Admella return with emotional tribute to former band member

After a three-year hiatus, Mt Gambier's alternative rockers Admella are back with a new single and musical vision.

‘Castle’ takes a serious look into the recent events surrounding the band, particularly the loss of a former band member who tragically passed away in 2017.

The impressively executed components take the listener on a sobering journey, remembering the life of the former Admella member. A lonely piano melody is heard in the first few seconds of the song, followed by a raw vocal performance. The track changes pace at the 1:41 mark with a short guitar solo, punctuating the gentle undertone.

Since forming in 2008, Admella’s Thomas (lead vocals, guitar), Jacob (keyboard, vocals), Gavin (guitar, vocals), Adam (bass) and Andrew (drums) have developed a polished sound. However, the five-piece take a much more mature, refined and emotionally driven approach in the new track.

As ‘Castle’ is the first track off their upcoming EP TRAGIC, Admella say their new music describes: "coming of age and dealing with the host of realisations and tragic circumstances that have enveloped the band".

Looking forward, Admella say their next collection of songs will touch on: "a descent into the depths of confusion and subconscious mind, becoming lost in the world". We could not be more excited. Listen to ‘Castle’ now.