Good Friday: The feature series that shines a light on our favourite new releases from around Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. Make sure you check out all the artists that featured this week up the top of our weekly playlist, which also includes some other jams we've been getting down to during the week.

 1.     ‘Devil U Know’ - Sarah Wolfe

Sarah Wolfe’s debut single ‘Devil U Know’ is a sensual, all-encompassing tune with a gorgeous glossy sheen.

The single revolves around the intricacies and vulnerabilities that surface during the first few exciting but scary weeks of falling in love.

Sarah says: “It was written with my partner Xavier Dunn in the first few weeks of dating, so listening back to the track gives me this insane sense of hyper-realism”.

The tune is bound to be successful for its flawless execution of electronic production and lyrical elegance.

Taking inspiration from the quote: “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t,” the track embraces an upbeat pop sound that is brought to life by sensational synths, ringing vocals, and heartfelt lyrics.

Although terrifying at first, the artist says you can’t shut yourself off from relationships because you’ve been hurt in the past.

The new pop banger accurately captures the trials and tribulations that surface during the early stages of escalating love. Whether you’re in or out of a relationship, you need to hear ‘Devil U Know’.


2.     ‘Missing Out On’ – The Run


Melbourne trio The Run unleash their new soaring single, ‘Missing Out On’.

Through blending choral vocals with indie soul, the story about a love lost but personal growth and strength gained becomes prominent. Moreover, the music builds as the rhythm guitar takes on an almost vintage soul throwback among the contemporary rock sounds.

The comforting and cathartic lyrics work extremely well with the steady melody, as the band captures gorgeous sounds similar to Ruel and Lime Cordiale.

Although the emotional tone of lead vocalist Connor Morel can be heard throughout the song, it’s really the rich chorus of voices that drive the lyrics home.

Member of The Run Will Conway says: “Recording the single was probably the most caffeinated week I’ve had on planet Earth and I don’t regret a thing… Trying to make sure we ‘got it right’ was something that was really important to us”.

After consistently defining and exploring their musical identity, The Run have found their sound. The application of well thought out rhythms, relatable lyrics, and infectious percussion demonstrate the group’s cohesive development. Give ‘Missing Out On’ a listen now.


3.     ‘Three Oh Three’ – Oly Sherman

Indie-folk artist Oly Sherman has given us a gorgeous new track ‘Three Oh Three’, part of his emotion rich EP.

The title track of his EP is a nuanced slice of music that highlights his emotional side and shows his bravery to bring darker stories to light. Sherman’s dynamic vocal notes bloom within the carefully layered production.

The Sydney-based musician demonstrates a clear songwriting prowess as he invites the listener to experience a life-changing event… a heart procedure which left the artist with a pacemaker.

He explains: “My pacemaker which I had put in two years ago would literally tick over everyday at 3:03pm and it sent me a little insane… I could basically narrow it down and describe the sensation through writing music and lyrics that I had come up with”.

Melting the hearts of fans with his all-enveloping brand of performance has drawn many comparisons to the likes of Matt Corby and Josh Pyke.

The artist has made some impressive moves over the past year, and ‘Three Oh Three’ is no different. Stream the eloquent tune now and see him live as he tours Sydney this September.


4.     ‘Lie’ – Jakob

Jakob gen use.jpg

Jakob, the Yungblud and Ruel inspired artist you’re soon going to love, has released his new track ‘Lie’.

‘Lie’ is a Latin-inspired alt-pop blend that draws from R&B, hip-hop and his South American roots.

Jakob says the song is about when: “The person [he] cared for was in a toxic relationship with someone else… And she would constantly ask [him] for advice”.

“I wanted to say that she should be with me instead of telling her something she wants to hear,” he adds.

The project of 18-year-old Jakob Delgado is driven by the goal of pioneering a new wave of artist, admitting that he doesn’t just want to be like his idols, he wants to be an idol.

The young artist has spent some time in the US, working with amazing producers, finding his sound, and finding himself. Jakob will make his live debut at Music Matters in Singapore in September, and an EP is well and truly on its way, so stay tuned and remember the name.


5.     ‘No One’ – Holiday Party

Brisbane band Holiday Party return with their new catchy single, ‘No One’.

The band combine their trademark junkyard pop with a choir of young Brisbane singers to create an angelically captivating tune.

The song about complicated break ups is about falling out with a friend, partner or letting go of a part of yourself.

Holiday Party say: "It starts in confusion, realisation and moves on to an epiphany… You'll never get closure, but it's probably for the best".

After spending a few months in the studio, playing shows around Brisbane and supporting the likes of G Flip, the group say adding a choir component to ‘No One’ completed the song.

"The song took a few months of writing, re-writing and tinkering to put together, although the structure came together quite quickly," explain Holiday Party.

The group who have already evolved massively since their inception in 2017 have recently added Pete Bernoth to the existing duo of Mel Tickle and Luke McDonald. If this doesn’t skyrocket their success, I don’t know what will. Listen to ‘No One’ now and see them at Brisbane’s BIGSOUND next week!