Premiere: JPL – ‘Seaside’ (The Kooks Cover)


Byron Bay native, Jo Loewenthal, is better known as the producer, songwriter and vocalist from Tora.

When he isn’t on the clock for Tora, he also has a solo project that goes under the moniker ‘JPL’, formed as a new creative outlet to write and release music outside the scope of that which Jo created with his band. 

Today we have the pleasure of offering up the first review of his latest effort and it happens to be the timeless classic ‘Seaside’ by indie-rock favourite’s The Kooks.

Swapping out the acoustic for an electric axe, JPL’s version is also laced with glimmering keys and a subtle yet apt rhythmic section. The addition of beats and other instruments gives the rendition a lot more feel and depth, beautifully complementing his warm soul-drenched vocals.   

JPL describes the motivation behind the cover:

“Growing up, I was a big fan of The Kooks and that has definitely inspired me here. I wanted to give the track a bit of energy and bring in a bit more dynamic, whilst still giving space for the lyrics and melodies to shine. This song was re-worked at a time when I was writing a lot of original music, so the act itself gave me a timely break and allowed me to engage a different creative angle. The original is such a beautiful track. Working on a cover is always a risk, you’re never totally sure if you’re going to pull it off and I’m really hoping I’ve done it the justice it deserves."

Stunning and meticulously executed. Certainly something Luke Pritchard himself would give a nod to.  

JPL has also written and produced for the likes of MØME and GRAACE, and clocked up an impressive 40 million streams across his discography.

No doubt, JPL is another fine project to keep across.