Laurel Laxxes and Gavin Beach get exotically experimental on ‘Somewhere New’

Laurel Laxxes_press photo1.JPG

Music can take you to some amazing places, and this is certainly been the case for homegrown indie producer, Laurel Laxxes.

While travelling in the UK, Laxxes fell in love with the Welsh highlands around Cardiff, and that fascination developed into his experimental cut, ‘Somewhere New.’ Featuring the soulful vocals of UK artist Gavin Beach, Laxxes delivers a track that seemingly blends multiple sounds that seemingly would clash on paper, yet like the landscapes he was inspired by, blend seamlessly together into something exotically beautiful.

Opening with gorgeous brass and a cappella backing vocals, electronics soon introduce themselves in the form of a simple, subtle kick drum. Beach croons with lyrics about being in an existential crisis, with a hidden restraint in his delivery showing a need to move on from a challenging time, finishing with a desire to leave this place of crisis and find somewhere new.

However, the highlight of this track is the low key percussion, that keeps things smooth and simple. However, the sounds that Laxxes creates with this percussion, whether it be metallic drums, the chinking of bottles, samples or metallic strings, make the song crackle with life and personality, almost stealing the show.

‘Somewhere New’ feels like pure, experimental fun, and is a delight in both it’s themes, songwriting craftsmanship and execution. If this track is anything to go by, the sky could be the limit for this exceptionally talented artist.