Fletcher Gull reflects on a near death experience in new single

Fletcher Gull_by Murray Paterson.jpeg

Melbourne based musician Fletcher Gull recalls an icy glacial night in ‘Hypothermia’, an audacious indie-pop song that may have saved his life. 

In an experience which changed his life forever, the artist found himself sleeping under canvas in Canada’s sub-zero Rocky Mountains.

He reflects: “I was so cold I thought I might die, so I had to sit up and try to get my blood flowing any way I could in an attempt to ensure my limbs didn’t fall off".

Within the extreme conditions, Fletcher found warmth in song writing. ‘Hypothermia’ was born.

Part of his debut upcoming EP Remember That You're Gone, Fletcher infuses uplifting tones, quirky instrumentation and a dizzying bridge into the exceptionally personal effort. Additionally, the artist’s signature vocal tone floats enchantingly above the captivating melody.

The melancholic optimism within the quirky track taps into a different set of emotions for the listener, particularly in lines like: “The more I see, the less I know”.

Enduring salt, sun, and snow, you’d be kidding yourself to say Fletcher Gull hasn’t pushed himself to the absolute limit to achieve ‘Hypothermia’. Stream it now, then see him live at Brisbane’s BIGSOUND next week! (3-6 September 2019)