BIGSOUND, the week-long festival that turns Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley into an oasis of young and upcoming musical talent has been and gone. Relive the top three highlights from day three below!

1.     Kymie

What do you get if you mix buckets of musical talent, two cups of style, three tablespoons of humour, and a splash of sass? Sydney’s hip hop queen, Kymie.

As I rocked up to day three of BIGSOUND in quite an exhausted state, it was the stylish artist from South Africa via Western Sydney Kymie who brought me back to life.

Smoky purple lights drowned Ric’s Big Backyard to set the mood, and even BIGSOUND 2018 king Kwame couldn’t help vibing Kymie’s set.

The singer who wore a bright orange outfit brought the emotive spirit of soul with heavier, club-catering production and the crowd were loving it. She even invited the crowd to the front for a dance.

With a debut 6-track EP on the way, BIGSOUND was the perfect opportunity for the young musician to show her evolution over the years.

Kymie has a similar sound to USA’s Dojacat, and she may be on her way to being just as popular. As the artist unfolds every side of herself before executing it in a musical form, watch this space.

2.     DREGG


The anomalistic, thought provoking band DREGG had Crowbar going off for their BIGSOUND set on Thursday.

Unsure what to expect, I went to the show with an open mind and open ears, ready for the DREGG experience. I was surprised in the best of ways.

Dressed in Fox Racing merch, masks, polka dot bow ties, and upside-down sunglasses, the group brought crazy amounts of hardcore energy to the stage.

The Melbourne group known for their tongue-in-cheek take on the political, social, and spiritual state of the world captured the best elements of metal/punk within the set. ‘RETURN OF THE DREGG’ easily had the most crowd involvement of BIGSOUND. Moreover, the rapid lyricism of lead singer Christopher Mackertich in between screaming choruses was a sight and sound to behold. Definitely one of the highlights of the night.

The band that want people to be their true selves at DREGG shows put on an absolute blinder, and I’m keen to hear what’s next.

3.     Approachable Members of Your Local Community


Funny but not a joke, approachable but not simple, and generously glazed in extra servings of personality… meet Approachable Members of Your Local Community.

After pushing my way to a good view of The Foundry stage, the funky fellas of Approachable Members of Your Local Community burst onto stage in their matching adidas outfits. The Melbournites’ charismatic aura instantly had the audiences’ full attention.

The band with a fairly long title and releases anywhere between indie rock, neo-soul and hip hop effectively used their platform to spread positive energy, revitalising a tired BIGSOUND crowd.

Their July release ‘On + On’ was a personal favourite which had everyone jumping as the electronic chorus blasted through the venue. Additionally, the delivery of groove-inspired retro vibes within ‘Semiotic Vision’ was exactly what I needed. Aiming to inspire young people in the LGBTQIA+ community with ‘Millennium Queen’, the funk-fuelled disco feels were real.

From discussing what they had for dinner to telling a story about how they tried to hand out biscuits and mandarins to people before the show, the approachable members’ casual mood was one to remember. Will definitely be seeing these guys again.