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LISHI – Get wrapped up in the tragic embrace of ‘Token’

LISHI Press Shot.jpg

Sydney-based singer-songwriter LISHI has triumphantly returned with a soothing, heart-wrenching ballad dubbed ‘Token’.

A true veteran of the Sydney music scene, LISHI provides us with a swaying, moving song that expresses love, loss and finding the strength to accept and move on. Over the last 10 years, LISHI has released a vast collection of material, both as a solo artist and with former band, Cameras.

‘Token’ starts with lush piano and LISHI’s soft vocals flowing over the top of each other, like a tree swaying in the wind. Her talents as a classical pianist are on full show here, as the keys reverb out like a warning bell. This leads into the chorus, which opens up an overwhelming wave of hurt, with the strings perfectly lifting the feels to the next level.  

Here’s LISHI on the of writing ‘Token’:

“I’m never sure when I sit down to write a song what it’s going to be about but this one ended up being inspired by the memory of my father.”

Having already played with such artists as Meg Mac, E^ST, Holy Holy & Kira Puru, LISHI is an artist that we can expect big things from in the future. I, for one am bursting with excitement to see ‘Token’ live ASAP.