Vancouver Sleep Clinic releases new single infused with ethereal vocals and moody production

Vancouver Sleep Clinic AKA Tim Bettinson gives a completely new meaning to dreamy ambience with new single, ‘Bad Dream’.

While indisputably ambient, the ballad is also deeply emotive; filled to the brim with warm but eerie sounds to recollect a bad dream.

As the first track of the new album, Onwards to Zion set to be released on 18th October 2019, the artist takes a more acoustic direction with the single compared to previous releases. ‘Bad Dream’ signifies the challenging navigation through the highs and lows of life while maintaining faith and purpose.

Along with the rest of the album, ‘Bad Dream’ was created in Bali, Indonesia, isolated from civilisation. With a limited set-up of guitars, drums and synths, the musician found himself making music in an environment which embraced creativity and freedom.

Every element of the track is perfectly woven together in a unified and unassuming way, demonstrating Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s professional finesse. This song seriously has more layers than a Queenslander in a snow storm.

As Bettinson explores a newfound clarity and sense of purpose, there’s no better time to give the artist a listen and put him at the top of your playlist. Stream ‘Bad Dream’ now.