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Body Type’s Retro New Indie Rock Anthem ‘Stingray’ Is The Inspiration You Need To Swim Away From That Toxic Relationship

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As they prepare to set off on a quest for world domination that will see them play slots at SXSW (Austin), Live At Leeds Festival (Leeds), Hit The North Festival (Newcastle), The Great Escape (Brighton) London Calling (Amsterdam), not to mention a run of headline dates across the US and UK, Sydney indie rockers Body Type have shared a retro new bop for us to remember them by.

…At least until their sophomore EP, the aptly titled EP2, drops on May 3.

Dubbed ‘Stingray’, the breezy, uplifting track is packing plenty of that in-vogue garage rock vibe, but this is a garage parked in close proximity to the surf. Groovin’ bass bubbles underneath a rollicking, lightly distorted lead guitar riff and sassy vocals soaked in vintage verb.

Vocalist and guitarist Sophie McComish explains that the ‘Stingray’ concept is meant to stand as a kind of spirit animal for people stuck in toxic relationships:

Despite having no backbone (all cartilage, like a shark), the stingray is a powerful creature that can blend into its surroundings but delivers a nasty attack when provoked. This is a song about observing my friends being stuck in relationship ruts and trying to shake them out of it, reminding them of their power to sting and swim away gracefully.”

The track’s accompanying video, directed by the group’s long-time friend and collaborator Nicholas Griffith, is naturally also stingray-themed.

It uses 90’s handy-cam footage along with iPhone footage to pay tribute to the news of Freckle, a ray at Sydney Aquarium who had given birth despite having had no male contact for 9 years.

McComish explains:

I saw parallels between her story and the theme of the song itself - Freckle is an inspiration for everyone in dead end relationships - so Nick and I decided she should be the star of this video.

So much of life these days is viewed through some kind of MAN-made lens, but Mother Nature likes to remind us that no matter how hard we try to conquer her, she has the ultimate power to fuck shit up again like when weird ass creatures like stingrays have immaculate conceptions.

Watch the official music video for Body Type’s ‘Stingray’ below!