BIGSOUND, the week-long festival that turns Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley into an oasis of young and upcoming musical talent is back for yet another massive year. If you weren’t able to attend this year or simply want to relive the magical moments, check out our top three highlights from day one below!

1.     STEVAN


As the first act I had ever seen at BIGSOUND, Stevan remains to be one of my favourites. It wasn’t surprising in the slightest to see the sheer volume of people packing out Ric’s Big Backyard for the young sensation.

The musician sounds even more the Australian version of Frank Ocean live, specifically through his calming vocal tone and sauntering back-beat that buries itself deep in the listener’s head.  

The mature songwriting, entrancing acoustics and calming percussion of the set painted an accurate picture of what it means to be young and in love.

As the audience began murmuring while Steven and his 3-piece band paused in between songs, he finally announced it was: “Time for Timee”.

Being the most anticipated song of his performance, it did not disappoint. Although slightly ambient in an outdoor setting, the artist was captivating enough for it to be a spectacle.

Ending his phenomenal set with: “Sweet, thanks guys... yeah, thanks,” the seemingly stress-free vibe of Stevan had the audience chuckling as they praised his performance with applause. The artist has proven his understood musical direction and it’s only up from here.



After sprinting to The Brightside in an effort to experience Fremantle’s Spacey Jane, it was all worth it the second I heard their catchy indie-rock swagger.

As the set progressed, their popularity and overall quality increased dramatically. Spacey Jane members Caleb, Kieran, Ashton and Peppa have a chemistry like no other band you’ve heard before. The raw talent of the outfit is unbelievable, and they could very well find themselves being compared to Skegss, San Cisco, and The Jungle Giants very soon.

If the crowd weren’t already psyched up enough, the opening strum of ‘Feeding the Family’ sure did the trick. As heads banged from the front to the back of the venue, it’s safe to say the band have found their sound.

If you’ve been spending your time under a rock recently and somehow haven’t listened to this group yet, get onto it ASAP. Spacey Jane are going places.

3.     BUTTER


With minimal knowledge of the group, I decided to roll the dice and check out the 6-piece alt-hop/neo-soul outfit, Butter.

I was blown away.

Staying true to their name, the Perth group had some of the smoothest hooks, rhythms and rhymes I’ve ever heard in a live setting. The jazz-inspired instrumental sections blended incredibly with the lead singer’s powerful, laid back voice.

Butter’s popular single ‘Hocus Pocus’ was an undeniable crowd favourite. Every single person in the room nodded their head to the keyboard rhythm and percussion.

The band oozing with personality owned the stage by taking the audience on a charming musical journey.

From cracking jokes on stage to having chilled chats with the audience, not much else can be said other than it was simply a cool f*****g set.

Bring on day two.