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Brad Jordan recalls the golden years of youth on new single ‘Come Down’

Brad Jordan.jpeg

Sydney based musician Brad Jordan adds his own sound to the Australian hip-hop scene on new cleverly put together track ‘Come Down’.

Previously part of the hip-hop group Rapture, Brad’s vocal ability and quirky production style is highlighted in his first track of 2019.

A warm, textured top line combined with a fast beat can be heard within the tune, reminiscing the golden years of youth and the freedom it bought. The tune recalls “late nights in high school… sneaking out past your parents to go out and party”.

Written during a time of “great contemplation,” the artist had to deeply observe the past to create his future.

Starting out by making bedroom beats with his mates at the age of 17, Brad Jordan has produced an extremely impressive feel good song, ‘Come Down’. Stream it now.