written as a break-up track, the song was altered during its creation to be more like a love letter to Australia… linking to Latchy’s theme of self-discovery through travel. The tune also utilises organic instrumentation while putting the artist’s catchily unique voice in the spotlight.
Latchy explains: "I was worried about keeping my personal life hidden and separate from my music but… I wanted to find a voice that was more authentically mine".  

Sounds of Passion Pit and Friendly Fires are heard in the song for its flourishing synths and bouncing overtones.
'Just Call' is only just the beginning for Latchy, as he has many more singles up his sleeve for the remainder of 2019. We cannot wait.