Dom Youdan creates indie anthem filled with heart and sentiment

Sydney-based musician Dom Youdan celebrates the revelations that come with the passing of time in his new single ‘Pockets’.

Through featuring similar sounds to The 1975 and The Kite String Tangle, it’s no surprise that the new single is getting incredible amounts of traction within music scene.

The sonically beautiful moments catch you completely off guard as the track surges with pop sensibilities. In the substantially personal effort, the musician took inspiration from a close friend who was navigating a failing relationship.

The ear-tickling song is a journey of emotional cleansing. Dom Youdan explains: “The song is built around holding onto the things we cherish dearly, whether they’re good or bad, and keeping them so secret that eventually, not even we can find them. It speaks to moving on but also struggling to let go.” 

While the listener becomes absorbed by the mood of the tune, the warm melodies and intimate vocals combined with passionate lyrics stir sentiment. The intelligent method used to create the lyrical narrative is unquestionably evident and validated by the euphoric yet tender auditory moments.

As Dom Youdan struts into the second half of 2019, the artist is bringing ‘Pockets’ to Sydney stages this month. You won’t want to miss out!