Caitlin Medcalf Takes Over Purple Sneakers Blog


We had a chat to the new Managing Editor of Purple Sneakers Caitlin Medcalf about her takeover of one of Australia’s most prominent and influential niche music hubs. 

Based around a young and enthusiastic team of contributors, Purple Sneakers prides itself as being ‘Trusted for Taste’. Whether they are writing about new music, sharing it over the airwaves, playing it in a DJ set, or giving it a live platform at their parties; the Purple Sneakers team are committed to imparting the work of tasteful, young artists with the world.

GI: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Caitlin Medcalf: I’m very lucky to have grown up in an environment where creativity was celebrated, and I think this has extended into all aspects of my working and personal life. I’ve been freelance writing for seven years now, a radio host at FBi Radio for five years and a DJ for two and a half years. I occasionally throw parties on the side, manage Purple Sneakers DJs and produce my own music (nothing to show for it yet, but hopefully I’ll have something by the time the year is out hehe).

GI: How long have you been working for Purple Sneakers, and what were you doing before taking the reins?

CM: I’ve been with Purple Sneakers since mid-2012, so almost 7 years to the day. I took over as Managing Editor from our previous ME, Emma Jones in September last year. I honestly had huge shoes to fill, Emma’s a star at everything that she does. Her passion for Australian music and ensuring PS’ coverage is as diverse as it is today is something that continually inspires me, and I still often look to her for advice.

Before taking on the role as Managing Editor, I was only a few months out of my [university] degree, working in [hospitality] almost full-time, running my own blog Pretty Broad, DJing and really just planning my next move, so for this opportunity to come along, it wasn’t just a case of it being the right fit, but it was the right time too.

GI: When did you find out you’d be taking over, and what was your initial reaction?

CM: It’s funny how this sort of came to fruition, because it had been snowballing for a few months. When Emma left and I took over, everything was kind of up in the air with a few things happening behind the scenes and PS’ founder and owner, Martin Novosel, was a bit unsure what to do next. He called me up and asked if I wanted to take over Emma’s job for a few months as the interim editor while he worked some things out.

A few months down the line, sometime around February this year, I got a call from Martin asking to meet. We met up at the Surf Club in Redfern for a few beers and to talk about PS future, and he long story short, offered me the company.

It was honestly very surprising, it’s not every day that you get an offer to take over a company with such a rich and culturally embedded history. It felt a bit like fate.

GI: How have you been finding it so far? Is it much of a step up compared to what you were previously doing?

CM: We’re in a bit of a transition period at the moment, plus with the birthday happening so soon it’s all been a bit of a blur, but surprisingly it hasn’t been too much different so far. Prior to Martin asking me to take over, I was running most of the day-to-day, including the site, radio show, PSDJs and putting together the birthday event with our friends at UNDR ctrl.

These last few months, I’ve been having these big conversations with myself and Martin about my vision for the brand and where I’d like to take it over the next few months and years. He’s been a great mentor in taking an idea, running with it and doing what you can to make it happen.

GI: Considering the significant role PS has in the music industry, what do you think you’ll need to do in the long run to uphold its reputation and purpose?

CM: I’m a firm believer in your actions speaking louder than your words and I think this will be key for PS going into its next phase. I want us to put on more live shows, give artists the opportunity to tell their story via the website, put on a few free panels where people can come and learn from others in the industry and do our best to give back to the community that we’ve been able to thrive in for so long.

Despite the many iterations of PS, I think the one thing that’s remained our most core value is passion and I would love for that to remain central in everything that we do.

Make sure you keep up to date with the latest PS news and events here:

PRINS limbos between head and heart in new RNB pop track ‘3AM’


Pop musician Alannah PRINS has well and truly brought a powerful intimacy on ‘3AM’, establishing herself impressively and proving she has no intention of leaving the industry any time soon.  

Her funk-laden, seductive sound, reminiscent of Daft Punk, is distinctive in its own right. 

The Auckland born singer/songwriter, actor, dancer and model, has had a passion for the arts from the innocent age of 5.

Previous dance track ‘Notion’ received an overwhelmingly warm response, landing the artist some radio airplay earlier in the year.

Always one to focus on the visual presentation of her music as well as the sound, PRINS told Happy Magazine earlier in the year: “The visual side is very important to me… The whole package is what I want to give to people especially when it comes to being versatility. I’m planning on showing that with each new track I release.

“With the amount of social media influence and digital platforms, the image can change a lot of things. This can definitely be used in both positive and negative aspects.”

The young, determined PRINS is here to stay and bound to blow up in 2019. She plans to release a ton of new music and perform a heap of live sets, so make sure you give ‘3AM’ a listen now.

Brad Jordan recalls the golden years of youth on new single ‘Come Down’

Brad Jordan.jpeg

Sydney based musician Brad Jordan adds his own sound to the Australian hip-hop scene on new cleverly put together track ‘Come Down’.

Previously part of the hip-hop group Rapture, Brad’s vocal ability and quirky production style is highlighted in his first track of 2019.

A warm, textured top line combined with a fast beat can be heard within the tune, reminiscing the golden years of youth and the freedom it bought. The tune recalls “late nights in high school… sneaking out past your parents to go out and party”.

Written during a time of “great contemplation,” the artist had to deeply observe the past to create his future.

Starting out by making bedroom beats with his mates at the age of 17, Brad Jordan has produced an extremely impressive feel good song, ‘Come Down’. Stream it now.

Decapitators take us on an unsettling journey with debut single ‘Crystal Math’


‘Crystal Math’ is a trippy, chilling tune that comes at you in waves, seeming simplistic on its surface but is increasingly rewarding on every listen.  

The band have spent the last few years meticulously fine-tuning and crafting tunes, and it shows. Decapitators have a real tight grip on rock fundamentals, yet at the same time, possess a real knack to set a thought-provoking atmosphere.

Launching with sour guitars and a tight rhythmic section, the band sets an ominous feeling with lyrics about bringing a “needle to a knife fight, drowning in the limelight”.

This is brilliantly contrasted with a great use of dynamics, with breathing chants in the instrumentals providing a nice touch, and quiet verses making way for walls of shrill guitars in the choruses. At the songs climax, the percussion and vocals dissolve away, allowing the bass and guitar to take centre stage alongside some vocal snippets, giving a legitimately beautiful, dark sense of harmony.

This is a boundary pushing, undeniably catchy and captivating debut, and something that fans of prog-rock bands like Karnivool and Daughters would really appreciate.

With Decapitators, it’s all about the fundamentals, and through that, they have produced a scintillating and spine-tingling debut.

Their music video for ‘Crystal Math’ is out now, and the band will soon announce a few select tour dates. Give the track a listen now.

Sunset City ride through the highs and lows of life on new single ‘Take My Hours’

TMH Promo Image 1.jpg

The new retro-inspired feel good tune from Gold Coast based Sunset City is about chasing dreams and desires.

The vocals glisten at the song’s offset before big bass is introduced amid a mist of assorted string sounds.

Sunset City have undoubtedly cemented their position as one of the most infectious bands around at the moment, blending alternative and electronic with a pop sensibility.

Debuting in 2018 with a feature on Bombs Away’s single, ‘Let You Down’, the quartet are getting a knack for delivering charismatic tunes.

After cultivating a following that spans the USA, Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia during 2018, band members Parker Rose, Rob Johnson, Matt Scully and Brendan Ramnath, Sunset City kick-started their 2019 with the release of their second single, ‘Forget It All’ feat. Samantha Jade – an upbeat summer tune that is guaranteed to get you dancing.

Make sure you give the contagiously catchy ‘Take My Hours’ a listen now, it’s sure to get you moving.

Yorke brings the feels on new piano ballad ‘Thought I Could’

She’s back again! 2019 has been an exciting year for Byron Bay singer-songwriter Yorke. Hot on the heels of her first single of this year, ‘Wake The City’ (which was handpicked to appear on TV show 9-1-1), Yorke has been supporting the likes of Ruel on their national tour, as well as getting ready to support Jack Gray on his East-Coast Australian tour.

This busy time has clearly rubbed off on the young musician. The indie-pop release coincides with the announcement of Yorke’s first headlining shows in August this year, which will see her perform in Sydney and Melbourne.

This piano ballad is still very much within Yorke’s wheelhouse, however it represents a significant step forward in terms of production and songwriting. However, the biggest change looks to have come from Yorke herself, who looks to have really come into her own with her vocal performance, not to mention with the great story she tells.

The track begins with foreboding, emotional pianos. The artist sings about tying up loose ends, having her suitcase back and being filled with regrets, yet she also is questioning herself about whether she should even go or not.

This dichotomy in the story she’s telling also comes through musically, with heavier bass and percussion introducing themselves in the pre-chorus; before the chorus explodes with synths, explosive drums that are front and centre. Yorke eventually admits that her mind is already far away, bringing an element of drama to the final chorus.

This is a beautiful track, plain and simple. But even better is Yorke herself. Despite the anxiety displayed on the song, this track brims with a confident delivery from an incredibly talented artist who looks to be coming into her own. I see this song going places, and given the talent that Yorke has, it certainly will.

Good Friday - Hottest New Releases #5

Good Friday: the feature series that shines a light on the hottest new releases from around Australia. Make sure you check out all the artists that featured in our fifth edition!

1.     ‘Breakdown’ - Obseen


Obseen has returned with new single ‘Breakdown’, showcasing his effortlessly honest storytelling and signature electronic production.

After the release of his debut EP Envy Me, the artist infuses playful lyrics into his new single which are paired with his signature smooth falsetto.

Obseen says he has written a lot of songs about mental issues and social media in the past but wanted to write about the stresses of society for the new single.

“I wanted to characterise the feeling of mental pressure and anxiety in a fun way in an effort to destigmatise these conversations," he adds.

Obseen's ability to craft soulful electronic music is indisputably inimitable, and you can expect new music, new shows and new concepts from him in 2019. Check him out now.

2.     ‘Give Me Your Love’ - La Felix [words by Nick Wasiliev]


One of the most exciting indie-producers around, La Felix, has brought harmonic bliss on new EDM banger ‘Give Me Your Love’.

After scoring it big in 2017 with ‘Delicious’, the enigmatic artist has been having a busy 2019 so far, with three singles in ‘Drama’, ‘Real Thing’ and ‘Too Many Lies’ released over the last few months. However, this new single he’s dropped is a notable change of pace.

‘Give Me Your Love’ is simple in its execution, but there is a lot more to this track than meets the eye. An atmospheric, EDM banger, it sees La Felix and his most emotive, serving as a masterclass in the effects of adding elements and bringing them together to create a smooth, sublime sense of harmony.

Launching into a crisp beat with light guitars strumming in time, there is a sense of  old-school funk to the proceedings. However, once La Felix introduces himself into the mix with vocoder vocals, echoing the titular mantra into oblivion, the track takes on a more nocturnal, and compelling, feel.

The bass brings some much-needed weight to the dynamics of the song, and when it breaks into pulsating synths in the instrumental, the song brings it’s repetitive, but no less infectious, melody front and centre.

This is a song that nails its atmosphere and feel, and to do that with so many simple elements is a testament to La Felix’s musical abilities, and his mastery of production. Bring on whatever he delivers next!

3.     Underneath It All - Hein Cooper


After supporting James Bay and Lukas Graham, Hein Cooper has released his new album Underneath It All

Born and raised Australian, Cooper has been living in Montreal for a few years. The new record is as exuberant as it gets as the artist embodies every note and line; tearing down walls to focus on the heart and soul of the entire initiative.

Cooper insists he’s determined to dive deep within his bare soul, with a string of songs filled with new hope and positivity after some much-needed time off in-between studio recording. One of the tracks on the album, ‘Like That’, deserves a special mention for its vocal range and exemplary rhythm.

Framed in folk with obvious pop sensibilities and RnB vibes, the album draws inspiration from Bon Iver, Frank Ocean, Rye-X, Radiohead and Coldplay. Listen to Hein Cooper's new album Underneath It All today.

 4.     ‘Keep On Coming Back’ - Wagons


Wagons have made a triumphant return to music with their first track in five years, ‘Keep On Coming Back’.

The band effectively hone in on their hard-hitting, outlaw inspired, swamp rock madness while still stomping together as a joint force.

The unquestionably catchy new single is a melodic masterpiece and incorporates all the elements of the classic Wagons sound, with a fresh spiralling twist.

The track is a pensive collection of recurring memories, ear-worms, strange habits, and scars, describing the way a single experience or place can prompt old memories that alter the future.  

The group have been compared to musical outlaws Johnny Cash and Nick Cave, and it’s clear to see why. Listen to ‘Keep On Coming Back’ now and see them on their Australian tour in September.

 5.     ‘Say Enough (ft. Jack Spadez)’ - Frankie Crea


Perth-based musican Frankie Crea utilises melodic synths and blistering guitar solos in new song ‘Say Enough (ft. Jack Spadez)’.

The tune is a refreshing blend of Rock/Pop/Indie that stresses the significance of living in the moment. Jack Spadez provides exemplary backup vocals and clever lyricism. 

"[I asked Jack] to jump on the track and do a verse… He came back to me a day later with lyrics and I instantly liked… It turned out to be a cool little fun collab,” says Frankie.

Although somewhat more poppy than Frankie’s previous releases, the style is still executed with an infectious energy. The atmospheric sounds and upbeat tempo alongside Frankie’s textured vocals compliment the song.

Frankie adds: “Soon as I came up with basic ideas for this song and laid down a demo of it I knew I sort of had something unique, different and fresh.”

Frankie Crea’s new single Say Enough (feat. Jack Spadez) from Frankie’s upcoming debut album is out now on all music platforms.

Salt & Steel empower listeners on fiery new single ‘The Beast, The Devil and Me’


Featuring an unapologetic grinding rock sound driven by loud, layered guitars, ‘The Beast, The Devil and Me’ by Gold Coast’s Salt & Steel emphasizes the significance of embracing one’s inner wildfire.

The vocalist communicates a strange yet clear message within the song, describing how she sets free a beast like creature and befriends the devil who's on his own path to redemption. 

“These characters symbolise our primal instincts and the darkness that we each hold inside,” says the musician.

Salt & Steel remind listeners that accepting their whole selves means accepting their darkness too, and there’s nothing wrong with that.
They add: “By connecting, embracing and accepting our full selves, we will become stronger and more resilient… We are taught to act, look and live a certain way to fit into society, but we think that you should be able to be who you are, dance how you feel and live the life that your soul craves.”

We need more artists like female duo Salt & Steel for their unquestionable desire to inspire through music, encouraging fans to seek their inner truth. Stream this insanely powerful song now, and check out the duo’s tour dates below.


JUNE 8 | Howling Moon Festival | Port Macquarie

JUNE 14 | Crow Street Creative | Gladstone

JUNE 15 | Club Limbo | Brisbane

JUNE 16 | The Shared | Yandina

JUNE 22 | Beyond The Blues Festival | Tweed Heads

JUNE 29 | Miami Marketta | Gold Coast

JULY 5 | The Wickham | Newcastle

JULY 7 | Hawkesbury Hotel | Windsor

JULY 10 | The Drunken Poet (Acoustic) | Melbourne

JULY 11 | Bombay Rock | Melbourne

JULY 14 | The Taproom (Shedshaker Brewing) | Castlemaine

JULY 18 | Frankie’s Pizza | Sydney

JULY 20 | Jamberoo Music Festival | Jamberoo

JULY 22 | Jindabyne Bowling Club | Jindabyne

JULY 24 | Jindabyne Bowling Club | Jindabyne

AUGUST 4 | Russell’s Pizza | Adelaide

The Paddy Cakes bring authentic charm on new banger ‘Wasted On Me’


Melbourne indie rock band The Paddy Cakes have been gaining fans rapidly over the course of 2019, and it isn’t hard to see why.

The Gippsland rock outfit has been having a red-hot year so far, being currently in the middle of a successful tour after dropping an outstanding EP Broken At Best two months ago, a release that earnt them comparisons to rock giants Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes.

Now, ahead of their upcoming shows in Sydney and Wollongong, they’ve dropped a new banger, ‘Wasted On Me’.

Working with Dylan Adams (of DMA’s, Skeggs and West Thebarton fame), The Paddy Cakes have come through with a track that gives them a larger sense of swagger; the production work done here giving them a lot more body compared to their previous EP.

Simple guitar chords set the stage for the track from the get-go, as the song gets started with simple, effective drums and warm bass. However, as lead singer Dalton Tripodi starts to sing about being stuck in a difficult situation, the guitars become smothered in reverb and distortion in the pre-chorus.

Finally, when that earworm chorus hits, it hits hard. The production becomes fuzzy and heavy, matching the optimistic lyrics as Tripodi admits that despite the situation, he should try his best to get out of it.

Then, a gorgeous guitar solo takes centre stage over fuzzy bass and drums to fill out the track.

‘Wasted On Me’ seems like the next perfect transition for The Paddy Cakes. The confidence the band exhibits suggest their biggest successes are still yet to come. Watch this space.

Good Friday - Hottest New Releases #4

Good Friday: the feature series that shines a light on the hottest new releases from around Australia. Keep reading to see which six artists were chosen for our fourth edition!

1.     ‘Tear It Down’ - All The Colours


Melbourne band All The Colours have returned with intoxicating new single ‘Tear It Down’ ahead of their upcoming album VOL.3

Bristling music layered with melodic charm, the track heralds a new chapter for the band, one marked by a desire for more insatiable alt-rock sounds. 

“Tear it down and start again,” goes the infectious thoroughline of the new single; the kind that can get you dancing at the front of the stage or soothe you into quiet contemplation. 

“‘Tear It Down’ is a classic four-chord alt-rock soft verse and heavy chorus anthem, taking themes from Pixies and Nirvana and realising them through the lens of the modern era,” said All The Colours.

Following the tireless efforts of the band to ensure the punchy guitars and intense drum sections are on point, the end result is slick, finessed and goes down like the smoothest of whiskeys.

The original, confident and extremely talented group are on tour this winter in Melbourne and Sydney to warm the fans with their hot new songs. Listen to All The Colours now.

2.     ‘Can’t Help It’ - Sleepy Lizard

Sleepy Lizard Press Shot May 27th 2019.jpg

Adelaide’s Sleepy Lizard entice and lull the listener on new jam, ‘Can’t Help It’.

The track is capable of both simmering in the background and weaving its own path distinct from the melody. It’s clear the five-piece have utilised their signature ‘70s ballad throwback vibes to seduce the listener.

‘Can’t Help It’ is perfect for the lusting, the lovelorn and the tragic romantics at heart. Sleepy Lizard vocalist Bill Meegan’s rich vocal tone creates a nostalgically dreamy sentiment; knowing one would be better off moving on, but failing to overcome blind love.

Meegan explains: “The song is about the difficulty faced trying to move on after a breakup. It’s the tale of a dope-sick, love junkie”.  

Drawing similarities to Client Liaison, Touch Sensitive and Set Mo, Sleepy Lizard’s track comprises of layered harmonies and rich arrangements.

Sleepy Lizard have undeniably planned a strong framework for success. Listen to the funk-laden tune ‘Can’t Help It’ below.

3.     ‘Good At Waiting’ – WILSN


 WILSN’s Self Titled EP that has been awaited with extreme eagerness is finally available to stream, and the featured track ‘Good At Waiting’ is an unquestionable gem.

The equally passionate and emotional artist has taken her time to do things on her own terms, resulting in a powerful piece of work which connects to listeners on a deeper level. 

The 6-track EP is WILSN’s very own combination of soul and pop, including songs that will get stuck in your head for days.

The soulful artist is only going to get bigger in the coming years for the insane amount of control and creative license present in everything she produces.

Influenced by Aretha Franklin, Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys, and Lauryn Hill, the Melbourne-based singer knows exactly how to make her brand of soul-influenced pop come to life.

WILSN has always had the ability to hypnotise audiences with her vocal prowess and commanding live presence while staying true to her style, which is heard in her track ‘Good At Waiting’.

The old soul that adds contemporary flare to every track, WILSN, has killed it on her new EP. Have a listen below.

4.     ‘I Just Think That You’re Cute’ – Scarlet Drive 

Perth-based alternative rockers Scarlet Drive have released their new bold single ‘I Just Think That You’re Cute’.

After two years of touring Western Australia with their staple blend of punk, funk and reggae, the band has started exploring new boundaries in the indie pop and punk realm.

Vocalist Michael ‘Milli’ Millimaci, lead guitarist Michael ‘Barry’ Madafferi and bassist Maddey ‘Pocket-Rocket’ Eccleston have created a personal, rhythmic bop that includes tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

‘I Just Think That You’re Cute’ aims to poke fun at relationships that are based on physical attraction rather than emotional connection.

Scarlet Drive have begun preparing an onslaught of new releases for the back end of 2019. This light-hearted bop is not one you want to miss.

5.     ‘Stockholm’ – Akurei 

Following his debut EP August released in 2018, Akurei has released a playfully chilled new single, ‘Stockholm’.

Joining forces with long-time collaborator Golden Vessel, the track is the first taste of the artist’s second EP which is scheduled to release later this year.

Akurei began writing the track that includes a warm sound palette full of crisp beats, glitching guitars and ambient pads when he was on a solo trip across Europe last year. 

Akurei adds: “The song came together around a recording I’d done on my phone of the guitar part before I left… I wrote most of this song while staying in a hostel in Berlin and would have to quickly put down vocal takes between roommates returning to the shared room I was in.

“Lyrically, it covers loneliness and the longing for connection you encounter while travelling alone.”

Stream the surprising sombre song ‘Stockholm’ now, it’s worth a listen.

6.     ‘Just Call’ – Latchy

Multi-faceted musician from Sydney, Latchy, has released his new synth-pop track ‘Just Call’.

The tune from Lachlan Stanley is a shining procurement toward his more personal musings, combining weird electronic sensibilities with a singular sound. 

While Latchy is a project for personal endeavours, Stanley is also part of the dance-inspired group Feather Touch.
The musician has held nothing back in 'Just Call'. Initially written as a break-up track, the song was altered during its creation to be more like a love letter to Australia… linking to Latchy’s theme of self-discovery through travel. The tune also utilises organic instrumentation while putting the artist’s catchily unique voice in the spotlight.
Latchy explains: "I was worried about keeping my personal life hidden and separate from my music but… I wanted to find a voice that was more authentically mine".  

Sounds of Passion Pit and Friendly Fires are heard in the song for its flourishing synths and bouncing overtones.
'Just Call' is only just the beginning for Latchy, as he has many more singles up his sleeve for the remainder of 2019. We cannot wait.

Tamworth-raised Charlie Collins releases her enchantingly emotive debut album, 'Snowpine'

Charlie Collins - press shot.jpg

Describing the musical journey she’s been on since a child, Snowpine exposes who Charlie Collins is, who she has loved, what she’s been through, and what she struggles with. The artist adds:

“I hope you enjoy my life book, my story, and maybe understand me a little better.”

Collins, raised on a record collection of storytelling, was getting onto the stage of the local pub at 11-years-old. Every track on the vulnerable body of work is an authentic, unfiltered portrayal of real-life experiences.

The release of ‘Please Let Me Go’ in late May received an overwhelmingly encouraging response, setting her up well for the release of her debut record. The controlled balance within every track makes you forget the artist is only a year into her professional career.

The powerful third track of the LP, ‘Who’s Gonna Save You Now’, encompasses echoing guitars and contemplative lyrics which create an intimate connection between musician and listener.

‘Space between’, as raw as the emotions it evokes, utilises an elegantly downtempo acoustic melody for Collins’ vocals to float above. ‘Unwell’ is similar to ‘Space between’ in its sound and subject matter, though it still manages to find a beautiful contrast through acute instrumentation. Both songs reveal a gentler side to Collins’ ever-expanding discography of alt-country infused indie rock.

The energetic album, filled to the brim with strong vocals, catchy hooks, and harmonica melodies, is a captivating gem from start to finish.

Charlie Collins joined Gang of Youths on their record-breaking sold out Say Yes To Life tour in 2018, and was commended for her incredible performances. Additionally, she also performed at Gang Of Youth’s self-curated festival in Brisbane, A More Perfect Union, alongside Jack River, Luca Brasi, Thelma Plum, and Publique. Collins kicked off her 2019 with stunning sets at St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival following the release of third single ‘Beautifully Blind’.

Moreover, Charlie Collins has recently announced she’ll be supporting Kasey Chambers on her massive Australian tour in September 2019. Make sure you listen to Snowpine below; it’s not one to miss.

Live Review – Jack River Sugar Mountain Ball, Brisbane – 2019


Following a HUGE 2018 which saw the release of her debut album Sugar Mountain, many festival appearances, and three ARIA nominations, Jack River launched her Sugar Mountain Ball Tour at The Tivoli in Brisbane on Friday, 31 May 2019.

The event, including the gorgeously hypnotic voice of Eves Karydas and dreamy vibes of San Mei, was nothing like I’ve ever experienced before; a nostalgic wonderland infused with enchantingly vintage décor. From the prom-inspired photo wall to the sparkly string hanging from the stage ceiling, Jack made the night one to remember.


San Mei’s performance of ‘Heaven’ was a crowd favourite which got everyone into a dancing mood with sizzling guitar riffs. The bold track from the Gold Coast band, featuring equally heavy and light musical components, was the perfect way to set the tone for the night.

As people steadily arrived wearing dreamy prom outfits, the venue transformed into a ballroom reminiscent of a `90s high school dance.

The next act was the magnificent Eves Karydas. Originally from Brisbane before moving to England at the age of 21, she was welcomed home with open arms. In her first performance at The Tivoli, she shared intimate interactions with the audience throughout her set.  


If her songs ‘Hush’ and ‘Couch’ weren’t enough to get the audience singing along, her electronic cover of Post Malone and Swae Lee’s ‘Sunflower’ sure did the trick. Predictably closing with hit ‘Further Than The Planes Fly’, Eves indisputably proved why she was the perfect supporting act for Jack River.

In the time it took me to write a few notes and get a drink after her set, Eves Karydas had already made her way to the merch stand and was meeting fans; demonstrating the value she has for her followers. After getting a photo with the pop princess, I noticed the lights began to reduce along with the volume of crowd conversations. American wild west music blasted through the speakers… I, along with everyone else, knew it was time for the headliner.

Jack River received a rockstar welcome as she waltzed onto stage wearing a sparky vintage suit, animal print boots, and a tiara. 


After a seemingly gradual start to the set, the powerful chorus of ‘Confess’ was enough to shift the show into gear.

As the concert progressed, Jack expressed her gratitude to the crowd by explaining the somewhat dark origins of Sugar Mountain and the role music has in her life. The kind-hearted musician even held the hand of girls in the front row during her more personal songs.

In true Sugar Mountain fashion, members of the band began handing out fairy floss (cotton candy) to members of the mosh pit, making the night even more special than what it already was.

Maintaining the indie-rock fun throughout the entire set, the encore performance of ‘Palo Alto’ had the crowd bopping in every corner of the venue.

Although slightly disappointing there was no cover of Savage Garden’s ‘Truly Madly Deeply’ in the set, the order of tunes created an immersive experience filled with dancing, crying, and healing.

The future is extraordinarily bright for Jack River, and after witnessing her Sugar Mountain Ball Tour, I can promise she is only going to get sweeter. 

Tour Dates:

JUNE 7 | The Enmore Theatre | Sydney

JUNE 8 | Metropolis Fremantle | Perth

JUNE 14 | The Gov | Adelaide

Seaside overcome social anxiety on new indie-pop single, ‘Sycamore’

Press Pic 1.jpg

Byron Bay dream-pop quartet Seaside explain the significance of overcoming social anxiety on new single, ‘Sycamore’.

Lead vocalist Darcy Dexter’s experiences with self-doubt were used as inspiration for the track. Darcy explains: 

“Life can put you in positions that make us uncomfortable,

“The line “Ghosts in my house” is a metaphor for allowing something/some situation to weave itself into the wires of your mind, leaving them tangled, making us feel like we’re being forced to explain ourselves”.

The track produced by Dylan Nash features an upbeat melody paired with undeniably charismatic energy.

Formed in 2016, Seaside are touring through Australia with Good Doogs at the moment, so make sure you don’t miss them.

Seaside have completely smashed it with their catchy new piece of indie-pop. Listen to ‘Sycamore’ below.

Tour Dates:

JUNE 6 | Lion Arts Factory | Adelaide

JUNE 8 | Stay Gold | Melbourne

JUNE 14 | The Lansdowne | Sydney

JUNE 15 | Brightside | Brisbane

JUNE 21 | Northern | Byron Bay

Carousel Club's new track 'Lost It' is full of bubbly character


Melbourne-based band Carousel Club have released their infectiously catchy new track, ‘Lost It’.

The guitar pop band’s mixture of spicy guitar riffs, silky synth lines and catchy melodies is sure to get stuck in your head for the rest of the day.  

There is an unbelievable amount of character and life in ‘Lost It’; the result of carefully layered components.

The percussion and vocals are a jam from the get-go, inviting the listener to bop along.

After the positive response to their previous single ‘Bitter’, 2019 is looking to be a very exciting year for the musicians.

‘Lost It’ is a huge step in the right direction for the band; exhibiting colossal improvement from their other releases. Don’t miss this one.

Dan Webb's new single 'Haloperidol' is the work of a genius


Dan Webb has released his new synth-heavy instrumental single ‘Haloperidol’. 

The track was first written on April 29th 2017; time stamped to stay organised among the hundreds of ideas, demos and offcuts which don’t make the cut.

After already exploring rock, pop, prog, electronica, jazz, reggae, soul, funk and beyond during his extensive career, the artist is never one to do the same thing twice.  

“The concept of the album can be traced back as far as 2015,” Webb reveals.

His previous music has been hailed as “the work of a genius,” and ‘Haloperidol’ is nothing short of that.

Check out the electronically catchy, futuristic-sounding single below.