The Paddy Cakes bring authentic charm on new banger ‘Wasted On Me’


Melbourne indie rock band The Paddy Cakes have been gaining fans rapidly over the course of 2019, and it isn’t hard to see why.

The Gippsland rock outfit has been having a red-hot year so far, being currently in the middle of a successful tour after dropping an outstanding EP Broken At Best two months ago, a release that earnt them comparisons to rock giants Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes.

Now, ahead of their upcoming shows in Sydney and Wollongong, they’ve dropped a new banger, ‘Wasted On Me’.

Working with Dylan Adams (of DMA’s, Skeggs and West Thebarton fame), The Paddy Cakes have come through with a track that gives them a larger sense of swagger; the production work done here giving them a lot more body compared to their previous EP.

Simple guitar chords set the stage for the track from the get-go, as the song gets started with simple, effective drums and warm bass. However, as lead singer Dalton Tripodi starts to sing about being stuck in a difficult situation, the guitars become smothered in reverb and distortion in the pre-chorus.

Finally, when that earworm chorus hits, it hits hard. The production becomes fuzzy and heavy, matching the optimistic lyrics as Tripodi admits that despite the situation, he should try his best to get out of it.

Then, a gorgeous guitar solo takes centre stage over fuzzy bass and drums to fill out the track.

‘Wasted On Me’ seems like the next perfect transition for The Paddy Cakes. The confidence the band exhibits suggest their biggest successes are still yet to come. Watch this space.