Good Friday - Hottest New Releases #8

Good Friday: The feature series that shines a light on the hottest new releases from around Australia. Make sure you check out all the artists that featured in our eighth edition!

1.     ‘Superstar’ – Pinkish Blu

The superstars from Pinkish Blu have returned with a new moody single ‘Superstar’. 

The alternative sad-pop Adelaide crew likened to M83 and The 1975 have skyrocketed since 2017. Their emotional, dreamy and brutally honest style of music has been known to completely stun the listener.

80’s synth-sounds are be heard within ‘Superstar’, along with nostalgic 90’s guitar tones combined with a modern pop hook.

Pinkish Blu wrote the song to express the wonderful characteristics of love, and the way in which it seeps into every facet of life. Although, they avoid being sappy to create an intriguingly realistic world for the listener.

Pinkish Blu lead singer Brice says: “When you really feel love, the sky may seem more blue, and the smell of rain might make you hungry… Love can really enhance the part of us that has brought the world all of its weird and wonderful art.” 

The band have confirmed they’ll be releasing an album in 2019, so get keen for sparkling synths and juicy jangles of the vintage quartet. Pinkish Blu are only just getting started.

2.     ‘Good Times’ - Genesis Owusu


The innovative, multi-faceted Canberra-based Genesis Owusu is known for his incredible vocal tone and phenomenal live performance. Now, he unleashes his raw musical power in new track ‘Good Times’. 

Paired with ‘Simmer Down’ as part of his AA side release, the diverse fusion of hip hop, rap and R&B within the song work sublimely.  

Not to be confined by genres, Genesis utilises his exceptional vocal range in every track, and ‘Good Times’ is no different. The precisely sung lyrics perfectly match sharp rhymes, enticing the listener to dance along.

After taking his Smiling With No Teeth Tour to stages in May, it’s no surprise the nation is in love with his off the wall energy and hip moving rhythms. 

Cosmo's Midnight, Noname, Aminé and SAFIA are a few of the massive acts Genesis opened for in 2018, and it seems clear the high-quality musical production rubbed off on the artist.

With his fanbase growing rapidly, Genesis Owusu continues to send shockwaves and make his mark on the Australian music scene. Enjoy the ‘Good Times’ in life.

3.     ‘Take a Step Back’ – Polarize


After gaining local momentum, Melbourne-based indie rock/heady pop band Polarize have released their new sun-drenched single ‘Take a Step Back’.

Despite being a clear pop song, the deep lyricism strengthens the message to metaphorically and possibly even physically “step back” to process a situation. While the theme is heavily communicated in the chorus, the language becomes substantially more peaceful throughout the verses. 

Polarize frontman Rudie Dodd says: “I’m basically talking to myself rather than anyone else, because I probably spend too much time in my own head”.

The exceptional layering creates a delicate soundscape that remains relaxed throughout the song. Moreover, careful application of guitar riffs and synths give a refreshing feel.   

To celebrate their recent success and the release of ‘Take a Step Back’, Polarize will be playing a show at the Grace Darling on August 30. Additionally, the talented Amarina Waters and The Vacant Smiles will be supporting the show. Before then, sit back, relax, and enjoy this smooth psych-pop ballad. 

4.     ‘Decide’ – Dopamine

Dopamine, the indie-rock five-piece from Brisbane, are giving us a candid new single ‘Decide’.

The track rich in emotional vulnerability and honesty describes the initial feelings involved in a relationship.

Frontman Finley Miller says: “The song is about… the uncertainty of where [a relationship] will go and the hesitance to put all of your trust into someone”.

With the inspiration to write a love song that strayed away from clichés, Miller included many personal lines in the song that are based on his own experiences.

Drawing similarities to Last Dinosaurs and The 1975, Dopamine create a fun, individual atmosphere on the tune.

Surprisingly, the single was recorded, produced and mixed by none other than Dopamine themselves, enabling creative autonomy and freedom. 

“We've found that when doing it this way, we can have full control of how we want the song to sound and can spend more time experimenting with sounds,” reflects Finley.  

Through combining indie-rock, pop and post-punk, Finley Miller (guitarist and lead vocalist), Ruby Lee (bass guitarist), Finn ‘Diggsy’ Diggles (rhythm guitarist), Luke Gregory (lead guitarist) and Oliver Whitaker (drummer) are becoming known for their ecstatic live shows. So, stop deciding and give Dopamine’s ‘Decide’ a listen now.

5.     ‘Fast Forward’ – Benji Lewis


After already giving us three singles this year, Benji Lewis has given us yet another with ‘Fast Forward’.

Infused with warm, nostalgic, summery sounds, ‘Fast Forward’ explores the thoughts and feelings involved in escaping a certain state.

The pulsing beat, raw vocals, and reminiscent melodies express the desire of not wanting to think about a particular situation, relationship, or person.

Benji, needing some alone time at the time of writing the song, finished it earlier this year. The transitional moment in Benji’s life enabled him to have a clear vision about where he wanted the song to go. After creating the emotional tune with Kid Froppy, Benji knew he wanted to create his next body of work with him too. 

“I’ve always loved RnB music and that’s just what we ended up creating with this one. It feels sexy, natural and honest to me,” says Benji.

The result of Benji Lewis’ hard work speaks for itself. Listen to his smooth RnB single ‘Fast Forward’ now.