Overnight sensation Stevan makes his grand return with second single ‘LNT’

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After releasing his warm hit single ‘Timee’, Stevan’s strikingly mature songwriting has become explosively popular, and there’s no denying ‘LNT’ is any different.

As well as featuring smooth vocals, mesmerising guitar melodies, and lush production with a late 60’s feel, the poppy track detailing blissful young love demonstrates a completely understood direction for the artist. 

The 18-year-old Frank Ocean inspired artist knows exactly how to create a faint tune that saunters in on its back-beat and burrows itself in the listener’s head. You’ll be humming along to ‘LNT’ before you know it.

The song’s catchy innocence is prominent, specifically within lyrics like “All I need from you is just a little love and some tenderness”. Of all the places the masterpiece could’ve been written, Stevan says the song was formed in an airport terminal.

He explains: “The song captures some fun moments I had in the Sunshine Coast… Great weather, nice music, and even better company”.

Once he graduated from high school, Stevan has never looked back. He signed to US label Honeymoon Records/300 Entertainment, Niche Productions, and management team Astral People alongside other huge artists like Cosmo’s Midnight, Winston Surfshirt, and GL.

The musician with a future brighter than you’d ever expect has smashed it with the new single. Listen to Stevan’s ‘LNT’ now and if you’re still craving more, see him live at Brisbane’s BIGSOUND music festival this September.