Georgia June Exude Undeniable Pop-Rock Charm On New Jam 'Prove Myself'

georgia june.jpg

Sydney-based outfit Georgia June are back with a brand new single, ‘Prove Myself’, the first taster from their forthcoming debut record. 

The outfit had an exciting 2018, releasing indie rock jams ‘Cool’ and ‘Broke’, and hitting it big on triple j Unearthed. If you’ve heard these singles, then you’ll know why: with a sound reminiscent of Blondie and Pink, the secret to June and her band’s success is the straight-to-the-point nature of their tracks. While the lyrics often touch on June’s insecurities and struggles growing up, every song crackles with an undeniable pop-rock charm; sounding like the band had a blast recording it. 

Of all the tracks the group has dropped so far, ‘Prove Myself’ sees them at their most commercial, and wearing their influences most obviously on their sleeves. Starting with a tight bass and drum groove, eponymous singer June’s delivery quivers with a sense of anticipation as she sings about needing to motivate and prove to herself that she’s got what it takes.

The song really launches in the chorus, when sugary synthesisers and warm acoustic guitar introduce themselves, sounding like something Debbie Harry would ride with much pride. 

At first glance, this track is their most pop-influenced release, but the band pulls out all the stops at its climax, introducing a stunning rock guitar solo to balance out the pop elements and bring this song out with a bang.

This is the band’s most commercial sounding track, but it is no less charming. Gone is the feelings of insecurity: ‘Prove Myself’ sees June and her band sounding like a band wanting to take on the world, and win.