Mijo Biscan explores the concept of mortality in new single


Melbourne musician Mijo Biscan’s desire to extract the gold in every moment can be heard within most of his songs, specifically his new single ‘You’ve Got Your Life’.

After supporting the likes of Goyte, Missy Higgins, Clare Bowditch and Tommy Emmanuel, the artist includes a range of intimate, warm sounds in the fresh indie tune that is sure to catch your ear.

Mijo created the track in the “shockingly quiet” country of Iceland. While engulfed in nature, the artist was able to form the origin for a creative shift which saw his thoughts manifest into songs.

As he urges listeners to treasure life, the resonant vocal sends the clear message that we are here, now, alive… temporarily. Despite sounding like a light, fun tune, the sobering subject matter of mortality asks all listeners the deep question: you’ve got your life… so what are you going to do with it?

Mijo explains: “Through the loss of a close friend I reflected on the fact that he was gone, forever, yet I was still here… There is a chasm between being merely alive, and fully living a life… This song implores you to seek the latter.”

The musician says his recent songs have been created in a turbulent time, and even though “[He’s] a real optimist at heart… a fun guy… even fun guys have feelings”.

As a songwriter willing to go the extra mile, you can tell Mijo Biscan summons every fibre of his being for this colossal performance. So, instead of being wrapped up in the past or future, stream ‘You’ve Got Your Life’ now.