Third Floor delivers majestic electro-dance treat ‘12 Months’

Third Floor_pres photo.jpg

Aussie electro-dance artist Third Floor is back!

Following on from dropping two acclaimed releases late last year , ‘Our Song’ (featuring Kamaliza) and ‘Lying Eyes’ (featuring Ryan Konline), the young producer has now returned to wow fans once again with a majestic new electro-beat, ‘12 Months.’

This track is an interesting change of pace for Third Floor, and seems destined to be danced to, for all the right reasons. This track is an absolute jam, and fans of artists such as Mr. Probz will find a lot to appreciate.
Opening with gorgeous and distorted rhythmic guitar, the track wastes no time hitting us with a smooth catchy beat and bass line, giving the proceedings a real sense of funky swagger to them. This track quickly turns into an ear worm, with the production bringing everything together beautifully.

Lyrically, the song depicts an emotional and personal tale of a relationship ending, and the mental and physical toll that it leaves on you. Third Floor makes sure the song stays fresh as it goes along, bringing in nice moments of a cappella in the pre-chorus and instrumental, and the punchy synths during the final crescendo of the track are a really nice touch.

If you are looking for a smooth, ear wormy dance track, this is the song for you. Third Floor has delivered the goods once again, and is sure to be on his way to carving out a serious niche for himself within Australia’s electro-dance scene.