Price Park – ‘Fire’ is the warm doona you need a good snuggle with.

“Hey ma! The rains are ‘ere!”


With torrential rain bucketing down in ol’ Sydney town (flooding will probably start soon), I bring you the warm, comforting anti-venom: Melbourne-based producer Price Park’s new single, ‘Fire’.

After garnering praise from all-comers for his debut single ‘Skin’ earlier this year, Price Park delivers an uplifting and glowing follow-up. ‘Fire’ begins with striking vocals and soft, padding percussion that gently builds, with every delicate element meticulously executed. The piano and guitar intertwine to create a balanced and epic finish. As the chorus hits, the guitar flickers, reminiscent of the same melancholy that Death Cab For Cutie have hit at their high points.

Singer-songwriter Joe Kosky’s vocals are beautifully whispered across ‘Fire’, adding some cream to this layer cake of a ballad. These whispers fold over each other, in waves of emotion. What could have come across as something soul-destroying and hopeless, is lifted to something more reflective and accepting.

Price Park says of ‘Fire’:

“Fire is all about getting stuck in routines, usually destructive ones, whether that’s with someone or some ‘things’. It’s that ‘rock bottom’ that we all hit at some point in our lives, and the resolve for things to change that eventuates. The production reflects that. It’s triumphant and passionate. It’s driving and hopeful.”

‘Fire’ once again solidifies Price Park as an emerging producer to keep tabs on in the Australian electronic scene.