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Cult Shotta compliments Golden Vessel's signature style in new lo-fi pop track, ‘TONIGHT’


Producer Golden Vessel (aka Maxwell Byrne) has just released his debut LP SLOWSHINE which has been awaited with extreme frothage, including lo-fi pop track ‘TONIGHT’.

The tune, which features Sydney rap duo Cult Shotta, was the last song written for the album and is based around the feeling of being introverted, but still making an effort to get out and see people.

Cult Shotta's idiosyncratic flow seamlessly compliments the Brisbane-orientated musician’s signature production style of textured, intelligent beat-making on the song, as together they explore themes of friendship and relationships.  

“I’d spend most days trying to piece together different synths and vocals until it worked,” Golden Vessel explains. 

“I really loved the idea of having multiple voices inputting their own experiences and stories into a broader song topic.”

‘TONIGHT (feat. Cult Shotta)’, which features on Golden Vessel’s new album SLOWSHINE, is out now.

Benji Lewis Asks 'Is It Love?' In His Haunting New Electro-Pop Ballad & Yes It Is

Benji Lewis_press pic2.jpg

Benji Lewis reaches a whole new level of emotional depth with his first single of the year, ‘Is It Love’.

Lewis actually wrote the song in early 2018 and thought it was “all ready to go”... until he ended up in a session at the Lakehouse Studios in LA with Norwegian producer, Magnus Skylstad.

Skylstad’s input really allowed the romantic electro-pop sound to flourish by developing the song’s sensitive side.  

Central themes of letting go, moving on, and trying to recover from heartbreak are brought to the fore in Lewis’s unashamedly vulnerable lyrics.

Like most people, the artist went through heaps of emotions after letting go of someone he didn’t want to. Understandably, this left him with a lot of questions, the main one being -- as the track title suggests -- “is it love?”.

The musician opens with a few notes from the piano, followed by his stripped-back vocals.

“When we had finished recording the song, I was totally exhausted, but it felt so good having expressed everything. I left feeling a little lighter and clearer on what I want and need when it comes to love and life in general,” Lewis reflects.

After cultivating an impressively dreamy, chilled style, we are super excited to see what comes from the Melbournite in 2019.

Give Benji Lewis some love by streaming his new song ‘Is It Love’ now!

Electro-Pop & RnB Collide In Jason Winston’s Life-Affirming Debut Bop ‘Foreverland’


Sydney-based, Melbourne-raised singer/songwriter Jason Winston has planted his flag firmly on our radar with an attention-stealing debut dubbed ‘Foreverland’.

Fusing minimalistic electro-pop production with rhythmic RnB-infused vocals that lift into an ear-caressing falsetto in the chorus, this life-affirming sonic gem is - at its core - a love song, and undeniably inspires the emotion upon which it muses (insert heart-eye emojis ad infinitum)

Winston explains the track as follows:

I wrote this song as a celebration of everything this relationship made me feel. Joy underpins this track...it represents an idea that some of us chase permanence in relationships, but it doesn’t exist. Moment to moment is all we have and love.

Making his foray into the music world after graduating from NIDA in 2013 and spending his early twenties pursuing acting, Winston is poised to drop his debut album later this year and our ears are ready.