Midnight Pool Party

Good Friday - Hottest New Releases #1

Good Friday: the feature series that shines a light on the hottest new releases from around Australia. Keep reading to see who made the cut for our first edition!


After an extremely positive response to her last three releases, Rose Goldd has killed it with yet another gorgeous track, ‘My Wave (feat. Lil Spacely)’. 

The Brisbane-based hip-hop artist has been making waves all over the country, gaining numerous brand endorsements, collaborations with the likes of Vic August, blog attention, and streaming placements.

The tune, well beyond its years, features one of the hottest Australian rappers in the game right now Lil Spacely, and includes the perfect mixture of sweet, infectious lyrics, with energizing flow and finesse.

The artist has shown she’s not here to play games and is shaping up to be one to watch in the uprising of Australian Hip Hop, specifically after releasing ‘My Wave (feat. Lil Spacely)’. Watch this space.


New Sydney-based band The Sunday Estate have launched their nostalgic second single ‘We Were Kids’.

The tune provides a deeper edge to the band’s repertoire, exploring subject matter relevant for many listeners.

They explain:

“[The] lyrics [are] inspired by the struggles that are synonymous with navigating your 20’s particularly in dealing with fading or souring friendships, finding the balance between priorities such as new careers and studies whilst of attempting to maintain and hold onto the relationships that keep us grounded and solid.”
Although a slight shift from their debut single, ‘We Were Kids’ still proudly conforms to The Sunday Estate’s classic ‘Nostalgia Pop’ sound.
“It’s a little bit slower and focuses on soaring synths, punchy and gated drums, and sparkly guitars.”
After already receiving a lot of praise for their music, 2019 is looking to be the year for the five-piece band.



Obvious Creature, the solo project of producer Pete Sanderson, has returned with the track ‘Perfect’.

The Central Coast-orientated artist announces the tune ahead of his third LP ‘Next Year Might Be Different’ set to release May 31, representing a culmination of sound and artistic direction.

“The album is a bleak commentary on cruel optimism and human desire to always be something more,” he says.

The new direction for the producer explores rich textures of organic instruments combined with effected samples and layered vocals.

The alternative, hypnotising sounds of ‘Perfect’ will transport you to your happy place. It’s worth the listen.



GRAACE, the sad girl we’ve all been waiting for, has blessed our ears with her first release of 2019 ‘Have Fun At Your Party’. 

The empowering yet lonely vibes make for a relatable track, heightened by her fearless vocals and unabashed storytelling.

Lyrics such as “Go have fun at your party, I'll be sitting here sipping on thoughts of your body" depict the reflectively honest testament to the push and pull of a turbulent relationship. 

Amassing over 15 million streams on Spotify, GRAACE takes your traditional party pop song structure and twists it into the ultimate sad girl anthem

We've certainly fallen for GRAACE's vulnerable and danceable ‘Have Fun At Your Party’.


Midnight Pool Party demonstrate their mature, polished sound in their new track ‘Slide’. 

Released on May 7 with their EP ‘Motions’, the duo takes us on a sonic voyage by packing ‘Slide’ with an explosion of vibrant and lively sensations. The track opens with the simplistic sound of a wurli and vocals before it immerses the listener in a complex melody.

The disco/funk style of music was inspired by many opposing eras, specifically by the work of Chic, Dafter, Touch Sensitive and Cosmos Midnight. However, the pair say you can hear some elements of rock and hip hop in their music due to the eclectic musical tastes they both have. 

Midnight Pool Party say they wanted to create an immersive experience for the listener which is why they experimented with different sounds within ‘Slide’.