Kevin Gates

Sydney's Masked Wolf Stands Out From The Hip-Hop Pack On New Single, 'Vibin'

masked wolf.jpg

After his last-minute debut in 2018 with ‘Speed Racer’, trap-tinged Masked Wolf is straight out of the gates in 2019 with his strongest release yet, ‘Vibin’.

Harry Michael, aka Masked Wolf, shows his dedication to the hustle and being true to yourself in ‘Vibin’, asserting the ethos “I do me, you do you”.

Teaming up with internationally acclaimed producer Tyron Hapi, the fresh track is complete with huge drops, booming bass and eccentric synths to complement his intense verses. Masked Wolf exhibits a refreshingly unique style and sound in the song, with the trademark finesse heard in his other music.  

In today’s rap game there are so many different sounds which often makes it difficult for new artists to be heard. However, Masked Wolf has separated himself from the pack in ‘Vibin’ by focussing on unleashing his ambition and drive.

“I want to tell my own stories in a way that remains true to who I am,” he says.

If his other upcoming tunes are as spicy as ‘Vibin’, 2019 is set to be one hell of a year for the fresh-faced Sydney producer.