Midnight Pool Party create the perfect silky-smooth late-night groove on ‘With You’


Midnight Pool Party’s eclectic blend of harmonising percussion, alluring pads and swooning guitars create the perfect silky-smooth late-night groove in their new single ‘With You’.

The Sydney duo tease us with another glimpse of their forthcoming EP they are writing, producing, and mixing themselves, with an exciting mixture of funk and dance.

The commanding vocals of Morilla give a voice to that feeling of sorrow where you’re going through trials and tribulations with the person you know you should be with.

The vocalist draws influence from Drake, Pharrell Williams and Anderson .Paak, and executes a natural, stripped back vibe in the track. 

Midnight Pool Party create the ultimate podium full of colour that showcases the maturity and growth of the boys over the years.

They created the demo back in 2014, but it didn’t have a title or lyrics; just a chord progression and general structure with a rough melody. Every now and then they would revisit the track, knowing it would be something for the future. Eventually, everything just started falling in place when they were writing songs for the EP.  

The producers have been in the music game for quite some time now, and you can tell ‘With You’ is a real labour of love by the way Oliver and Morilla persisted with it, until it reached its final form. 

It’s awesome to see these lads experiment a bit by utilising more playful sounds and exploring alternative genres. Make sure you check out Midnight Pool Party’s new single ‘With You’ now!

Erik Sing’s new single is insanely soothing and will catch you by surprise


The inspiring electro-pop release ‘Bittersweet Boy’ by Victorian-based artist Erik Sing, is heightened by the commanding vocals of Ecuadorian/American singer-songwriter Maria Elena Little.

“I’m always looking for something that stands out. When I found Maria, I remember being immediately caught by her voice and her writing,” Sing said.

The pair worked together on ideas and tweaked until the final track, but after such a long process it was worth it. Little had never worked with artists in the electronic world of music before, but she originally thought the instrumental part of the song sounded like a combo of happiness with a hint of pain, as if it was bittersweet. 

‘Bittersweet Boy’ purposefully taps into a fairly relatable topic to reach more people, illustrating the torment of loss and heartbreak. The vocalist had just left a long-distance boyfriend of two years when writing the lyrics which is what led to the emotional subject matter.  

“While the lyrics hint at a long-distance couple, it is about accepting all of the sides of a situation or relationship, even if it is difficult,” Little said.

Sing takes you on an intensified journey full of power and emotion in the gorgeous composition that is ‘Bittersweet Boy’. 

You can literally hear how much detail the artist has infused in the track from the first few seconds, and it only intensifies from there. The song steadily sets the scene, then, out of nowhere, an awesome build-up pops up to take the listener on a completely new path.

We can’t wait to see what else the producer has planned for the rest of the year, so make sure you have a listen to Erik Sing’s soulful banger now!

5 Of Our Favourite Wellington Bands You Need To Check Out

Wellington 2.jpg

Wellington is a city that, among other things, is proof that size isn’t everything. Despite being a city of technically little more than 200,000 people (discounting the wider Wellington area), the place is packed with all sorts of cultural delights. With more cafes and bars per capita than New York, its small size emphasises the central role culture plays in the bustling hive. And part of that is reflected, as you’d expect, in the calibre of the acts that call Wellington home.

From black metal batterings to acoustic balladry, New Zealand’s capital has played host to a range of acts courting both global success and local prestige. To help you get started in your own journey into the city’s music, we’ve asked five of our favourite Welly acts to recommend us their own suggestions for local acts to check out. You can thank us later.

Fruit Juice Parade

Recommended by: Same Name Confusion vocalist/guitarist, Luke Courtney

Andrej and I kind of stumbled upon Fruit Juice Parade at Newtown Festival a couple of Sundays ago - apparently they were a Palmerston North band but now they're a Wellington band?? They're just a two-piece, which is cool by itself, but it was the way they effortlessly produced this really well defined but also super unique and engaging sound that hooked us. There was a song where the drummer picked up a melodica and I was thinking: this is just silly. And 99/100 times it surely would be, but then it wasn't silly at all. It suited their style to a tee. "I've been living in a rice cooker" was a stand-out lyric too. They seem very confident in the music they're making, which is inspiring.


Recommended by: Miss Cressida

An act that comes to mind is Nation, which is a soul/funk/pop band that have been playing phenomenal shows around Wellington since 2016. Their sound is strongly reminiscent of well known classic NZ artists such as Kora, Katchafire and House of Shem. However, they blend this nostalgic Kiwi sound superbly with their own individual influences, creating an insanely unique experience.  

If you're looking for a groovy, poppy, talented, unique, high energy and NZ authentic sound, we would absolutely check out Nation.

Hans Puket (plus Same Name Confusion)

Recommended by: Stink

We are loving the Wellington Music Scene at the moment, it's too much fun and feels like a bunch of buds going at it. We are really liking Same Name Confusion, their live shows are insane and their debut EP is such a treat. We’re also loving Hans Puket!

Earth Tongue

Recommended by: O-Boy!

Our favourite local band is for sure Earth Tongue. They just play that two-piece, big riff, hot shit that we love. They’ve been super influential for us over the years so now it’s cool to be in the same city as them! Earth Tongue rocks, they’re the tits.

Womb (and Hans Puket)

Recommended by: Mermaidens drummer Abe Hollingsworth

It’s hard to choose my favourite band in Wellington because we have such a diverse music scene! My favourites have to be Hans Pucket and Womb. Both of these bands are really great friends of ours (PS everyone knows everyone here) and they are so great to listen to for very different moods. Hans Pucket is an amazing pop rock band, but with an honesty and sincerity in their lyrics that make them danceable and also thinkable. I think they are best described as 'Modern Kiwi Classics'. Also the guitarist and bassist are identical twins! Womb are three siblings who make ethereal dreamy music. Char Forrester has the most beautiful powerful voice. Char and Hazzy are twins too!!

Pearl The Girl’s New Indie Rock Bop ‘Little Animal’ Has Burrowed Its Way Into Our Heads


If you dig infectious melodies, jangly indie rock guitar lines and hip-shaking grooves then look no further than the new tune from Sydney’s Pearl The Girl, ‘Little Animal’.

Full disclosure -- I met Pearl randomly on a boat a few weeks back. My mate and I were trying to take a selfie on the deck while the merciless Sydney Harbour wind was destroying our hair and Pearl kindly offered to take the snap for us. We got to chatting and discovered that we were both musos (she also told me a story about accidentally poisoning herself one time with some leaves off a random plant in her house that she accidentally ate after mistaking it for discarded salad, but that’s neither here nor there). Anyway, a few weeks later when a press release bearing her band name on it appeared in my inbox, I was coloured intrigued.

Needless to say the song attached did not disappoint (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about it obvs).

‘Little Animal’ is an irresistible indie rock bop, with an upbeat bassline that rollicks playfully beneath Pearl’s bubbly Aussie-inflected vibrato, delivering honest lyrics about one night romances with equal parts heart and sass.

The tune has been sliced off the band’s forthcoming debut album Just A Phase (due out Monday, 15th April), which will see Pearl The Girl hit the road for an East Coast tour stopping in Melbourne, Brisbane, Wollongong, Mona Vale and Sydney.

Catch all the details - and take ‘Little Animal’ for a spin - below.







Sydney’s Sinclaire Deliver A Toe-Tapping Twist On Heartache In Fresh Indie-Pop Banger, ‘Torn In Two’

DSC07794-Edit PS.jpg

Sydney alternative shooting stars Sinclaire are continuing to make waves with the arrival of their second single, ‘Torn In Two’.

The rollicking piano-driven bopper is deceptively uplifting, its up-tempo, off-beat grooves powerful enough to instantly replenish the spring that’s been missing from your step and tug playfully at your toes to tap.

But the track’s sunny disposition conceals darker subject matter about the pain that arises from a fractured sense self worth.

“Torn in Two is about constantly comparing yourself to other people and feeling like you always have something to prove,” explains lead singer Michael Cross.

“When I wrote the lyrics, I treated it like an open letter to myself - giving me an opportunity to reflect on the negative impact this personality trait has on my life.”

Cross’s rich, crooning vocal tones are nothing if not distinctive, and form the cherry on top of a captivatingly fresh indie-pop-rock sound that feels purpose-built for the international stage.

Sinclaire’s debut EP Now I’m Ready To Start, mixed by ARIA Award-winning producer Adrian Breakspear, will be released later this year. But for now, you can take ‘Torn In Two’ for a spin below.

Melbourne's Price Park Delivers Heartfelt Electro-Pop Ear Candy On Jade Alice Collab, ’Someone Else’

Price Park_press pic2.jpg

Price Park creates an electrifyingly smooth and personal vibe in his new single ‘Someone Else’.

Joining forces with the gorgeous vocal sounds of singer/songwriter Jade Alice, the ARIA-nominated Melbourne producer says the track never really made sense until Alice graced it with her vocals.

A self-confessed “sucker for an electro-pop banger”, Alice reckons she connected with the song immediately because of the level of emotional honesty in the lyrics.

“Tom and I had never been in the same room before… but as soon as I read his lyrics and heard the song, it felt like I knew him.”

‘Someone Else’ has a very moving feel to it that we can undoubtedly all relate to on some level.

 Price Park AKA Tom Armstrong says the song is about grief, growth and change and in it, the producer illustrates an emotional snapshot of heartache, followed by a positive surge of inner strength.

The captivating ear-candy single includes an intricately-layered build, which is followed by an expertly assembled instrumental section combining electronic, dance, and modern pop flavours.

And we’re bound to hear more of Price Park’s brand of sweet melodies and lush instrumentation on his upcoming debut EP, due out later this year.

But for now, take his new tune Someone Else’ for a spin right now.

Benji Lewis Asks 'Is It Love?' In His Haunting New Electro-Pop Ballad & Yes It Is

Benji Lewis_press pic2.jpg

Benji Lewis reaches a whole new level of emotional depth with his first single of the year, ‘Is It Love’.

Lewis actually wrote the song in early 2018 and thought it was “all ready to go”... until he ended up in a session at the Lakehouse Studios in LA with Norwegian producer, Magnus Skylstad.

Skylstad’s input really allowed the romantic electro-pop sound to flourish by developing the song’s sensitive side.  

Central themes of letting go, moving on, and trying to recover from heartbreak are brought to the fore in Lewis’s unashamedly vulnerable lyrics.

Like most people, the artist went through heaps of emotions after letting go of someone he didn’t want to. Understandably, this left him with a lot of questions, the main one being -- as the track title suggests -- “is it love?”.

The musician opens with a few notes from the piano, followed by his stripped-back vocals.

“When we had finished recording the song, I was totally exhausted, but it felt so good having expressed everything. I left feeling a little lighter and clearer on what I want and need when it comes to love and life in general,” Lewis reflects.

After cultivating an impressively dreamy, chilled style, we are super excited to see what comes from the Melbournite in 2019.

Give Benji Lewis some love by streaming his new song ‘Is It Love’ now!

Jump into a time machine with Neon Tetra, as they cruise you through their 80’s inspired jaunt ‘Used To Be’

NT_Used To Be.jpeg

 Adelaide-based five-piece Neon Tetra have returned with their bright, riff-heavy new single ‘Used To Be’. After the release of their debut EP ‘Pollen’ last year, they’ve taken a step up providing a unique array of soul, disco and rock 'n' roll. 

‘Used To Be’ melds nostalgia and groove-laden hooks, taking the best of Kansas’ epic distorted guitar riffs and smooth saxophone runs that would have fit perfectly in a Dire Straits classic, this all topped off with 80’s punchy synths. While taking much from era’s gone by, Neon Tetra provide a combination that still feels very-much their own. More-over, ‘Used To Be’ provides the best saxophone solo I’ve heard in a rock song in a long time!

Seemingly untamed by genre specifics and never inclined to limit experimentation, Neon Tetra have swum beyond the calm waters of Motown into the rapids of '80s-inspired, synthesiser-influenced, distortion-filled rock.  

The band explain the feel behind the track:

".. it reminded us of glam metal bands like Van Halen and Poison; big drum fills, catchy vocal melodies, saxophone and classic synth tones from the Prophet 6. The ruckus energy and groove resonating through gets people moving—it's super danceable.”

Having honed their craft supporting such mega-stars as Robbie Williams, Cheap Trick and Foreigner, Neon Tetra will be taking off on their own ‘Used To Be’ tour across the country this March and April. If you’re keen to see this cascading groove-machine, be sure to check them out at one of their shows below.

SATURDAY 30 MARCH | Rocket Bar & Rooftop | Adelaide, SA
FRIDAY 12 APRIL | Botany View Hotel | Sydney, NSW
SATURDAY 13 APRIL | Rad Bar | Wollongong, NSW
FRIDAY 19 APRIL | uneARTh Festival | Whyalla, SA
THURSDAY 25 APRIL | Bar Open | Melbourne, VIC

Body Type’s Retro New Indie Rock Anthem ‘Stingray’ Is The Inspiration You Need To Swim Away From That Toxic Relationship

body type.jpg

As they prepare to set off on a quest for world domination that will see them play slots at SXSW (Austin), Live At Leeds Festival (Leeds), Hit The North Festival (Newcastle), The Great Escape (Brighton) London Calling (Amsterdam), not to mention a run of headline dates across the US and UK, Sydney indie rockers Body Type have shared a retro new bop for us to remember them by.

…At least until their sophomore EP, the aptly titled EP2, drops on May 3.

Dubbed ‘Stingray’, the breezy, uplifting track is packing plenty of that in-vogue garage rock vibe, but this is a garage parked in close proximity to the surf. Groovin’ bass bubbles underneath a rollicking, lightly distorted lead guitar riff and sassy vocals soaked in vintage verb.

Vocalist and guitarist Sophie McComish explains that the ‘Stingray’ concept is meant to stand as a kind of spirit animal for people stuck in toxic relationships:

Despite having no backbone (all cartilage, like a shark), the stingray is a powerful creature that can blend into its surroundings but delivers a nasty attack when provoked. This is a song about observing my friends being stuck in relationship ruts and trying to shake them out of it, reminding them of their power to sting and swim away gracefully.”

The track’s accompanying video, directed by the group’s long-time friend and collaborator Nicholas Griffith, is naturally also stingray-themed.

It uses 90’s handy-cam footage along with iPhone footage to pay tribute to the news of Freckle, a ray at Sydney Aquarium who had given birth despite having had no male contact for 9 years.

McComish explains:

I saw parallels between her story and the theme of the song itself - Freckle is an inspiration for everyone in dead end relationships - so Nick and I decided she should be the star of this video.

So much of life these days is viewed through some kind of MAN-made lens, but Mother Nature likes to remind us that no matter how hard we try to conquer her, she has the ultimate power to fuck shit up again like when weird ass creatures like stingrays have immaculate conceptions.

Watch the official music video for Body Type’s ‘Stingray’ below!

Sweater Curse's New EP 'See You' Is A Gobsmackingly Diverse & Emotionally Rich Debut

Alt Press Shot 2 - Sweater Curse - by Seamus Platt.jpg

After a massive few months, Brisbane indie rockers Sweater Curse are continuing to smash it with their melodically grungy debut EP, See You.

The trio have been around for a few years now and have put out some solid singles, but if this debut EP is any indication, they’re on track to blow up in 2019.

Beginning with the boppy tune ‘Can’t See You Anymore’, the disc has some awesome lyrical moments that teleport the listener along an emotional arc, charting the rise and fall of a deteriorating relationship and the pain that comes with the experience. This standout tune pairs chaotic vocals with steady, punk-leaning guitar riffs.

The second track, ‘Take Some Time’, introduces a male vocalist, a fresh component to the sound. Here, there is an attempt to save the failing relationship, as bassist and lead singer Monica Sottile begs; “please just try for the sake of it, try not to lie, I’m so tired and I don’t have the strength to try.”

‘Z9’, one of my favourite tracks, with the last third taking a more chilled approach until it builds back up to a gutsy, grungy finish.

Sweater Curse employ swirling pedal effects and jagged electric guitars with ‘Mon’s Song’ to create a much more loose and serious piece of music. The lyrics of ‘Mon’s Song’ are another knockout set, exploring the significance of self-reliance and open-mindedness; “When I speak my mind, I’m not afraid, I’ve been wrong before, but I need more,” Sottile imparts.

The fifth and final track on the EP ‘(Hear You)’ was released as a single back in February to give us a taster of what was ahead, and it did not disappoint. The unique, head-banging rock sounds mixed in with powerful vocals contrast this song from other indie rock fair. But the best thing about ‘(Hear You)’ is that you can listen to it at literally any time, whether it’s while you’re getting psyched up for a big night out, or recovering the next morning, the mixture of intense and mellow moods within the song make it that versatile.

The psychedelic-flavoured EP finishes with a spread-out kicker ‘Ponyo’ to leave the listener feeling gobsmacked by its remarkable range.

The Brisbane group have already left an impressive mark on the Aussie rock scene, and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us. Make sure you check out Sweater Curse’s new EP ‘See You’ on all streaming services now!