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Oh Boy tells story of a soul entangled in societal expectation in new EP 'Brentwood Heights'

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Oh boy, we’ve got something special for you here!

Since breaking onto the scene last year, music producer Oh Boy has been increasingly turning heads with his eclectic, forward thinking approach to musical production. Singled out for praise from the likes of Alison Wonderland, it’s that musical talent that has seen him collaborate with fellow freshers Cub Sport, Golden Vessel, BLESSED and Mallrat.

With that talent in tow, Oh Boy is starting 2019 with an ambitious statement in his new EP, Brentwood Heights.  Recorded in Sydney, Hawaii, and in the eponymous suburb in Los Angeles, the EP tells a story and journey of a conscious soul, entangled in modern societal expectation.

Opening to the sounds of a car starting, the buzzing of radio dials and indicators clicking, the EP then launches into Angels 888 (feat. Cub Sport), a breezy, angelic cut filled with sugary synthesisers that accompany front man Tim Nelson’s choirboy vocals pleasingly.

This track really highlights Oh Boy’s musicianship and attention to detail around creating soundscapes; music that is painstakingly tailored to match with the specific person he is collaborating with, and this is a theme that continues onto the following track, By the Wa7777 (feat. LOVER).  However, while these early tracks are easy-going and beautiful, the EP really dazzles with its two more ambitious cuts to close out the record.

Slid333 (feat. Cult Shotta) introduces a more commercial sound, yet maintains a gorgeous sense of harmony with horns to accompany keyboards and a simple kickdrum. This match with Shotta seems like one made in heaven, the lyrics giving the track a strong element of eccentricity.

Talk to M333 (feat. Oordaya & LOVER) closes the EP out, and the only word to describe this song is: damn! LOVER and Oordaya sound sublime, pleading in harmony for a romantic connection. Combined with a funk-laden bass and kick drum, as well as an addition of saxophone, this is arguably the EP’s most ambitious track.

This is a really enjoyable, genre-jumping collection of songs, and demonstrates Oh Boy’s ability to flex his music production muscles. A captivating EP not held together by a musical style, but by personality and sophisticated song writing. If you are prepared to follow where this EP will take you, you’ll find yourself on a wondrous journey filled with electronic magic.