DOOLIE begs for attention in playful new single

Doolie press shot.jpg

Queensland musician DOOLIE AKA Doolie Shadforth has created a playfully relatable new single, ‘Attention’, featuring South Australian electronic pop-rap duo China Roses.

DOOLIE, the 21-year-old artist who is known to blend pop, R&B and electronica, expresses the frustration that comes with not getting attention from your crush.

The artist explains: “I wanted every line in this song to be relatable; it’s all about that person you're trying to reach and just can’t quite catch”.

The contrast of DOOLIE’s voice with that of Jes from China Roses sounds completely flawless. DOOLIE says “Having China Roses feature felt like that obsessive back and forth my girlfriends and I would have about someone we liked”.

The rhythm switch up when China Roses comes in before the final chorus is an undeniable track highlight. Jes, a fan of DOOLIE, says they [China Roses] were really excited to be a part of the track. She also added that she felt really inspired by DOOLIE’s lyrics and imagery while working with her. 

“It was one of those times where everything felt like it clicked… Really smooth production, a great hook and a relatable theme,” says Jes.

Melbourne producer GXNXVS compliments the cheeky vocals substantially by introducing a smooth R&B melody with heavy, pulsing bass.

The cute, sad and needy vibes within ‘Attention’ must be heard. Stream DOOLIE’s fresh tune below.

Xanza – Western Sydney has a new Bedroom Pop Princess

Photo credit – Brandon Tam

Photo credit – Brandon Tam

Watch out Western Sydney, you’ve got a new voice in bedroom pop! I present Xanza and her soothing debut ‘Stars Like Us’.

As the track starts, you’re hit with massive 90’s vibes, which remind me of that Leonardo DiCaprio movie ‘The Beach’ (the book is better, but I digress). However, the 90’s rave vibe soon melts into feelgood smooth tones, with Xanza’s angelic voice floating like whisps of cloud across the top. That is, until the tropical rains arrive and you’re dancing naked in a forest (doesn’t sound too bad, huh?).

The samples and xylophone sounds bounce together like they’re on a trampoline at 3am on a Sunday morning. The layers here are like linked puzzle pieces and highlight the producing chops of Elina Godwin. NB: Elina’s is a name that you should keep your ear to the ground for - as this is only her second foray into producing. I’ll definitely be keeping a keen eye on what comes next!

With a debut EP around the corner in November, along with some live shows, be sure to keep your ears propped up like a curious puppy if you’re an Aussie music fiend!