Ro – Is Not ‘F**ked Up Over You’

Ro press shot.jpg

We’ve been really slack since rolling out our blog. We publicly stated we’d be aiming for three-to-four posts a week, and now here we are - four weeks in - and we’re only averaging two. I promise it’s because we’ve been unexpectedly busier than we thought we’d be, but still. Tsk, tsk.

Anyway, enough of me blabbering on like I’ve been set an essay with a minimum word count I’m trying to fill, because I do have plenty to say about Melbourne-based songwriter Ro and her slow-burning new tune, ‘F**ked Up Over You’.

I first caught Ro at ‘The Newsagency’, a charming and intimate venue located in the inner-western Sydney suburb of Annandale and a well-suited setting for what I was about to witness. It didn’t take long for me to be drawn into her raw and emotive brand of indie-rock (as well as her wry humour during song changes).

So, when ‘F**ked Up Over You’ hit my inbox last week, I was pretty darn excited to hit play - and certainly wasn’t left disappointed.

Crisp and lightly-strummed guitar sets the tone against an aptly stripped-back beat, as Ro’s gorgeous vocals shine brightly and firmly tug at the heartstrings. The song gently lifts, as the swooning chorus finds its extra gear in Ro’s infectious melodies that soar and shine a light on playing the player, and deflating the ego of an ex-lover.

Ro on ‘F**ked Up Over You’:

"F**kd Up Over You is about moving on. It’s a sort of mantra about the underrated strength in nonchalance, especially after the rekindling of a destructive romance. It’s also about self-affirmation and self-respect after someone has underestimated you. When people take you for granted, sometimes the best thing is to foot down and declare that you’re strong and unfazed; and not the damaged damsel anymore".

It’s poetic lyricism, bursting with melancholic charm and a myriad of other emotions, amongst a background of hazy garage-pop. What more could you want?