Premiere: Newsteam – Mystify on Debut Cut ‘Anna’


Yew! Another Central Coast band, another premiere * insert shaka here *

Newsteam are a sextet comprising of Jacob Borg (ex-Jinja Safari), Eli Milojkovic, Scott Wallis, Adam Williams, Pete Sanderson and Benjamin Welch.

Today, Good Intent has the pleasure of offering up the first listen of their stunning debut single ‘Anna’ ahead of its official release tomorrow (Friday, October 26).

Setting the tone with a solid, carefree beat and dreamy ringing of delayed guitar, ‘Anna’ comes to life as the rumbling bass of Milojkovic and croons of Wallis interweave into its charismatic verse.

Shifting in direction, dynamics gently drop as Wallis’ endearing vocal “I am Mystified, Anna, I know, there you go” coasts over the top. Instrumentation continues to step down, as drums and glimmering keys pair to provide the perfect bedding for Wallis’ striking vocals.

‘Anna’ picks up the pace again as it moves through the latter part of the song, eventually building into a gradual crescendo and epic jam-outro, shining a light on the group’s deft approach to songwriting that boasts effortless navigation of builds, drops and transitions.

Drummer and lyricist of the track, Borg, describes the story behind ‘Anna’:

“A couple of years ago I was working down south on a property owned by a friend of my boss at the time. His friend was going through a separation whilst we were there. The ex-partner was still staying there and packing up her belongings and eating dinner with us. The two were all honky dory in front of us but you could sense it wasn't so behind closed doors. It was a weird situation to be in the middle of for a few weeks; we were building new structures for him and she was inside stripping things away…”. 

On top of its enticing melodies and meticulous instrumentation, it’s the subtle intricacies that make ‘Anna’ really shine. With each listen, you discover something new that differentiates from your cookie-cutter indie-rock.

Newsteam, take a bow. You have delivered one of the most impressive debut indie-rock tracks from an Australian artist in 2018.