Feather Touch – Returns with glorious dancefloor-destroyer ‘Need You’


Sydney-based producer Feather Touch is back in all of his feet-thumping glory, with dancefloor-destroyer ‘Need You’. Showcasing him at his best, it’s no surprise his sound is often explained as “Tropi-Calypso Disco”.

If there was ever a justification to be that annoying dickwad requesting songs of the DJ at 3am, this song is it! ‘Need You’ touches you in a myriad of ways, however it ain’t nothing like a feather (slow clap.. please?).

The track starts out with what I can only describe as being sucked into a demented, strobe light seizure-inducing game of Donkey Kong. The verses provide some respite to catch your breath as Feather Touch’s own vocals slide smoothly across light percussion. Even at its lightest points, ‘Need You’ is designed to make your body move, and in my case, I have to try and sit on my leg to make it stop moving to this track.

Feather Touch has summed up what was different about his process for ‘Need You’ as follows:

"For this song, I really put aside my insecurities about singing and avoided being self-conscious on the structure as much as possible. I was really surprised by how much of a pop song it turned out to be."

Joining Feather Touch on production duties for this track is Melbourne producer extraordinaire Haxx (Kult Kyss, Yeo, King IV). This is a finger-licking combination and I hope we see more outings from this tag team in the future. I’ll definitely take as many tracks like ‘Need You’ as I can!

After performing his launch show last Friday at House Hibernian, keep your eyes out for Feather Touch’s new shows, because they’ll be anything but chill.