Hollow Coves

Good Friday - Hottest New Releases #7

Good Friday: the feature series that shines a light on the hottest new releases from around Australia. Make sure you check out all the artists that featured in our seventh edition!

1.     ‘When We Were Young’ – Hollow Coves


Brisbane’s Hollow Coves, the duo who met through a shared love of acoustic music with no real expectations where their writing might lead, have proven yet again why they’re one of the best indie-folk groups around.

Their stunning, heart-melting new single ‘When We Were Young’ is a recount of a youthful past communicated through the combination of charismatic acoustics, gentle vocals, and minimal percussion.

The reflective lyrics blend beautifully with the earthy folk sound, similar to artists such as Angus & Julia Stone, Ben Howard, and The Paper Kites.

The dynamic project of Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins give a voice to their shared passion of observing the world’s contrasting cultures. As the lads have spent a fair amount of time on opposite sides of the globe, it was communication via the internet that enabled their songs to really take shape.

With an album on the way, Hollow Cove’s unique approach to creating music is a forced to be reckoned with. Get ready to be launched into their personal brand of escapism!

2.     ‘Something Good’  – Pacific Avenue 

2019 PRES SHOT.jpg

Pacific Avenue have given us a reason to bang our heads this Friday with their new rockin’ tune ‘Something Good’, part of their EP Stawberry Skies.

The four-piece have effectively merged old rock with the new, demonstrating their developed sound compared to previous releases.

Additionally, a vintage-looking video for ‘Something Good’ has also been released. The clip is infused with fun times and nostalgic feels that are sure to get you into a pensively good mood.

Influenced by surf-rock icons Hockey Dad and Skegss, Harry O'Brien (Vocals/Guitar), Ben Fryer (Lead Guitar), Jack Kay (Bass Guitar/Vocals), and Dom Littrich (Drums/Vocals) have cracked the code to a catchy collection of Aussie anthems.

The band have made something that they are extremely proud of, and rightly so. After playing alongside the likes of Tash Sultana, Ocean Alley, Lime Cordiale, and CLEWS, 2019 is looking to be Pacific Avenue’s year.

3.     ‘See Yourself’ – Moreton feat. James Vincent McMorrow


Moreton have released a dark slow-rock track, ‘See Yourself’, which searches for hope in a hauntingly empty space.

The heart-wrenching tune, like a lot of Moreton’s powerful releases, challenges darkness by finding the beauty and humanity inside it.

Originating from northern NSW, Moreton swing from alternative art rock to intimate orchestral sounds continually within their music.

The rock band with a folk heart band say the final recording was their first take in the studio, and their ability to use creative instrumental techniques made the process a breeze.

Moreton say: “The song is about that point in a new relationship when your less-than-perfect self, shows up for the first time”.

Although quite sombre, Moreton’s lead singer, writer and guitarist Georgia says they find comfort in sharing something beautiful out of sadness.

“A sadness elevated is a sadness alleviated,” she adds.

Moreton have visually and sonically created an intense, shining soundscape in ‘See Yourself’, and it’s one not to be missed.

4.     ‘Hazy’ – Yuto. feat. SODA

Melbourne sibling duo Yuto. have joined forces with Central Coast producer and artist SODA for their new R&B infused electronic single, ‘Hazy’.

The polished execution of every note, chord, and beat within ‘Hazy’ brings aural fulfilment to the listener. SODA’s feature undoubtedly refines the song’s soul-inspired tonal finesse. Moreover, the eclectic electronic layers provide an expansive soundscape to evoke deep-rooted emotion.

Using a new style of chords, the pair push the boundaries of their conventional sound to create an impressively fun melody.

Yuto.’s Daylan McDonald explains: “We were super inspired to make the vocal something fun, and from there it all flowed pretty naturally.”

After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response to their previous releases, Yuto.’s fanbase has increased massively over the past few months.

“We love that we can make someone’s day in [two or three minutes] of audio,” say Yuto..

Make sure you listen to the endearing essence of Yuto. and SODA’s ‘Hazy’ now!

5.     ‘Stars’ – The Kava Kings

The Kava Kings have created the perfect summer song with their new organic single, ‘Stars’.

The melodic tune from the Sydney band is a small piece of a larger puzzle that focuses on the different stages of relationships and is sure to seep into your brain before you know it.

While their trademark effortless harmonies can be heard in the song, the band explore nuanced musical patterning to bring more eminence to the blissful snapshot of creativity.

Drawing similar vibes to Lime Cordiale and Ocean Alley, the components of ‘Stars’ are a vibrant, striking example of modern indie-rock. 

After relentlessly touring for a number of years, it’s clear their inner drive for the live experience has been fuelled by supporting the likes of The Rubens, Birds of Tokyo, Winston Surfshirt and John Butler.

The sun-kissed brand of laidback guitar work teleports the listener into the world of The Kava Kings, making the band’s melodic progress even more prominent. Listen to the infectiously hazy riffs of ‘Stars’ today!