Psychedelic Porn Crumpets take music scene by storm with new album ‘And Now For The Whatchamacallit’


And now for the long-awaited third album from Psychedelic Porn Crumpets‘And Now For The Whatchamacallit’

After selling out their last Australian and UK tours and receiving global recognition for previous releases, the Perth band and their undeniably epic psych sound have taken the music scene by storm.

Their new LP takes the listener on a psychedelic journey, chopping and changing between sky-high riffs and elaborate vocal layers. The album is a culmination of experiences from the last few chaotic years for the band - a testament to the Psychedelic Porn Crumpets’ unrelenting, vivacious attitude and hungry approach to music. The energy captured on the album undoubtedly mirrors that of the band’s live presence.

Song five ‘Native Tongue’ includes an enticing and engaging blend of guitars, fuzzed out melodies, and swirling vocals, while ‘Social Candy’ features an urgency in lead vocalist Jack McEwan’s lyrics and maintains a constantly switching pace for its four-minutes-and-20-seconds duration. The line “Commence ignition for face control” around the 3:54 mark hits hard.

The wailing guitars, heavy rhythms, and off-the-wall lyricism of ‘And Now For The Whatchamacallit’ also demonstrates the dynamic band’s ability to diversify sonically.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets say it best themselves:

“The original concept was to take a 1930’s carnival that had been re-imagined for future generations, a collage of Punch and Judy, Carousels and coconut shy’s that progresses in musical concepts and travels with the listener.

“Then as we started traveling, I was swept off into my own kind of circus, the odyssey of touring life. Large nights out, larger characters, drunken recollections of foreign cities and rabbit hole-ing into insanity”.

The first track of the album, January’s ‘Keen For Kick Ons?’ was met with an overwhelmingly positive response for its catchy rhythm and general fun nature.

The kings of blistering psych rock continued to assert their dominance with ‘Bill’s Mandolin’ in April, featuring manic guitar riffs and a trippy interlude. The track was a fitting continuation of pace from previous singles ‘Keen For Kick Ons’, ‘Social Candy’ and ‘My Friend’s A Liquid’. Self-described by the Crumpets as “a sprawling slap of psychedelia, trudging guitars, and screeching vocals,” ‘Bill’s Mandolin’ is an undeniable banger for any rock lover. 

‘Hymn For A Droid’, the third song of the LP, similarly slaps you in the face with an insane guitar riff before launching straight into heavy percussion. I can only imagine the state of the mosh when that chorus is played live. One of my favourites on the record.

The lads exhibit their instrumental range in ‘Fields, Woods, Time’. Although slightly more lowkey than the other tunes on the album, the fourth track of the LP isn’t any less of a banger.

Released earlier in the year, the head-banging groove of single ‘My Friend’s A Liquid’ recalls some seriously chilled vibes that are sure to get you in a good mood.

The Porn Crumpets’ signature soaring sound is on full display during ‘When In Rome’, which also incorporates a steady and memorable melody.

‘Digital Hunger’ is the undeniable outlier within the LP, and it could not be more perfect. A much calmer, hazed-out end caps off this masterful blend of sounds and rich psych textures.

The final song of the record, ‘Dezi’s Adventure’, begins with a pleasant bopping noise that recalls an old-fashioned carnival. The uniquely curated musical atmosphere makes the song stand out from any other you’ve heard within the genre.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets have an extremely exciting set of Australian tour dates commencing in June, including the incomparable Splendour In The Grass. See all dates below. The band has undoubtably brought their A-game on their third album and we can’t wait to hear what’s next.

JUNE 12 | Lion Arts Factory | Adelaide 

JUNE 13 | The Triffid | Brisbane

JUNE 14 | The Croxton Bandroom | Melbourne

JUNE 15 | The Factory Theatre | Sydney

JUNE 21 | Astor Theatre | Perth

Good Friday - Hottest New Releases #3

Good Friday: the feature series that shines a light on the hottest new releases from around Australia. Keep reading to see who made the cut for our third edition!

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 2.29.26 pm.png

1.     ‘Conditions’ - Jayden McGrath

Emerging pop artist Jayden McGrath explores acceptance in the face of unfortunate circumstances on his debut single ‘Conditions’. 

‘Conditions’ is sure to attract fans through its intriguing blend of pop, rock, and RnB. Driving percussion and intricate guitar work compliment the sweeping synthesisers and distinctive vocals. 

Jayden says: 

“’Conditions’ is a track that came up for me in a rather dark period of my life… after some big changes, I started to question the meaning and purpose of my life… at the time it felt like every step forward sent me two steps back.  

“’Conditions’ is a kind of morbid acceptance of everything being dull for me at this point in time”.

The song is a fitting debut for the artist, paving a bright future for what’s to come. Jayden McGrath will be celebrating the release of ‘Conditions’ with a headline show at Melbourne’s Evelyn Hotel on June 7.


2.     ‘Walkabout’ – Parkville

From the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria, Parkville turn melancholy into a joyfully relatable sing-along on their new single ‘Walkabout’.

The heartfelt song by the folk-pop trio about falling out of touch with friends was inspired by violinist Dylan Knur's experiences with dissolving friendships and messy breakups.

Subverting expectations with its contemporary eclectic instrumental arrangement, ‘Walkabout’ successfully trades the manic Latin-rock of recent single ‘Rooks’ for feel-good folk-pop.

After busking on the streets of Melbourne, the band developed a polished Mumford & Sons style emphasized by their three-part vocal harmonies and soaring violin riffs.

Parkville's live shows have become “nothing short of spectacular,” bringing international support opportunities with high-profile acts like Kodaline and Saint Sister. Listen to the trio’s new single ‘Walkabout’ below.

3.      ‘Warrior Games’ – KAYEX

Aiming to eliminate fear and bring confidence back into people’s lives, electronic duo KAYEX have released their timeless new single ‘Warrior Games’.

Co-written and produced by Lionel Towers (Gypsy & The Cat), and mastered by Mike Marsh (Calvin Harris, Chemical Brothers), the funky indie-pop track has an addictively unique quality. Released during Crooked Colours’ tour which KAYEX are supporting, it radiates warmth and originality.

KAYEX members Palassi Kailis and Tom Derick explain: 

“We wrote ‘Warrior Games’ while we were dealing with a few creative and personal obstacles…  When people listen to this song, we want them to feel as if they have no fear but complete confidence in their path, whatever that may be. Trust the process and have faith in the work you’ve put in.”

The track has now been paired a with a colourful and quirky new music video, complimenting throwback sonics through featuring a vintage ‘80s aesthetic.

Drawing inspiration from Daft Punk, Kanye West and Chance the Rapper, KAYEX have indisputably asserted themselves into the Australian music scene in 2019.

4.     ‘The Other Side’ – Radolescent

The fun-loving larrikins from Gold Coast band Radolescent have released their cheeky new track ‘The Other Side’. 

The track is perfect to get your mosh onto; a certified surfy banger which won’t disappoint. Far from a one-trick-pony, the track also explores some pretty sombre subject matter.

"Our favourite beach break on the coast has been under the threat of corporate development for the past ten years… This song represents a movement by locals, to SAVE OUR SPIT," Radolescent explain.

Band members Isaac Atkinson (guitarist and vocalist), Lachlan Barker (bassist), Kurt Pearce (drummer), and Kerrod Chant (guitarist) live and breathe the sea, scum, and sweat of surfers; all of which are evident in their distinctive sound.

Now, with the upcoming release of their debut album ‘Prehab’ and an East Coast tour over June and July, Radolescent are ready to take on the country.

"We go as hard if we played to 10 people as we would to 150”, they add.

2019 is Radolescent’s year to take their music to places it’s never been previously, and we can’t wait to hear more.

GUS Drowning Photos-43 (2).jpg

5.     ‘Drowning’ - Güs

Brisbane's Angus Hayes has launched his solo project Güs with a glistening debut single ‘Drowning’.

The track conjures memories of summers gone by, inviting the listener to dance like no one is watching.

Hidden beneath the upbeat, happy melody, however, the band discusses some unexpectedly heavy subject matter.
"’Drowning’ was written at a time during which I had recently lost a loved one… To the casual listener, drowning is a track that will get your body grooving, but there is deeper meaning to be found for those that look," said Hayes. 
Hayes, no stranger to the music scene, made the decision to venture on his own after previously playing in bands Gus & Jim and Blood Bank. In fact, Gus & Jim’s ‘Boyhood’ charted at #1 in the Netherlands, and Blood Bank played at highly regarded Brisbane venues such as The Triffid

Hayes explains: "This is something I’ve been working on for a long time, and it feels amazing to finally bring everything together at a level which I’m happy to send off into the big bad world." 
Check out the ambient electronic sounds of ‘Drowning’ now.

Electro-funk outfit daste bring their A-game on new EP, Palette


Palette has been a long time coming for electro-funk trio daste.

After teasing fans with several tracks over the last few months, the group has finally released their eclectic debut EP ahead of their upcoming June tour, which will see them trek down Australia’s east coast, performing in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Sydney.

And it is clear, after listening to this record, that the songs had been worked on for a very long time. Each of the five tracks brings its own style, yet as a whole product the EP feels like a full experience: a clear electro lo-fi style, and tracks slipping silently into one another.

The stage is set early with opener ‘Myself’, that introduces breezy synths and bassline; instrumentation that permeates across the entire record. Lyrically, the song tells a story of a protagonist who wants to be free, be themselves, and leave a relationship. ‘Thinkin’ Of’ keeps that easy-going feel, bringing the trio’s outstanding production to the forefront; with glitches and distortions making the track feel warped and intoxicated, as though we are inside the protagonist’s head. 

‘SOBER’, by comparison, picks up the tempo and presents something more within the band’s wheelhouse, with funky bass and upbeat percussion; yet, it also still keeps the warped feeling from the previous track, something that fans of acts like Running Touch would appreciate.

Penultimate track ‘Overload’ brings that warped feeling back front and centre, matching the lyrics about losing control from spending too much time burning at the candle at both ends. The breezy synths give a merry-go-round feeling to the proceedings.

However, the undeniable highlight is the closing title track: a low-key, sensual, in-a-little-spotlight piano ballad. The addition of glamourous horns is fantastic, filling out the track with a sense of mystical, romantic grandness. Add to the positive lyrics that ‘the music is yours to keep,’ and you have something irresistible, down to its sublime jazzy outro and stiff percussion that, on paper, seems like it wouldn’t work with the live, glamorous instrumentation, yet it does.

Palette is intricate, detailed and captivating, yet it only feels like it scratches the surface of this talented trio of musicians. daste are a group going places, and those places look excitingly bright. A must listen.

Velvet Bloom brings smooth style onto latest soul ballad ‘Teach Ya’


When it comes back to laidback music, few can claim to be as laidback as jazz soul-pop outfit Velvet Bloom.

Fresh off a debut EP release earlier this year, this Melbourne-based musical project has been turning heads for its catchy take on jazz and ambient music; a sound that has caught on with listeners on Triple J and Triple J unearthed.

With a new tour set to begin in June (playing shows in Sydney, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Port Macquarie and Forster), Velvet Bloom has coincided the beginning of this tour with the release of their latest gem, ‘Teach Ya.’

From the get-go, the track welcomes you in with a very easy-going style, meandering guitars and gentle percussion. The track comes across with a relaxed feeling, but a soulful swagger mixed with pop sensibilities. This is a tune that is going at it’s own pace, and won’t be rushed. The bass here is subtle, but underrated, and serves as a gorgeous counterpoint to lead vocalist Maddy Herbert’s tender vocals.

These vocals however are what really wins you over though, as Herbert sings about being fair to yourself, and to focus on trying to not get worked up over trivial things. The lyrical themes match delightfully with the easy-going musical approach the song takes. Her performance is tender and considered, especially when she introduces extraordinary harmonies in the verses and in the outro.

If there is a way to describe this song, it would be bubblegum soul. It’s smooth textures and jazzy finish immediately allows the listener to relax and be put at ease. If Velvet Bloom set out to achieve a gorgeous sense of tranquillity, they more than achieved it with this track: a sublime example of musical craftsmanship, and a damn smooth tune to boot!

Good Friday - Hottest New Releases #2

Good Friday: the feature series that shines a light on the hottest new releases from around Australia. Keep reading to see who made the cut for our second edition!

1.     ‘Glass Arms’ – FEELDS 

By Nick Mckk.jpg

Melbourne songwriter/producer Feelds (James Seymour) has produced yet another immersive soundscape with new single ‘Glass Arms’.

The artist invites the listener to be a part of an evocative journey, using vivid imagery and complex storytelling to bring each piece of music to life.

Seymour describes the construction of 'Glass Arms':

“A Eureka moment that spilt out during post-Bigsound downtime in a Brisbane studio late last year… a rare moment that had to be captured instantly”.

Dubbed a “woozy slice of indie that will leave you intoxicated”, Feelds explores the ideas surrounding trust and conforming to the usual paths in life within the song.

Give the soothing new single ‘Glass Arms’ a listen below.

2.     ‘I Never (Strings Version) feat. Dan Sultan’ – The Bamboos

One of Australia’s best soul acts The Bamboos team up with Dan Sultan on an extensive new version of their 2012 single ‘I Never’.

The track encapsulates a lush setting with sweeping strings, woodwind and brass which coaxes both an epic and intimate vibe. 

The tune comes ahead of the new album filled with orchestral reinventions ‘By Special Arrangement’ set to release August 2nd.

The Bamboos member Lance Ferguson says:

I have wanted to work with Dan Sultan for many years now… there is definitely something unique about his artistry and I regard him as one of this country’s finest vocalists”.

This is one you are not going to want to miss.

 3.     ‘Dreams’ – Sunshine & The Disco Faith Choir 


Sunshine & The Disco Faith Choir have brought a completely new sound to a Fleetwood Mac cover in ‘Dreams’.

After cutting her teeth on Melbourne’s club circuit, Sunshine has continued to combine global influences with her house and techno roots. The energising track is filled to the brim with musical textures, taking a soft rock classic into a banging rave realm.  

A foot-stomping, heart-pounding anthem for any occasion, Sunshine & The Disco Faith Choir have brought their ‘Dreams’ to reality in regional Victoria.

 4.     ‘Too Many Lies’ – La Félix


New Zealand producer La Félix has returned with yet another disco-pop electro-funk banger, ‘Too Many Lies’.

Joined by Los Angeles based vocalist Max Green, the bright up-tempo summertime single features melodic piano chords, nu disco synthesizers, and catchy guitar work to depict a lie-plagued relationship.

Co-writing the song via email, Green said: 

“Too Many Lies is a song about integrity. In an attempt to reduce anxiety in my life, I’ve personally found the most relief through being honest to both yourself and others. In this particular song, I’m talking about a relationship that was at one point very strong but lost its weight after too many lies were told.”

La Félix’s layered bass and rhythm echoes an anthemic sentiment that invites the listener to dance like no one is watching.

After taking nine months to create the track, ‘Too Many Lies’ is finally available to the public and we can’t wait for you to hear it.

5.     ‘Jane Doe’ - Wallace 


Sydney-based Kiwi artist Wallace shares her first release of 2019, ‘Jane Doe’.

Following a handful of acclaimed singles, the soulful vocalist’s new track is a call to women to unashamedly find their name and claim their place.

Wallace explores feminist ideals and her interest in true crime stories within the tune:
“I had the many mantras of a podcast I’m obsessed with, ‘My Favourite Murder’ running through my mind while writing the lyrics. They implore women to “F*ck Politeness" in uncomfortable situations and trust your intuition when your inner alarm is going off.” 

Described as a vibrant mosaic of soul, hip-hop and pop, the musician’s artistic identity has become globally recognisable though her ability to captivate an audience.  

As well as being able to listen to ‘Jane Doe’ below, you can experience Wallace’s trademark jazz-influenced vocals and magnetic presence live when she goes on tour with I Know Leopard during May and June.

Salibu Macey encourage listeners to embrace good times in new single, 'Dog Days'


Adelaide-based three-piece indie-rock band Salibu Macey have brought the heat in their booty-shaking new single ‘Dog Days’.

After grabbing the attention of the nation in March with 'Bonnie', Salibu Macey want nothing but positive vibes on 'Dog Days', inviting the listener to embrace the good times when the going gets tough.

Vocalist James Catford said:
“Dog Days' is written about a time in my life where it didn't matter what happened externally or internally, I was content and at peace… however, I knew that wouldn't last forever and would find myself in darker moments again.
The theme of the song is to embrace the good moments in life… know that in dark times to persevere because those moments of light are just around the corner."

The inspiring tune ‘Dog Days’ is out now on all major streaming services. Have a listen below.

Cult Shotta compliments Golden Vessel's signature style in new lo-fi pop track, ‘TONIGHT’


Producer Golden Vessel (aka Maxwell Byrne) has just released his debut LP SLOWSHINE which has been awaited with extreme frothage, including lo-fi pop track ‘TONIGHT’.

The tune, which features Sydney rap duo Cult Shotta, was the last song written for the album and is based around the feeling of being introverted, but still making an effort to get out and see people.

Cult Shotta's idiosyncratic flow seamlessly compliments the Brisbane-orientated musician’s signature production style of textured, intelligent beat-making on the song, as together they explore themes of friendship and relationships.  

“I’d spend most days trying to piece together different synths and vocals until it worked,” Golden Vessel explains. 

“I really loved the idea of having multiple voices inputting their own experiences and stories into a broader song topic.”

‘TONIGHT (feat. Cult Shotta)’, which features on Golden Vessel’s new album SLOWSHINE, is out now.

Jamie Lane gets sensual and atmospheric on new R&B banger, 'Desire'

Jamie Lane_press pic_1.jpg

Jamie Lane is back! Hot on the heels of his eclectic single he dropped last month ‘Say It Again’, the enigmatic Queensland artist has returned with a new R&B banger, ‘Desire.’

Lane has been carving out a name for himself in the underground over the last year, achieving some crossover success with the song ‘Sink.’ However, 2019 has shown the forward-thinking R&B artist is looking ahead to bigger and better things.

Known for his experimental approach to hip hop, Lane keeps that eccentric style that made ‘Say It Again’ so interesting, but at the same time, has brought a real sense of smooth catchiness to this track. This is a low-key, nocturnal effort, filled with bass, reverb and atmosphere.

On the surface, this is a very sensual track, with heavy, bassy verses contrasting nicely with shrill instrumental choruses, with punchy synths introducing themselves into the mix to compliment Lane’s unique singing style. Flying solo on this effort, Lane is able to take centre stage a bit more and it is needed; his performance here is a much more emotionally driven one than his previous efforts, which is a welcome change of pace.

However, the lyrics detail a much more sombre story, as Lane details how he is fighting in a romantic relationship, almost to the point where he’s barely able to feel good about being in love, restoring the fire in the relationship, and attaining the eponymous desire he so desperately craves.

A sign of a great artist is when they are able to push forward and create experimental music that not only pushes boundaries, but also appeals to people. For Lane, this track signals a confident step in the right direction. More, please!

Fluir encourages listeners to break away from dull daily routines in new single 'Higher Ground'


Empowering Sydney-based songwriter and producer Fluir has released her stellar new single ‘Higher Ground’, encouraging listeners to break away from the dull routines that can take over our lives. 

The hook-laden track combines dance, electronic and pop genres in a sophisticated, naturally catchy way. Fluir’s gentle vocals compliment the propelling percussion and intricate production, paying tribute to the central influences RÜFÜS DU SOL, Kilter and Alice Ivy. Fluir explains:

“In the past I've spent unnecessary energy worrying about what to say and how to say it lyrically.  For this song, I wanted to be free from that and allow the music to be at the forefront.” 

She continues: 

“I'm constantly inspired by fellow DIY musicians and artists. Being a self-managed independent artist, being able to connect and collaborate with like-minded creatives always inspires me.”

Fluir has well and truly hit her stride after relocating to Sydney to pursue music as a full-time career; selling out shows, receiving radio attention, and making festival appearances. If the response to her track ‘Higher Ground’ is any indication, 2019 is going to be an exceptional year for the musician. Have a listen below.

Good Friday - Hottest New Releases #1

Good Friday: the feature series that shines a light on the hottest new releases from around Australia. Keep reading to see who made the cut for our first edition!


After an extremely positive response to her last three releases, Rose Goldd has killed it with yet another gorgeous track, ‘My Wave (feat. Lil Spacely)’. 

The Brisbane-based hip-hop artist has been making waves all over the country, gaining numerous brand endorsements, collaborations with the likes of Vic August, blog attention, and streaming placements.

The tune, well beyond its years, features one of the hottest Australian rappers in the game right now Lil Spacely, and includes the perfect mixture of sweet, infectious lyrics, with energizing flow and finesse.

The artist has shown she’s not here to play games and is shaping up to be one to watch in the uprising of Australian Hip Hop, specifically after releasing ‘My Wave (feat. Lil Spacely)’. Watch this space.


New Sydney-based band The Sunday Estate have launched their nostalgic second single ‘We Were Kids’.

The tune provides a deeper edge to the band’s repertoire, exploring subject matter relevant for many listeners.

They explain:

“[The] lyrics [are] inspired by the struggles that are synonymous with navigating your 20’s particularly in dealing with fading or souring friendships, finding the balance between priorities such as new careers and studies whilst of attempting to maintain and hold onto the relationships that keep us grounded and solid.”
Although a slight shift from their debut single, ‘We Were Kids’ still proudly conforms to The Sunday Estate’s classic ‘Nostalgia Pop’ sound.
“It’s a little bit slower and focuses on soaring synths, punchy and gated drums, and sparkly guitars.”
After already receiving a lot of praise for their music, 2019 is looking to be the year for the five-piece band.



Obvious Creature, the solo project of producer Pete Sanderson, has returned with the track ‘Perfect’.

The Central Coast-orientated artist announces the tune ahead of his third LP ‘Next Year Might Be Different’ set to release May 31, representing a culmination of sound and artistic direction.

“The album is a bleak commentary on cruel optimism and human desire to always be something more,” he says.

The new direction for the producer explores rich textures of organic instruments combined with effected samples and layered vocals.

The alternative, hypnotising sounds of ‘Perfect’ will transport you to your happy place. It’s worth the listen.



GRAACE, the sad girl we’ve all been waiting for, has blessed our ears with her first release of 2019 ‘Have Fun At Your Party’. 

The empowering yet lonely vibes make for a relatable track, heightened by her fearless vocals and unabashed storytelling.

Lyrics such as “Go have fun at your party, I'll be sitting here sipping on thoughts of your body" depict the reflectively honest testament to the push and pull of a turbulent relationship. 

Amassing over 15 million streams on Spotify, GRAACE takes your traditional party pop song structure and twists it into the ultimate sad girl anthem

We've certainly fallen for GRAACE's vulnerable and danceable ‘Have Fun At Your Party’.


Midnight Pool Party demonstrate their mature, polished sound in their new track ‘Slide’. 

Released on May 7 with their EP ‘Motions’, the duo takes us on a sonic voyage by packing ‘Slide’ with an explosion of vibrant and lively sensations. The track opens with the simplistic sound of a wurli and vocals before it immerses the listener in a complex melody.

The disco/funk style of music was inspired by many opposing eras, specifically by the work of Chic, Dafter, Touch Sensitive and Cosmos Midnight. However, the pair say you can hear some elements of rock and hip hop in their music due to the eclectic musical tastes they both have. 

Midnight Pool Party say they wanted to create an immersive experience for the listener which is why they experimented with different sounds within ‘Slide’.

Sean Frazer tugs at your heartstrings in new album ‘The Morning Hours’


Originally from Sydney, Frazer has been active within the music scene since releasing his debut record in 2014 and has spent most of his time since then performing with the likes of Jimmy Barnes, Daryl Braithwaite, Jebediah and Sheppard.

During this time, Frazer embarked on a tour across America, and it’s easy to see that the Land of the Free left an impression on him. Teaming up with producer Tim Carr (Matt Corby/Jay-Z) to create this record, Frazer delivers the listener a heartfelt collection of vignettes; telling stories of moving forward in life, friendship and the struggles of growing up.

Gently pulling you in from track one, this record is disarmingly charming and warm, a pick-me-up for those times in your life when you feel like your soul is being crushed. Despite his young age, Frazer conveys a kindness and maturity in his music that is undeniably heartfelt and makes you as a listener open up to his touching stories. This is reflected in the folk-rock style of this record, with sincere guitars leading many of the songs and adding a gorgeous country feel to the proceedings.

‘Missing the 1.45’ is an early highlight, bringing out the best of Frazer’s songwriting with a catchy chorus. The vocals are filled with warmth and mirth, as though Frazer is reminiscing joyfully about a night out with his friends. Songs like ‘Old Love’ and ‘Bricks & Mortar’ are similarly touching, with gorgeous, wholehearted production that is reminiscent of Bernard Fanning.

‘Talk’ however is a real highlight, bringing that country element to the forefront. The lyrics see Frazer reaching out to someone and looking to mend fences, which is refreshingly mature subject matter. This is also echoed on the guitar ballad ‘You Know I’, where Frazer croons about the passing of time, yet still will support the friend he’s singing about, no matter what.

By the time the record comes to its conclusion, it feels like we’ve been on an epic adventure filled with highs, lows, and redemption, much like the adventure Frazer has been on throughout these last few years. The most impressive element is at the core of these great guitar-driven tunes, the emotions expressed are strong, impactful and genuine.
This is an absolute delight of a record. If The Morning Hours is anything to go by, Sean Frazer looks set to join the likes of Alex Lloyd, Paul Kelly and Kasey Chambers as one of our country’s most heartfelt singer-songwriters. Make sure to give it a listen below.

Carrington utilise hard hitting punk-rock while touching on loss and frustration in new EP 'Alter Ego'


Within the exciting music scene of Western Australia, punk rock outfit Carrington have already carved out a niche for themselves, becoming known for their hard hitting no frills approach of music.

The group has had an exciting 2019 so far, with the first single they dropped this year, ‘44 Days’ going on to feature triple j's radio show Short. Fast. Loud. However, this hard hitting track was just the tip of the iceberg, judging by their new EP Alter Ego.

If you love punk rock, this four track EP is a must listen. Through wearing their key inspirations like old-school Trash Boat and Boston Manor on their sleeve, Carrington have created a simple, to-the-point record; one that revels in the hard hitting nature of punk rock while also hitting you with themes of loss, frustration, and dying relationships. You know what you’re going to get, and this EP gives it to you in brilliant fashion, and then some more.

‘44 Days’ delivers pure fundamentals, kicking off the record in spectacular fashion. However, the track gets even more stunning when some legitimately gorgeous guitar chords introduce themselves into the song to compliment the harder hitting vocals and percussion.

‘Interesting Places’ is undoubtedly the highlight of the record, beginning with noodling guitar chords and peaks and valleys in its early stages, but as the song gets more emotionally impactful with it’s coming-of-age lyrics, the instrumentation revs up and hits the listener with a haunting climax.

‘Neon’ is the hardest hitting track on the album, detailing the end of a relationship and a blood-curdling performance from lead vocalist  Emmett Carroll, while the closer ‘Serration’ maintains the energy pulsing guitar and hard hitting drums to bring the EP to out with a bang.

EPs are all about giving people a taster, and in this case, Carrington have absolutely nailed their first impression. You looking for the next big thing in punk rock? Look right here.

WILSN's effortlessly powerful sound ignites strength and courage in new track 'Fight Like a Girl'

FLAG - artwork.jpg

A few years on from her debut EP ‘Don’t Give Up’, Melbourne musician WILSN has returned with the empowering female anthem ‘Fight Like A Girl’.  

A force to be reckoned with, WILSN captivates listeners with her vocal prowess in the commanding and sincere new single. Her soul-influenced pop comes to life through her dominant vocal range accompanied by upbeat percussion and consistent piano melodies.

Evidently, the uplifting tune focuses on the significance of a woman’s inner strength and self-love. WILSN wrote the song after a spate of male-led songwriting sessions where she felt her opinions and talents weren't respected.

“It was like I was just the extra person in the room who wasn't worth listening to… I needed to work twice as hard to prove myself and I was put in the ‘too shy’ and ‘untalented’ box before I even had a chance to open my mouth and sing”.

Whilst spending time in Nashville to focus on songwriting, the new lifestyle enabled her to sow the seeds of her next EP through working with established writers such as Grammy-winner Matthew Odmark (Jars of Clay) and the Grammy-nominated Ben Abraham (Kesha, Demi Lovato, Sara Bareilles).

WILSN has been deemed “the female equivalent of Leon Bridges” by Hilly Dilly, which is noticeable when you hear that effortlessly powerful, soulful sound. Embracing her old soul unapologetically, the artist adds a modern flare to the sounds of Aretha Franklin, Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys, and Lauryn Hill

Despite living very different lives in Melbourne and Nashvillie, WILSN has remained true to her own self and distinctive style.  

“I wanted to write a song that myself and women around the world could use as a sort of fight song to ignite strength, courage and support when it’s needed or when we’re struggling to stand up for ourselves.”

Although no solo tour dates are announced just yet, you can catch her performing backing vocals for the similarly powerful voice of Meg Mac on her Australian tour. ‘Fight Like a Girl’ is out now on all major streaming services, give it a listen below.

Our guide to the Auckland acts you need to get on board with


Home to over a quarter of New Zealand’s total population, it probably comes as no surprise that Auckland has more than its fair share of quality acts to its name. Boasting an eclectic mix of hip-hop, punk and pretty much everything in between, there is a daunting amount of music emerging from the city situated up in the north of the country. 

To save you filtering through everything yourself, we’ve chucked together five acts we reckon are killing it that, although might have migrated in from elsewhere, currently call Auckland home. From tight synth-pop to angsty post-punk, check out our short guide below.

Avantdale Bowling Club

Having recently won the esteemed Taite Music Prize award for his eponymous debut album, Avantdale Bowling Club, the moniker of Tom Scott, is a name you may well start hearing more of. Borrowing more than a touch from the smooth, jazz-inflected hip-hop of To Pimp A Butterfly, the record is a stunning release worthy of its recent award and deserving of any further praise it receives.

Bad Timing

Climate change, the banality of office jobs, the human race’s general willful ignorance; Bad Timing only tackle the big stuff. The indie/surf/punk/everything band’s debut EP, It Might As Well Be Cabbage, is at times humorous, often frustrated, and always entertaining. If you’re looking for some not-so-subtle reminders of the negative impact capitalism can have on our world, then Bad Timing are likely your cup of tea.

Imugi 이무기

Smooth synth-pop duo Imugi 이무기 have developed quite the name for doing things a little bit different. The innovative VR video accompanying their new single “Be Here Soon” results in a visual treat almost as good as the music, while vocalist Yery Cho’s lyrics show a sense of social awareness likely to resonate with a lot of people throughout New Zealand and beyond.

Lawrence Arabia

James Milne’s Lawrence Arabia project has been knocking around now for more than a decade, and in that time he’s managed to accrue some serious critical acclaim both at home and overseas. His recent single “Everything’s Minimal” (featuring Tiny Ruins’ Hollie Fulbrook and accompanied by a seriously NSFW video) only proved why his eccentric pop output has travelled so well, flagging him as not just one of Auckland’s, but New Zealand’s, most impressive current artists.

Miss June

One of the multiple additional acts featuring Chris Marshall, also in Bad Timing and The Miltones, Miss June aren’t a band you should take lightly. 2017’s EP Matriarchy was as damning as the title suggests, attacking perceived gender roles and other conventional hierarchies. Their most recent single, last year’s Twitch, continued to showcase the band’s post-punk prowess, building the hype for an eventual full-length from the quartet.

Oh Boy tells story of a soul entangled in societal expectation in new EP 'Brentwood Heights'

Press Shot 2 By Lulu @piesnpeaches.JPG

Oh boy, we’ve got something special for you here!

Since breaking onto the scene last year, music producer Oh Boy has been increasingly turning heads with his eclectic, forward thinking approach to musical production. Singled out for praise from the likes of Alison Wonderland, it’s that musical talent that has seen him collaborate with fellow freshers Cub Sport, Golden Vessel, BLESSED and Mallrat.

With that talent in tow, Oh Boy is starting 2019 with an ambitious statement in his new EP, Brentwood Heights.  Recorded in Sydney, Hawaii, and in the eponymous suburb in Los Angeles, the EP tells a story and journey of a conscious soul, entangled in modern societal expectation.

Opening to the sounds of a car starting, the buzzing of radio dials and indicators clicking, the EP then launches into Angels 888 (feat. Cub Sport), a breezy, angelic cut filled with sugary synthesisers that accompany front man Tim Nelson’s choirboy vocals pleasingly.

This track really highlights Oh Boy’s musicianship and attention to detail around creating soundscapes; music that is painstakingly tailored to match with the specific person he is collaborating with, and this is a theme that continues onto the following track, By the Wa7777 (feat. LOVER).  However, while these early tracks are easy-going and beautiful, the EP really dazzles with its two more ambitious cuts to close out the record.

Slid333 (feat. Cult Shotta) introduces a more commercial sound, yet maintains a gorgeous sense of harmony with horns to accompany keyboards and a simple kickdrum. This match with Shotta seems like one made in heaven, the lyrics giving the track a strong element of eccentricity.

Talk to M333 (feat. Oordaya & LOVER) closes the EP out, and the only word to describe this song is: damn! LOVER and Oordaya sound sublime, pleading in harmony for a romantic connection. Combined with a funk-laden bass and kick drum, as well as an addition of saxophone, this is arguably the EP’s most ambitious track.

This is a really enjoyable, genre-jumping collection of songs, and demonstrates Oh Boy’s ability to flex his music production muscles. A captivating EP not held together by a musical style, but by personality and sophisticated song writing. If you are prepared to follow where this EP will take you, you’ll find yourself on a wondrous journey filled with electronic magic.

Evangeline enchants listeners in new Single 'The Strangest Thing'

The Strangest Thing_artwork.jpg

After Australian songstress Evangeline’s recent success featuring on Donatachi’s new single ‘Do What I Want’, the artist has finally released her new track ‘The Strangest Thing’.

Opening with ambient synth noises, her first release of the year lushly explores exotic electro-pop sounds while enchanting listeners with her effortless vocal ability.

Each layer of the song feels genuine, from the upliftingly warm beat, to the sombre lyrical choices. Evangeline’s raspy vocals explain a personal tale of loss with a special someone, revealing the emotional foundation. 

“I wrote [The] Strangest Thing towards the end of a break up,” Evangeline explains. “I was at the time touring and in the UK where I met Knightstarr… it’s a song about loving someone and feeling them fall out of love with you.” 

She says it’s about being left with the ghost of that person and coming to the realisation that they are not who they used to be; particularly exemplified in the chorus which focuses on closure.   

“It’s the strangest thing when you’re the stranger I used to know.”

Drawing influence from Lorde and Billie Eilish, the artist features a brooding soundscape from the outset courtesy of the restrained nature. However, through the utilisation of crisp percussion and alluring pads that balance the utterly captivating vocal prowess, a shift in intensity occurs.

Evangeline has put all of us at Good Intent in a trance with ‘The Strangest Thing’s magical vocals and charming beat. Make sure you stay tuned… she’s releasing a B-side version in the coming weeks featuring guest vocals of Sydney artist, LOVER. The track is available everywhere now!

Live Review - Jeremy Costa - Red Bar, Glebe


Red Bar in Glebe has been the setting for many a blossoming musical talent, and this was certainly the case for up-and-comer Jeremy Costa, who delighted a passionate crowd with a surprise pop-up performance on April 12th.  

The night got off to a gorgeous start with an outstanding warm-up act in Simon Kinny-Lewis, who set the scene for an intimate evening with a short but memorable set. A wizard on the strings, Kinny-Lewis looks to be a real talent to watch, possessing a beautiful command of melody and outstanding technical ability.

Costa followed soon after, starting off his set with an acoustic performance of two of his most prominent songs, ‘In The Mess’ and ‘Come Along,’ which kept a beautiful sense of intimacy to the building crowd. Things clicked up a gear when he brought on his band to deliver his retro rock style, with ‘Break It Down’ and ‘Love is All I Have’ getting some of the crowd up on their feet.  

Costa clearly was in his element, often engaging in banter with the crowd and relishing in the enjoyment of live performance. Such was the case when he delivered his new single ‘No More’ and fan-favourite ‘Broken’ to close out the set, which brought a delightful end to the proceedings.

In truth, despite already playing at venues like the Sydney Opera House and the Enmore Theatre, Costa still looks to always be improving as a live performer, no matter the crowd. Considering 2019 is slated to be a big year for the singer-songwriter, all I can say is, bring on more shows like this!