JVLY and DRKTMS bring their A-Game on ‘me&her’

JVLY_press photo_1.jpg

JVLY has been turning heads over the last few years for his unique approach to sample-based electronics music, however if his new track ‘me&her’ is anything to go by, he might be about to embark on something much more ambitious.

The Aussie artist and producer has been teasing up to the release of his second EP for some time now, following the release of their first single ‘tacenda’ earlier this year.

However, this follow up effort ‘me&her’, which sees JVLY team up with Swiss producer DRKTMS, sees him heading in a more analogue style. And it’s a style that certainly suits the young artist, given his clear talents for creating unique production sounds.

Opening with distorted synth wubs and sample vocal snippets, a smooth kick drum soon introduces itself, followed by JVLY’s deadpan vocals, which glide over the proceedings. The production is smooth, but unlike many of his contemporaries (who often utilise digital recording in their music), the crackling, analogue production gives the track so much character. Add to that, the addition of metal drums in the background are a really nice touch.

Lyrically, JVLY is observing the motives of a potential romantic interest, watching their every move in their game of flirting. In the second verse, he’s get lost in her eyes as they both let their guard down. The imagery he presents really compliments the production style, and is enhanced by female sample vocals that pop up in the song’s second half.

Eventually, the track eventually coasts out on the repeating mantra of ‘I know that you want to’, with the vocal snippets coming front and centre to bring the song to a close.

This is a gorgeous track, filled with character and a sensual atmosphere. JVLY and DRKTMS deliver a tune that crackles with personality, but the ambitious musical statement they make with this piece is what is most impressive. Consider me excited for what this second EP will bring.