Gabrielle Aplin

Yorke brings the feels on new piano ballad ‘Thought I Could’

She’s back again! 2019 has been an exciting year for Byron Bay singer-songwriter Yorke. Hot on the heels of her first single of this year, ‘Wake The City’ (which was handpicked to appear on TV show 9-1-1), Yorke has been supporting the likes of Ruel on their national tour, as well as getting ready to support Jack Gray on his East-Coast Australian tour.

This busy time has clearly rubbed off on the young musician. The indie-pop release coincides with the announcement of Yorke’s first headlining shows in August this year, which will see her perform in Sydney and Melbourne.

This piano ballad is still very much within Yorke’s wheelhouse, however it represents a significant step forward in terms of production and songwriting. However, the biggest change looks to have come from Yorke herself, who looks to have really come into her own with her vocal performance, not to mention with the great story she tells.

The track begins with foreboding, emotional pianos. The artist sings about tying up loose ends, having her suitcase back and being filled with regrets, yet she also is questioning herself about whether she should even go or not.

This dichotomy in the story she’s telling also comes through musically, with heavier bass and percussion introducing themselves in the pre-chorus; before the chorus explodes with synths, explosive drums that are front and centre. Yorke eventually admits that her mind is already far away, bringing an element of drama to the final chorus.

This is a beautiful track, plain and simple. But even better is Yorke herself. Despite the anxiety displayed on the song, this track brims with a confident delivery from an incredibly talented artist who looks to be coming into her own. I see this song going places, and given the talent that Yorke has, it certainly will.