Telescreen release a tasty new piece of sugary indie-rock ‘Growing Pains’

Telescreen 'Growing Pains' Main Press Shot.jpg

The five indie pop rockers from Telescreen have gifted us their new single ‘Growing Pains’, communicating the importance of not getting worked up over the little things and waiting for the right time to take the next big step in life.

Forming in 2017, the ex-high school pals would spend their time at muddy and disinhibited music festivals, fantasizing about being a ‘real’ band. After playing a few parties, the group started gigging around Melbourne during 2018 and have been quick to make a name for themselves.

The application of sounds similar to The Strokes and Methyl Ethyl create a beautiful funk-laden tune that invites the listener to dance along.

Telescreen frontman Nic says the song is “Symbolic for how often people tell you to be proactive in your life and always look to make advancements, [even if] you know that sometimes taking a step back is more in your best interests”.

The nostalgia-induced track accurately depicts the band’s natural ability for songwriting, particularly through the execution of touching lyricism. As Telescreen describe mindlessly going about the daily routine, an ode to letting life take its course comes together.

“Sometimes you can find yourself in this kind of neutral zone where you're letting life direct you where to go… You feel like you're having no influence on the next phase of your existence,” explains Nic.

2019 is looking to be Telescreen’s year after announcing the release of a debut EP later in the year, and opening for Nat Vazer, IVY and Approachable Members Of Your Local Community. Give the sincerest band around a listen now.