Dekleyn thrive in new cool and catchy EP

Their third extended play in three years, Western Sydney electro-pop duo Dekleyn’s new effort ‘Thrive’ sees an outfit more confident than ever.

The duo first began to turn heads in April 2018 with the catchy single ‘Ghost’, followed by an exciting sophomore EP ‘Unsaid’.

Followed by appearances at Real Festival, the duo kicked off 2019 with another single ‘Like This’. While the single was positively received, critics noted the more upfront nature of the production, suggested the duo were beginning to head in a more dance-driven direction.

This EP finds the duo in a new artistic mindset as they explore new sounds and ideas. Percussion is much more upfront part of the record; however the synth-heavy ambient soundscapes are still very much front-and-centre. The EP is full of colour, personality and moments that will get you moving; but it is also relaxed, cool and catchy.

The feeling is set from the get-go on intro cut, ‘Weather’, starting with synths and gentle percussion. A genius production move is to have their breathing as part of the percussion soundscape, which gives the song personality. 

‘Cars’ picks up the energy of the EP, continuing the percussion of the opener and adding quiet bass and vocals before exploding into a gorgeous chorus, with light guitar hanging in the background along with stunning, distorted backing vocals. 

The single ‘Like This’ has a lyrical element that feels almost Gotye-inspired. It’s added on by mature lyrics about a relationship that isn’t providing or meeting the needs of the male partner. The song is complemented by punchy electro-keys, however the instrumental is the highlight, with lyrical samples being thrown into the mix to give the crescendo a weightier, but more dance-heavy feel. 

‘Outside’ is a much more low-key song, but with fast moving percussion and synths hanging mutely in the background. The chorus is filled with droning vocal croons, and once the track’s percussion comes front and centre, the song turns colourfully stunning. 

The closer, ‘Lost My Mind’ brings the album to a solid close, with clapping continuing the dance element of the record. However, the warped synths give the track a warped, cacophonic feel, and as the drums build near the end with the guitar it gives the song a climatic, abrupt finish to the EP. 

Amongst these danceable, but ambient soundscapes, Dekleyn have provided compelling songs. ‘Thrive’ more than lives up to the title, as it sees the duo looking more artistically confident than ever. With a debut album reportedly in the works, the sky's the limit for this exciting project.